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  1. Cool person, dosnt mind helping out if you need it.
  2. Thanks for the app, any specific reason you chose us? also do you have any logs we can view to get a sense of your play style?
  3. We had a chat, and worked our things out, so dont hold that against him in this app.
  4. If you could provide armory and logs it would be useful during your app process
  5. Well i was an officer, then got demoted, so i guess i completely skipped senior member. Guess my input on recruits is no longer valued.
  6. Guess im not a veteran anymore?
  7. After contacting him and asking several times, and listening to him dance around the question and make excuses that had nothing to do with regards to the original question asked, which was will you make it to our raid tonight or not, he decided to respond with "You guys are better off without me, i have no idea what im doing" and declined on the spot.
  8. Hey Nobu, after reading over your app have a few questions. Seems like you've been bouncing around guilds for a while, so that raises a bit of concern. Also, what made you want to apply to SoH? What brought you here? We like to see a bit more information about yourself outside of game, hobbies, job, schooling, etc. Thanks. Hope to hear back from ya soon.
  9. Used to be Twelve's and I GM before coming here, not sure if you would be a good fit on our team.
  10. Raidbot for Olef http://www.raidbots.com/epeenbot/us/stormrage/ol%C3%ABf/
  11. JDSTORMDICK, always wanted to be the best, but never could
  12. Hey Porch, reviewing your app theres a few things i noticed. Firstly your heroic raid experience seems to be short, and im confused to which guild you raided with as a top 20 US guild? Just looking over your achievements shows your H DW kill at 3/27/12 while the top 20 US guilds got theres in January, where you top 20 during progression? And a requirement we have for our raiders is to know all heroic fights to the best of there ability when approaching a new one. Since you are 2/13 you have some significant ground to cover as far as mechanics and new fights go, how do you normally prepare for
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