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  1. Battousai

    Oh Hai

    Welcome, Amanda! I'm Shaun =D I'm a newer member as well on the Destiny 2 side. Played 13 years of WoW. Amazing journey. Glad to have you.
  2. Prot Paladin exclusively after Vanilla. =D
  3. haha. Yeah, The video above is this year's big race. That's identical to what I was doing. Then the bigger cars are outside on loose dirt.
  4. Oh, If anyone had any curiosity in what the hell I am talking about "RC".
  5. Yeah, I still have a deep childhood love for Warcraft and always will. Like a old Comic fan, or what-have you. Will always "used to be better", Unfortunate. As people state on the daily at this point. Blizzard has finally been fully absorbed by Activision. They are so utterly disconnected from their players that they are TELLING them what they want. It's really pathetic seeing a Dev defend some of the shit that's happened. I can go on forever. Oh god.... Uhm. 5. Meeting one of my best friends for many years who was truly a little brother. (not art, lol) 4. Realizing after enjoying ourselves for 3 months, we'd made it to the top of the server, and top 100 in the world (before we even 'thought' we were trying) 3. Being in the Dorm and all of us were in our rooms raiding every tue in the same guild. Was very epic when a boss was downed having three of us in the same building. haha 2. Receiving a World 2nd kill on Deathbringer Saufang in Icecrown Citadel. Apparently it was so close, they awarded 3 others the claim as well. We were shocked as it was just opening day and we thought we were hours behind. 1. Alltime favorite: Back in Ulduar. (My personal alltime favorite raid) We were on Yogg with "no lights in the dark" and were in the final phase, My co-tank and I were tanking the adds that come out in a timed manner, a soft enrage. Usually you are a -for sure- wipe after like 5 of them. A few DPS went down first as healers were overhealing tanks, People start cussing, I BoP'd the Priest (my college roomate) and he dropped immediately after (priest holy threat lol) and then Art (resto druid) dropped late. My Co-tank told me he has 4 seconds to live and threw me a Lay on Hands and fell over. I taunted but lost one more DPS in the threat transfer. I held onto 7 or 8 of the giant yogg horrors as my Rogue went HAM on the boss. I sent him a lay on hands and was the last to fall. Everyone is screaming now because the boss is at sub 1%. I yell to my rogue to "Get it done, Nick!" as he pops his cooldown and becomes a dodge tank as we watch two health bars go down equally as each hit was like small heart attacks, haha. He finished off the last 1% in what seemed like a literal eternity and they both died at the same moment giving us credit and the achievement. The (ventrillo) Lit up so hard, People screaming, laughing hysterically, and the priest started crying. xD (roommate again) He ran into the room and hugged me, a HUGE 360lb full on fire red, big beard, Irish guy. We celebrated appropriately (some more) and have never forgotten it since. (not a one of us xD)
  6. Nope. "gas" starts at 1/10. Competitively it is 1/8 Buggy and Truggy. (nitro) 1/5 cars are "gas" as in chainsaw mix. ---- I raced electric, played with nitro. Team wanted me to run it, but I didn't want to due to no pit-crew. Nitro is a handful where Electric is fun. Faster, Stronger. Nothing about nitro is superior except sound.
  7. ~yep, Nope! ~ Hm... Probably Takes of Berseria. Now it's time for Vesperia Re-release! ~ I was a Paladin. Tank classes has always been my go-to. ~ My pets have recently passed on. My Golden Sharpei was 17 and passed about a month ago. It's been a very difficult time. I'm rather empty atm. ~ I was very much into it for about 5 years. Obviously RC kid since I was 12, But racing for 5+. Running Tekno in 1/8 brand as one of their first signed drivers. And Team Associated for 1/10 cars. I'm all bout it, Let me know if you ever get real with it. =D ~ I played Black Desert for only a month or so. Bro did not enjoy the game, lol. ~ Yes, But it's been far too long and too overwhelming to keep up nowadays. ~ Classic, Cowboy Bebop and Rurouni Kenshin. Recent, Made in Abyss and Gundam Unicorn ~ Anything except Country and HC Rap ~ Riskrunner. I just cannot put the stupid thing down.
  8. Hello, My name is Shaun - West Coast - Later Evening Focus I am a long time gamer, 33 now. I started serious gaming back in Diablo II buying and selling gear on Ebay. (ugh... I'm old) I've since gone from a very long tenure in World Of Warcraft as a cutting edge Guild/Raid leader on Alliance/Thunderhorn. Our biggest exploits were back in BurningCrusade and Wrath of the Lich King as a Top 25 in the World Raid achievements and execution ladders. Since then, Our guild slowly vanished as life and age has caught up to all of us. Personally, I am self/unemployed dealing with medical issues ranging from abdominal to knee surgeries and have yet to get back to the workforce. Something I am struggling with (and the reason I have so much free time) I have held many wide ranging jobs. So if you have a question, Throw it at me. I might surprise you! My hobbies are Radio Control Car Racing; Something i've been sponsored over and been rather successful in bringing home trophies and met some great people. It is a true passion of mine and have distanced from. I hope to come back to it soon. (Yes, There is money in RC and it's very serious :P ) My brother, Artaios was my officer, and main healer back then. He and I remained solid WoW players until about 4 months ago when we just couldn't find the energy to stick around long enough for the Raid to open or really log into a game struggling to retain it's appeal. Him and I have stuck tightly together and bounced (in the last 10 years) from: FFXI - FFXIV Guild Wars 2 Black Desert Diablo III - StarCraft III ~and many single player games; Trying to find a time dump. We currently play: SCII Co-op Diablo III (depending on the season offerings) Destiny 2! On to Destiny: We received Destiny 2 (like most) free from Blizzard and since then have been addicted to the game. We are both regretful we didn't try Destiny 1 when we had the chance but are definitely Destiny Players for the long haul it seems. We just simply enjoy it. Now we're just coming up with less to do since we've crammed so much Destiny in such a small amount of time! We've gotten our classes to 650, Gotten our Whisper, Sleeper, Wish Ender, and Ace. I (having more free time) have gotten Malfeasance and have some raid experience with Leviathan and Last Wish. I very much enjoyed the raids and hope to be far more regularly involved in them. I very happily play a Titan and plan to stick with it. All my classes are 650 but only my Titan is min/max'd and effective to my standards. My hopes as a Clan Member are to be involved in raiding and be a clown in Clan chat and Discord. I tend to step up and help as I seem to have a talent for "Most understandable with the least amount of words". It's just from a decade of leadership as a Guild and Work. I do not usurp, only try to help. The number one thing everyone needs to know about me is I. am. sarcastic. and have a dry humor. If you ever feel slanted, tilted, or just plan pissed at something I say, I apologize in advance. But please know it is not personal or in any way malicious! It's just me. You'll see! ~~Okay, that was freakin' long enough. ~Batt
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