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  1. Welcome to the forums and good luck on your app!
  2. Welcome to the boards. Have you had a chance to get on the PTR and do some number testing with the 5.2 changes?
  3. Tam is one of the most solid players I've had the pleasure of raiding with in this game. He has also probably done more quests in this game than I have, which is saying a lot. I referred him here because I think he would be a good fit, but ultimately that is up to you guys. GL Tam <3.
  4. Welcome! Your first challenge will be putting up with all of us for Friday night Drunken PvP.
  5. Very entertaining app. Welcome to the forums, and GL!
  6. Lol, thanks, I accept your unofficial title. When I came back, I would run LFR trains on a daily basis to get people geared. Mainly so they didn't have to put up with a fail tank. It amounted to relatively painless runs. @Twelve-I hear shadowpriests melt faces.
  7. Sure, I'd be down for Alt runs. Sunday happens to be the one day I have nothing else to do but play. I don't think I'll have a problem fitting in or "standing out", I have a fairly large personality, just not overbearing. So the situation sounds perfect to me.
  8. Hi Ashin, At this time my priority isn't on a raid spot, also it seems like even if I should gear up quickly, you have your share of priests availible to fill slots. I'm perfectly content being a social member and PvE'ing on my own time with pugs. (Something that plain just doesn't exist on Dark Iron anymore). Should the need arise for a priest, and I am sufficiently geared then sure, I will make myself available and re-app, but I hold no expectations that it will be any time soon. I anticipate that there will be a flock of FoTm players returning to their priests after 5.2, at least to check out the disc buffs. Wrath Content-I've done everything(Ulduar, ICC, Trial, Naxx etc) on Normal(25) on both a Mage(Arcane/Imp Blizz Os), DK(Blood DPS), and RSham, about 50/50 w/ H modes for anything below ICC. When ICC came out we shifted our focus entirely to that instance. After our regular raid group had logged for the night, we typically continued on w/10m Hmodes in ICC. The extent of my experience with that is spread across my Mage and My Rsham (I switched depending on what our group composition was). I have not killed LK, we were working on him when I had to take a break for RL things. Cata content is very limited, When I came back from my break the guild was in desparate need of RDruids (and had downgraded to 10m raiding), so I leveled mine and geared it accordingly to help out. The only instance we really worked on was BoT, so again, my experience is very limited for Cata. Current content is well, lacking. I've healed/tanked/dpsed everything in LFR, but in my OP, those fights don't teach you anything about the normal encounters because they are so nerfed. I have tanked "some" of the encounters on normal, but again, very limited. We have been unable to get a solid raid group going in Final Boss. That's not to say I haven't read up on the encounters, but really, I am a kinetic learner, I have to do a fight to really learn it. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask. I am an Open book . If it would be easier to contact me in-game, my realId=izrail@rocketmail.com. DK Armory Final Boss
  9. Greetings! Before I get on to the particulars of this character, I should first explain what I am doing here, and why I chose this guild to apply to above the nurmerous guilds on Stormreaver. Firstly, I am essentially a refugee from another server. For the past four years I have raided with, and helped lead (H)Final Boss on Dark Iron. I took a break in Cata and returned in MoP to find our guild a shadow of it's former self, mostly due to the drastic population drop on the server. Despite heaps of effort on the part of our interim GM and my fellow officers, we were unable to breathe life back into the struggling guild. Ultimately we were faced with a difficult decision; Stay on Dark Iron, and join one of the few raiding horde guilds left, which had drastically different atmospheres and communities than we were used to, or migrate to another server. That brings me to why I am here. Following a suggestion of a friend who recently joined this server, I rolled a priest to level and "feel things out" over here. I have been exploring guilds over the past few weeks through the realm forums, wowprogress, and word of mouth. South of Heaven seems to have a highly active community, mature mindset, and have players that want to be their best at what they do. This character is no where near raid ready, hence the social app. For now, this will be my only character on this server, until I can afford to transfer my Multiple Toons over from Dark Iron. Raiding/Guild History I have played since Beta, and have pretty much raided since then. I have also been in few guilds over the past 8 years, I do not take guild changes lightly, and am generally there for the long haul. Vanilla-->BC I raid healed as a Priest/Healing Officer for Kor'Kron Warband-Maelstrom Reason for leaving-The guild was progressing in a different direction, and with a different atmosphere than I wanted to continue with. BC->Wrath I raid healed as a Paladin/Healing Officer for Bane-Maelstrom Reason for leaving-Leadership disolved-players transferred. Wrath->Present, Raid DPS Deathknight/Mage Officer for Final Boss-Dark Iron Reason for leaving-Server population All three of these guilds were "Hardcore" guilds that understood their players had lives. While they weren't #1 in progression on the server, they were still competative without sacrificing a healthy community and friendship between the members. I have had different mains primarily for guild benefits. For example, at release I started off as a Fury Warrior, and when all of the guilds priests mysteriously went Awol, I filled the gap with my own. As soon as paladins became availible for horde, I rolled paladin for the benefit to raid composition. In wrath, DK DW damage was ridonculous at release, and later I was blood when that was the top DPS spec, as we slowly lost mages and then were down to none, I switched to my mage to benefit our raid composition, (No Int buff or food/water REALLY sucked in ICC pre blanket nerfs). I generally have several alts (This priest will be my fourth 90), and at least one or two alts raid ready should a main switch be needed to progress. I find it makes me an good asset for a guild to have, because I can essentially adopt whatever class/spec is needed. Ui/Addons Screenshot to prove I can effectively organize a screen. My philosophy about mods is that less is more. Not necissarily less mods, but less crap on your screen that isn't relevant is always good. I keep my screen clear so I can see whats going on, and keep important information readily displayed. Stat Priority Int and Haste are what I worry about past the hit cap. Any class I play, I stay well versed in the current stat priorities and uncoming changes to that class. Talents/Glyphs My current talents/Glyphs are more PvP oriented than anything else as I have been leveling and needing the survivability. With the state of talents now, it's a lot more important to pick dps increases where you can, and take other talents that will either increase your survivability or mobility during fights. Why pick me? Because I'm awesome of Course! Jokes aside, I think I'm a good asset to any guild. I PvE hard, and I PvP hard, without being full of myself or an elitist in the process. I'm down to help fellow guildies out provided I have the ability to. I help contribute to the community of a guild as much as possible, and I enjoy guilds that have good communication skills. I've been playing a looooong time, and have experience with pretty much every raid, instance, and quest in the game (Excluding Dragonsoul, and the Deathwing encounter, as I was AFK for RL reasons). This makes me pretty much a dictionary of WoW available upon request. What do I expect from you guys? To be friendly (within reason of course). to be active in game and on the forums, and to have a sense of humor. About Me I'm a 30 year old married woman who does most of her work from home. My Husband also plays, but is not as "into" raiding or PvP as I am. I've been playing MMO's since I had an internet connection at 12 years old, so the concept is no where new to me. I live in AZ, closest in proximity to the sun aside from Tuscon. I hit people with foam weapons for fun on the weekends. That is to say, I participate in a nationwide Larp group (Think mideival re-enactment with foam swords). I also do costuming and occasional events with this group, so there will be times when I will be AFK for a 4 day weekend to go camp in the mountains and be silly. In Closing From the website, and my chat with Fejs it seems like you gents are an awesome group of people. I may have a few others coming over with me, but nothing is certain yet. I would very much like to be a part of what you have goin' on here, and I hope you will consider adding me.
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