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  1. Welcome to the forums! Always glad to see more WvW folks, although I dont take part much due to my crappy laptop. Hopefully I will have my desktop rebuilt after my financial aid refund this semester =) Hope to see you in game and we can run a dungeon once in awhile =)
  2. Jana is good people and I approve this message. <LOL, as if I'm anybody>
  3. Yeah Tyrlis, I'm pretty retarded most of the time. I think if I ever get around to adding character slots I'm gonna make Wotcha Name and Wotcha Think.
  4. Read, signed, approved and agree. Wotcha
  5. Hiya Gang! Well met to you all! My name is Wotcha Gnees, Asuran ranger extraordinarie. I am currently on the Sorrow's Furnace realm for 3 more days before looking for my new permanent home. I was in the guild Epic Muffins [EPIC] on the Dragonbrand server before guild drama split the guild and two weeks later it is still going strong and I am completely over it. I have played Everquest, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. I have been friends with Caiffena for awhile now and am very interested in finding a stable and happy home. I bring a wealth of experience from my time gaming as I have been a guild leader or WoW, leading my guild to kill Illidan during The Dark Portal and other achievements before leaving the game. As for Guild Wars 2 I have an 80 ranger (Wotcha Gnees), 80 mesmer (Wotcha Images), 75 warrior (Wotcha Shyns) and 77 elementalist (Wotcha Doin) before returning to my ranger because that is when I'm truely happiest. Away from Guild Wars I am a 36 year old father of 4 and happily married to my wife of 6 years. I am currently a sophomore at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA majoring in Biology and Wildlife Sciences (double major). I hope to eventually work in reptile conservation in New Zealand and other locales around the world. As I said I think I bring humor and a wealth of experience dealing with all aspects of the gaming experience. I am not a guild hopper, I represent my guild with dignity and respect and hope to fit in and find a nice balanceo f PVX and WvW. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I look forward to meeting everyone! Wotcha Gnees (Jeff)
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