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  1. Hi Three! I have one question: Why do you eat oranges with a spoon?
  2. Hello Matt! My name is Soju or Joanna! 1.) What superpower would you love to have? 2.) What's your favorite ice cream? 3.) What's your favorite color? P.S. Doing pretty well during the corona, hope you're doing well!
  3. Read, understood, and agreed!
  4. Wow, that is absolutely beautiful. A couple of friends and I talk a lot of metaphysics, and string theory, quantum physics, etc. So that stanza is absolutely perfect to me.
  5. Hello!! If I had kids, my brain would definitely be fried too, so I don't blame you lmao. I hope you're having a great day tho!
  6. I really love mochi ice cream (pretty much all the flavors), sakura mochi, and yaki mochi!! My favorite soju flavor is peach, and I like to just drink it straight shots since its sweet, the brand I buy is 14%. I think honestly, I would still choose to go to the MHA universe, even if I had some worthless quirk like being able to make my big toe smaller, I still think it would be cool to be around people with all sorts of quirks and I think potentially becoming friends with any of the UA gang or even the kids for Shiketsu would be really really awesome. Even if I can't be friends wit
  7. Sorry for the late ass response, I tried replying on my phone and it was cancer, and I can't use the work computer 'cause government property lolol. I looooooove homemade Alfredo sauce is, and as you said, how easy it is to make! Omg that cheesecake sounds amazing, my go to is always lemon cheesecake with normal crust and a homemade raspberry sauce to top it with (if you can't tell I'm a lil' hoity toity about most canned stuff lololol, plus I think the process of learning to make new things is really fun) Scotland is a sol
  8. Hello Mord! I would make chicken parmesan with the pasta+sauce made from scratch. I chose this dish because when my fiance was in military college, he would have to live on campus during the week and sneak out on the weekends, and every Sunday evening before he went back, I would cook chicken parmesan (with a shitton of mozzarella on top, mm mmm mmm). 1. Bearded Vultures - They look so cool, and they straight up just eat bones. I love that they find red/orange soil and bathe themselves to make them as red/orange as possible as a status symbol
  9. Hey all, I'm a friend of Esta's from Stormrage. My name is Joanna, and online I have been known as Serif/Mochi/Soju (I have a tendency to name my toons 'food item + saur'). I am looking for a place to call home, and to be part of a community for years to come. I started seriously playing WoW during Wrath, but leveled to max in Classic and Burning Crusade but didn't raid at the time because I didn't understand what a guild was lol. I've been raiding consistently since then, in some guilds that were hardcore, and some that weren't, primarily as a healer but also as a tan
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