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  1. Welcome to the forums Fable. I'm glad you made a post. Few quick questions for you: What kind of milk do you prefer? 2%? Whole? I'll mention skim, but I hope that's not your answer.Do you think Pluto should be reinstated its Planet title?What do you think your spirit animal is?
  2. Prosaic (Nate) has been a great friend of mine since the 8th grade. I would vouch for him in any game. He's a competent player and friendly to everyone. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone having an issue with him in any game we've played.
  3. Welcome to the forums! How many times per day would you say you use the word "yall?" Any particular aspects of the game you are really looking forward to? What's your opinion on the color Blue?
  4. Thanks for the intro and welcome to the forums! 18 huh. Are you in college, or did you decide to go another route? What are some activities you enjoy outside of gaming? Are you comfortable gaming with a bunch of crypt keepers that make outdated cultural references? If accepted, you'll be able to join the Sub25. It's a super elite group within the guild. We, Sub25, are in a constant struggle with the crypt keepers
  5. Great intro and welcome to the forums! I mainly PvP as well, but raids in WS actually look pretty fun. You should check out the raid vid if you haven't already. Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of gaming? Does your wife like to game a little? Why do you think most people don't like the third Godfather movie?
  6. Hey you, welcome to the forums. 30 is crypt keeper status to me, but fear not for a few of our members are turning that this year. Have you decided on a race/class yet? Were you able to try some out during the betas? How's your relationship with PvP? Is it a love/hate type of deal? Would you be willing to decorate my plot for a fair price?
  7. Thank you for the pleasant and thorough intro. Raid times have been pinned to the main page of our Wildstar section. (Link for ya: http://www.sohguild.com/index.php?/topic/15222-raiding-times-for-wildstar/ ) What's your take on PvP? Are you big into theorycrafting? What was the result the last time you consumed more than three alcoholic beverages in one sitting?
  8. Thank you for the great intro and welcome to the forums. Your mindset going into WS seems very similar to my own. Have you ever listened to Mudvayne? If so, would you consider them "Metal?" Are we to see an intro post from your left brain? Are you still in contact with him? Have you ever had any classical instruments mixed into any of your songs? I've been recorded playing my cello by a local band, and it turned out pretty sick.
  9. Thanks for the intro and welcome to the forums! Warplots seem so foreign to me still, but I'm also looking forward them. Are you an altaholic, or do you tend to stick to one character? What's the oddest thing you ever saw in one of your college courses? Did you ever live in dorms? If so, did you go random?
  10. Very pleasant intro! Have you ever diagnosed someone (for real) over a game or through Mumble/Vent? Do you own a pipe? Has your 15 year old caught the computer gaming bug, or is he/she content with the xbox?
  11. Welcome to the forums. What's your take on Shaun White? I heard people "in the know" don't care for him too much. Thoughts?
  12. Great intro, and welcome to the forums. It's nice to see another person that not only likes to take part in some pvp, but is also willing to lead a group into the fray. Have you played any other games in the WoW genre? Warhammer, Aion, GW2? Is your nickname Frank the Tank? Do you or have you ever owned a longboard?
  13. Welcome to the forums, and thank you for the introduction. I see you played Warhammer. What was your main? Do you enjoy PvP? Additionally, please pick your preferred spelling out of these two: Grey - Gray
  14. Ironically enough our name has nothing to do with Slayer, but many people make that connection. Great intro by the way and welcome to the forums. My two quick questions are: Do you enjoy PvP, and have you seen Strange Brew?
  15. Very solid app. I'm exactly polar opposite to you in our views of PvE and PvP. Hopefully we'll be able to show you how PvP can be fun, and maybe you'll be able to shed some light on how PvE can be enjoyable PS. +1 for seeing you in our chat room.
  16. Shouldn't that be flipped? Friend sounds like a person that is playing a different game, but is still active on the forums. Ghost sounds like a person playing the same game as SoH, but decides they don't want to be in the guild.
  17. Grats everyone! (except Sunny )
  18. I'm assuming by watching media that you mean tv shows? If so, what are you currently watching? What are your all time favorites? I'll allow movies on the list as well.
  19. You said you are currently pvping on your monk. What made you play that instead of Mage? Do you think RoP is slightly overpowered in its current state? Can you get mixed up playing all those MMO's at once? Does this hinder your availability at all? South of Heaven is a great group of players, but everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Will you be able to keep your composure and be respectful even when someone might be having a hard night?
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