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[FFXIV] Introduction -- Interested in joining [SOH]

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I'm an i90+ DRG on Goblin. I saw your post on the FFXIVRECRUITMENT subreddit this morning and am very interested. I'm not the class you're looking for, but if you'll read on I'm hoping I can sell myself.


I just returned from a hiatus that began shortly after patch 2.1 rolled out. I played from launch and got an FC together early on. We raided and did quite well, but fell apart due to apathy and frustration at Twintania's mechanics at the time -- I wanted to keep going but there was a lot of lateness/absenteeism on raid nights and it didn't get any better. We didn't have a raid leader in the traditional sense, but I did most of the prep and problem-solving during progression. That was the part I enjoyed the most and I was completely letdown when things fell apart without the Twintania kill.


Since coming back I've been looking for a good FC. A romp with a random FC I found in shout chat last week has reminded me why shout is a bad place to find an FC. It was dysfunctional to say the least and I got out quick. Your advert appealed to me for the very reasons that that FC didn't.


What I'm looking for in an FC is simple and I can probably point-form it:

(1) players who respect others by honoring commitments, like doing their best to show up at agreed-on times or at least alerting others when they won't make it.

(2) a group that can be serious about progression without freaking out -- wiping is fine (that's progression), but tempers and lack of patience can ruin nights and hamper progress.

(3) a relatively stable spot in a progression group. I don't mind riding the pine every now and then.


What I think I can provide:

(1) a skilled DPS who tries to min/max within reason. I learn fights quickly by researching and also am extremely quick to adapt to mechanics once practiced. I learn quickly and tend not to repeat mistakes that I've already made. I see by your forum posts that SOH takes strategy and research seriously -- that appeals to me.

(2) a mature, considerate, friendly and active FC-member. I work full-time during the days on weekdays, usually spending 1 - 3 hours gaming nightly, and I'm on AST, so EST hours work perfectly for me.

(3) someone who honors time-commitments and shows up to preplanned evens repaired, topped-up on consumables and researched on the challenge of the evening.

(4) a loyal FC-mate who will stick around during low periods. My previous hiatus wasn't voluntary, I just didn't have the time to rebuild and folding FC.


I think I fit the profile described on your recruitment message perfectly. Gaming's prevalence in my life is not what it used to be, but I still firmly believe there's a place for it with like-minded people. I've been playing MMOs long enough that, with the right group of people, a sufficient amount of progress can be made so as to make the game enjoyable, but without sacrificing real life priorities to make it happen. I hope you give me some consideration. I'm going to try and chat up your recruiter in-game.



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Welcome and thank you for such a great post! Rhiri or I would love to chat with you. It will most likely be our fearless leader as I am on a business trip until Wedneaday, but please feel free to peruse and hopefully you can talk to one of us soon.

Out of curiosity, are there any other classes you enjoy playing or have an interest in?

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Thanks Makiko!


Hey Nazareth, Atrael is away, and I'm a little busy tonight, so how about we talk tomorrow evening?  Does 8:30-ish work for you?  We can Mumble it up if you're still having trouble transferring.  (I'm Rhiri, by the way!)  


In the meantime, feel free to cruise around the site and get a feel for the SoH community.  I'll bump you up to Guest status so that you have access.  Other guild members may pop into this thread to ask questions or chat, as well.


PS. AST means Canadian?  You guys are gaining ground in SoH!   ;)

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Thank you for the warm welcome.


Grieve -- If you're asking if I am racially a Lalafell, then I must say no. But if you want to know if I am kind-spirited, cute, gentle and sometimes a little quirky (indeed all the great qualities for which the Lalafell are known), then I say to you: also no.


Atrael -- My heart lies with melee DPS and tanks, which I believe you are all set on. That being said, I'm not so set in my ways that I couldn't switch out my main to fit in with the raid group. Maybe this is something we could discuss further when we get a chance to chat?

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Welcome!  Boy howdy did I have to do a double take when I saw a FF application!  It's kind of refreshing after the 9812356.402 WildStar applications.


You aren't a Lalafell!?  You should remedy this by being a Lalafell.


Crimped for time before my exam so let's fire away at some quick questions!

  • What occupies your time outside of gaming?  Wife?  Kids?  Secretly Batman?  School?
  • If you could have one superpower, of any origin, what would it be? (site relevant limitations as I can name various that are absurd without limitations)
  • Red or white wine?


Okay, time to jet.  See ya around! 

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