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  1. We got some anime talk over here. With names such as Mochi and Soju, you must like those things.. so what is your favorite flavor/type of mochi and/or how do you take your soju (sweet, dry, low alcohol %, high alcohol %)? On the topic of MHA, would you still choose that universe if you couldn't select your own quirk? Or would you only choose there if you could select your quirk so you don't get stuck being Meg from Family Guy?
  2. Nez


    Another dirty TSM fan, good to see others admit it.
  3. Obligatory bi-annual post: Hi.

  4. Whelp. The move is finally completed. Goodbye California.. hello New Jersey.

    1. Grieve


      New Jersey! Ewwww! Also, separately, welcome to the East Coast!

    2. Drpibb


      Hello my fellow New Jerseyan! Your first order of business is to have a Taylor Ham, Egg, & Cheese sandwich. If anyone calls it pork roll they're wrong. Welcome! 

    3. Inedit


      What?  Who let you in?!

  5. Unofficial GRE scores:
    Verbal Reasoning: 161

    Quantitative Reasoning: 162

    I have to wait 10-15 days for the Analytical writing to be scored T_T

    1. Fera
    2. Fiz


      I am going to be taking them soon, how much did you study??

  6. Practice GRE overall verbal reasoning score: 50%. Vocabulary = bad.

    1. Inedit


      You can do it. Put your back into it. 

    2. Fera


      If there's anything I can do ... Also, study guides! I have no doubt in your ability to conquer this, too ^^

  7. Anyone else pumped for this Wild West Online MMO?

    1. Hyna


      I want to see more of what the game actually is but i am interested in it.

  8. Anyone else buy PlayerUnknown's BattleGround and wanna a get a duo or squad going?

  9. Someone needs to talk me out of buying the GTX 1080 Ti next Friday..

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. sup3rg00se


      Get a 1070 and spend the $300 you saved on beer!

    3. Simone


      Unless you're doing some hardcore 1440 or 4k gaming, saving yourself the money and get a 1070 instead! 

    4. Hyna


      Don't listen to them. You need a 1080ti. 

  10. Never had so many fatal directx crashes for FFXIV in my liife...

    1. sup3rg00se


      It may have been something in a recent patch. I had my first one ever about a week ago. 

  11. Oh. My. God. This Keynote! SAMURAI!

  12. Not even one month of having Xfinity and I tossed out their "modem & router" brick and picked up a ARRIS SB6141 modem with a Netgear R7000-100NAS Nighthawk AC1900 router.  I'm not joking around when I say I want stability and connectivity.

  13. Apartment renovation done!  Can move in Saturday.  It's going to be glorious having my own place again and a brand new, shiny gaming computer.  Hard part is picking a desk to buy so I can then pick a game to play.

  14. Boss walked in - Asked if I was busy - Saw I had Newegg open and immediately sat down to look at black friday deals with me.

  15. Just bought plane tickets to go see family during Christmas break... and put all the components for a new gaming rig into my cart on newegg.  Come on Christmas!

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