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Severency - Elemental Shaman


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Hey South of Heaven! Just wanted to quickly note that it is my pleasure to be applying to such an acclaimed and illustrious guild as you guys are.Lets get started with this app deal:

Name: Brandon

Age: 20

Occupation: Full time student at my local university and renowned Sales Associate at Kohls


So I thought I would give a brief background of myself. It all began near the end of my high school career where one day a friend of mine persuaded me into getting a little game called World of Warcraft. It began pretty slow but it soon picked up pace when I truly saw improvement in myself with this game. I had become addicted and needed to play non-stop. I only had a few classes at the time and I worked 9 hours a week at GameStop so devoting pretty much all my time to the game wasn't hard at all. I joined near the middle of WotlK and finally started raiding near the end of Ulduar.

I started off first as a casual rogue with no add-ons besides QuestHelper. I couldn't spell DPS and I looked to my good friend to answer every question I had. This went on for a while until I finally got into a semi-serious raiding guild and we progressed through Trial of the Crusader and Icecrown Citadel. I couldn't even begin to explain the feeling once we finally killed Professor Putricide on Heroic. I got such a thrill out of raiding and playing the game I let it take over my life a bit too much. I was a freshman in college at the time and it butchered my grades and my life so I had to stop. I raided for about a year and a half straight and having quit right at the end of Dragon Soul. I raided with a bunch of friends and we were (without a doubt) the best. It was awesome being able to raid with people you live in the same city with, the LANs were insane.

Anyway, I have decided to return for a long time and am just trying to find my place again. I originally played a Rogue which I took very seriously. I spent all the extra time I had researching the best of the best and learning my what my character was capable of inside and out. Now I am applying as a shaman with which I have complete confidence in my ability to perform. I will be gearing up and fighting my way to the top from here on out.

http://us.battle.net...everency/simple - Shaman (Currently in the works)

http://us.battle.net...everenci/simple - Rogue

Few things to note, my rogue is still fresh out of Dragon Soul (85) and my shaman is my new priority. However, I would be more than happy to return to my rogue if you guys needed it and/or for alt raids. My professions will be up (Jewelcrafting/Alchemy for Shaman and Engineering/Jewelcrafting for Rogue). Have played before but still pretty new to my shaman so I am still learning the little tricks to maximize and what not. My main was the rogue as I have previously mentioned.

Reason for leaving guild:

Had to quit to fix up my life. Now I have everything under control and am now very stable. I now have a bloodlust (zing) for raiding and progressing as a team. It is a feeling I have not felt.... /starwarsnerd

Past History:

Started off in the middle of Wrath as a rogue and progressed to the end heroic LK. Cata came out, my friend got realm first 85 and once we all got situated we started raiding. Eventually got through BD(25m), BoT(25m), TFW(25m), and Firelands(25m/10m) all on heroic. Once we had our 10m group in Firelands, there was nothing that could stop us. I have not been involved with WoW since the beginning as I would have liked, but I am a VERY fast learner and I am open to any and all criticism. I have been mentally put through the trials, now I am more prepared and definitely a lot more comfortable with returning. I know we can make it really far as a team. and as a guild and I will not disappoint you guys.


Started WOTLK - Cleared ToC, ICC (11/12H), RS

Cata - Cleared 13/13h (Ascendant council down after firelands released), 7/7h Firelands (prenerf ragnaros ... lemme tell ya about that one!) and 5/8h DS with good rankings on early kills

MoP - Unprogressed but will soon change VERY quickly

I know my experience does not look all that prestigious, but I just want you to know I have dedicated myself to this game before and I will never back down. I have a lot to learn but I am a Jedi, therefore no goal is inconceivable.

Thanks for the time reading through this and hope to hear back from you guys soon!


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Hey Severency, hopefully alliance stopped ganking you in Hyjal after Syn and I laid down a bit of SoH justice. Just wanted to know what made you want to switch from a rogue to a shaman? It's a pretty drastic change in game play. What about a shaman made you choose it over other casters?

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Oh yeah I can still hear them crying haha.

To answer your question, I have basically played every single caster in the past (lvl 85). I got them decently geared for being my 2nd/3rd/4th alts and shaman was definitely my favorite. As of level 90, I am still new to the changes and it was a toss between hunter/warlock/shaman and I chose the one I thought I would have the most fun with. So far I am having a blast and this class really suits my play style.

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Hi Sev,

When is the last time (if ever) that you raided as an ele shaman? I'd certainly like to give you consideration for the team, since you have been referred by Syn. But of course you're in no condition to join now, and it has to make sense for us too. So let's start there.

Always pleased to meet a renowned person.


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Well never really raided as one before besides on alt raids, but I do have extensive heroic progression experience. I have all my experience on my rogue but I noticed you guys were not recruiting any melee DPS at this time.

And also since I am just returning to WoW, I thought this would be my best opportunity to try a new class!

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I think for the time being, what would make the most sense is to consider this a social app. When you have gotten at least basic gearing and experience on that toon, we can look at our raid team's situation, see about bringing you on some farm content to test drive you, etc. I respect the fact that you have solid experience on your rogue, and that Syn (who is a solid raider) has vouched for you. At the same time, I'm big into the nuance of each class - not just its core rotation but it's alternate utility, how to handle it and keep it alive during times of high raid damage, etc. These are things you may not be tapping into on a brand new class, even though you are a smart raider. See where I'm coming from?

So, if you'd like a social invite, I'm cool with that. Syn should be able to do it if I'm not online. Just let me know.

Also, if you plan to take the invite, please head to the guild policy forum, review our code of conduct, and sign to indicate your understand and consent. Other than that, as someone who is interested in the raid team, I'd suggest spending time in our wow forum, especially chapter policy and raiding subforums, so you're up to speed on how we do.

Cheers. :)

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