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  1. Diablo Immortal?? A few of us are on Prime Evils server :)

  2. Have we all grown up?

    1. Nyerker


      We can feel young again with Aion Classic NA <3

    2. Drpibb


      TBC Classic or Aion Classic hmmm

  3. Fiz


    Welcome!! I hope you don't drink that apple juice through a sippy cup, sure fire way to get tons of cavities! I am Fiz on the forums and Mumble, but Korrek as my blizz name. What is your High School GPA? Any extra curricular activities? Involved in church or clubs? Volunteer? Work on a family members ranch/farm/store? You can turn some of the smallest or "inconspicuous" types of hardships/skills into a really awesome college entrance letter!
  4. Welcome! And thank you for your service! We have a few people playing WoW as well. I just got an alpha invite, so I might be checking that out for sure! What server so you play on?
  5. Welcome!! My roommate got me into the Pokemon tcg. I am trying to stay away from magic right now because $$$$. What other card / board games do you play? See you in game!!
  6. 3/9/2012... Sounds about right with the Adele lol
  7. SoH Iceland 2015??

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Inedit


      Why Iceland?!

    3. Ashin


      It's where the makers of EVE have their annual fanfest. Lots of drinking with vikings.

    4. Midri


      If we're going to Iceland, COUNT ME IN. Love that place so much. *_*

  8. Anyone having trouble logging into Eve tonight/lately? Gave me errors and now won't load to put in login info

    1. Fiz


      login down. Found eve-offline.net now to track!

    2. Ashin
  9. Greetings from Sitka, AK!! Off to Ketchikan tomorrow for a sea plane tour!!

  10. Trouble with my new GTX 780... didn't plan to stay up, but I got it fixed at 11:59pm, might as well!!!

  11. Not working on my alprostadil drug monograph right now, rather be looking at Mists :D

    1. Ashin
    2. Gravey



  12. Haha, love the name Gobnahb!
  13. Fiz


    Hehe, thanks guys! (A little late, sorry)
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