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    I work at Mt. Baker ski area and make snowboarding films with my friends. I am indeed a snow bum.
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  1. If you're interested in playing the BEST moba, get your beta key from this thread: http://www.sohguild.com/index.php?/topic/14419-heroes-of-the-storm/

    1. Ashin


      your FACE is the best moba.

    2. Kiffen
    3. Kiffen


      beta keys are heading off to reddit. you guys are missing out.

  2. S6 Edge how did I ever live without you?

  3. Everyone who logs into Wildstar today gets 3 boom boxes.

  4. Can confirm. He plays way more than he should. Soupy is a good friend who I think would be a welcome addition to our roster. He's quick to learn and venturing down the long convoluted path of tanking. He probably takes more pleasure from tethering Exiles than is suggested but I'm okay with that. You guys will like him.
  5. I've played I don't know how many games over the past decade with iMartyr. Through countless hours spectacular failures and impossible successes have been achieved. One of the better people I know as well as team players. iMartyr has my full support and can be a massive asset to our community.
  6. I can't deny that I'm biased in this case. Given naming policies and such HungSolo is on the line. However, given that it is such a good star wars reference based in a sci-fi game I think it's okay. Plus WalterMelon would be sad to lose the epic pvp duo of HungSolo/WalterMelon.
  7. HungSolo(Mundane) is an old friend and quite frankly one of the better strategists I've had the opportunity to play with. He is Canadian. So... there's that... but we've learned to live with it. He'd be a great addition to the guild.
  8. 1017. One. Zero. One. Seven. All. Day.

    1. Fiz


      Been trying off an on all day, no luck... at all

    2. Stasis


      Hoping Wednesday actually fixes things =/ Think positive!

  9. I re-edited Dat Barrel Roll. The video now shows a lot more Planetside and has music.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kiffen


      moar edits: less filler footage more slowdown. epic.


    3. Kiffen
    4. Kiffen


      Annnnd the final cut causing all others to become obsolete and get deleted:

  10. After many attempts at logging in. A few failed character creations and a picky naming policy, the Highlander Lancer Walter Melon is born.

    1. Kiffen


      >.< Before their newsfeed crashed that was the best source of live information on the attack today.

    2. Kiffen
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