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Oak and Iron guard me well

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In my endeavors to find a new home for myself, I run into the issue of striving to stand above my progress and to go further to place myself above the faceless masses of those seeking as I seek. Despite how I might appear at first glance, I tend to be a person entirely my own. I am tenacious, determined, intelligent, and even in some ways chivalrous. From my post in the WoW recruitment forums: "[...] I wish to constantly improve myself. My desire is to always reach new pinnacles of ability. I put a significant amount of time and effort into not only knowing my class and fights, but also know skills as a tank in general. I seek to output the highest damage I can while taking the least that I can. I love to optimize. I always want to know where or how I can move a boss to make the fight easier for the DPS or healers or any other way that I may do better."

I am a timely individual and I take my commitments very seriously. Short of grievous injury to myself or a loved one, I make raids on time and prepared to down content. While I am a student, I am able to tailor my schedule to my needs. Most of my major classes are only offered in the morning, preventing any possibility of conflict.

I am a very active person. I want to have friendships with all of those I raid with and seek to participate in activities with them outside of normal raiding. I feel that I raid better with people I have taken the time and effort to get to know and befriend than those who have remained strangers to me. As I said, I want a home. I am not looking for a transitory guild, but one that I may enjoy the struggles of progressing with for the forseeable future.

As far as my experience with raiding, I have been actively raiding for almost two years. I do not, unfortunately, have any experience with 25m raiding. Notwithstanding, I learn quickly. In point of fact, I am studying aerospace engineering. I consider the opportunity to learn and adapt a joy and it is a challenge that I relish. My original raiding guild was a small guild on a small server, Leviathan of The Scryers. I was with them for about 14 months. In that time we cleared all of t11 on normal and Halfus on heroic when it was current, 1/7 H while Firelands was current, and cleared all of normal DS and (if memory serves) 2 or 3 heroic modes in DS before I was recruited into Kill Stuff Dont Die on the same server, who were 6/8 H at the time. The second night of being with them, I helped them down Spine and we went on to clear Deathwing a few weeks later. All members got their mounts and we continued on to get our server first H Ragnaros and got most members their mounts. The challenge and the triumph of that server first is a large part of why that mount remains my favorite. From there, KSDD progressed into MoP; however, the guild soon fell apart as a rift formed between the guild leader, the raid leader, and the officers. I followed the raid leader back to his server and his own guild, Fatal Americans, which is the guild I am now in.

With loot, I find myself caring less and less about it. The particular gear I am wearing does not determine my skill and is thus secondary or tertiary to my personal knowledge and ability.

I seek to push myself beyond my limits, to be a tank without peers, and to stand united with my guild. I do not want to settle for mediocrity in myself and view stagnation of my growth as the worst thing that could happen to me. To be challenged is to find ecstasy in my life and tanking is just my sort of challenge.

With these closing thoughts, I shall leave you the links to my logs and my armory. Best of luck in your search.

Logs: http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/246131/

Armory: http://us.battle.net...starriol/simple

A small post script of things I forgot to mention:

My ping is generally around 20ms for home and world. FPS around 40-50 in open-air raids. I could drop a few more settings to be comfortable. I have Mumble and I am comfortable using it.

As for challenge modes, I haven't been abel to stir up interest in my dear Fatal Americans for them, but I've found a few people through the forums and my recruitment post and I hope that I will be swimming in gold medals soon.

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Hi Esta,

Thanks for stopping by to post your intro. I'm looking forward to hearing Hip's feedback on your logs.

Can you clarify the reason you are leaving your GM after following him back to his server? Also, can we ask how old are you and whether your attendance will be impacted by exams, papers, and other student stuff?

Why did you pick prot warrior? What do you think prot warriors do better than any other tank? What are some of the weak points?


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After reading through some of the other posts, I'm looking forward to Hip's feedback on my logs as well. His depth and number crunching is exciting. Even if you choose another tank, from what I've seen, his elucidation will help me become a better tank.

I am leaving my GM because my ambition and desires do not match those of the guild. Most of the other members of the raid group want a very laid-back 2 days per week schedule and whatever they down, they down. Thus, my desire to be a top tank is not in line with theirs. I leave Fatal with the blessing of my GM and my friends.

I am currently 21 years old. My attendance will not be impacted by exams. I do my studying during the day and I do not cram, as I have found it ineffective. The same goes for projects and papers.

My original pick of my class was somewhat hap-hazard. A GM of my very first casual raiding guild lamented her lack of tanks and I hopped up and down for the opportunity to help her (I'm pretty enthusiatic to try new things). I originally wanted to play a paladin, but at the time was trying to avoid having all of my toons be the same race and already had a blood elf mage. Thus, I chose orc warrior. I feel the better question here would be why I stayed with a warrior. I have raided and tanked with both paladins and DKs since then, but I have stayed with warriors because I feel their various CDs, both personal and raid-oriented, and their movement is a huge advantage. I feel my three flags are a massive plus in every aspect of tanking, the ability to move anywhere I want very quickly helps with positioning and avoidance, and the on-the-fly choice between SBar and Sblk is an exciting one as there is no one, clear better choice for all situations. I feel that warriors excel in simply not taking damage, as long as the given warrior is always on top of their rotation. That is what I love about my class, it doesn't allow for complacency. I do not have an ass-saving Lay on Hands, Purgatory, Ardent Defender, bubble, or anything of the sort. I must simply make sure I don't get to the point of needing those. Warriors, for me, are very lively, engaging tanks.

The weakest point of my class are the lack of self-heals. It is sometimes frustrating to be so dependent on outside sources to stay alive outside of my mitigation. I don't have the option of healing myself when I'm low, other than Second Wind, and I don't have the option of using self-heals to prevent myself from getting low as ER and IV are on a decently long CD or a fairly small heal, respectively. I do not, here, count my absorb as a heal as it cannot bring my health up. Additionally, Last Stand is a nice 20% heal with the 20% increase in max health, but it, too suffers from the long CD. The same can be said of Rallying, but with the added disadvantage of taking a major raid CD away.

Thank you all for taking the time to greet me. It is a pleasure getting the opportunity to meet you all. I'll do my best to impress!

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I pursue transmog with full-bore enthusiasm! I view it as a way of seeing and experiencing the content I was not around for. I can't ever seem to find just the right shoulders, though. -.- I have my bank and my void storage filled to the brim with various half-baked transmog sets. The set I currently have on in the armory is by far my favorite set, but it too suffers from the bane of ill-matching shoulders. I'm not too certain about the axe either, I normally use Rising Tide for my axe in that set, but since Mr. Elegon was so very nice to give me such a pretty axe, I'm not sure I have the heart to transmog over it. Then again, the Rising Tide doesn't show enchants and occasionally the weapon enchants clash with my mog. Ah, well, I love my transmog, perfection or no.

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