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Hi Msmitty, I've set you up with Guest access so that you can cruise the site and get a feel for the SoH community.  Let's schedule a Mumble date -- are you free some evening this week?  (We use Mumble rather than Teamspeak!)  In the meantime, current members may pop in with questions or comments.  We have an anime-loving Lalafell who might swing by to grill you...

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We have an anime-loving Lalafell who might swing by to grill you...


You called.


Welcome to the forums!  


Let's get to know you more!  We like juicy details but we also take small samples of details and make hypotheses - so don't be afraid.



  • What does a 25 year old do these days?  Job?  School?  Moose photographer?
  • Where do you hail from?  U.S.A.?  Canada?  Texas?
  • Why an Elezen?

Now the fun stuff!

  • What anime do you watch?
  • Do you follow any of the new series that started at the end of June/July? SAO II, Aldnoah no Zero, Akame ga Kill, etc.
  • Top 5 favorite series and/or characters of all time? Astroboy --> Current! (Full range of series)
  • Kuudere, Tsundere, Dandere, or Yandere?


I'd say see ya in-game but got more important things to do for the next few weeks so... see ya around on the forums!


Also, we have an anime thread, if you want to take a peek at it.

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lol Thanks I'm off this weekend if you'd like we can set up a mumble then. Lets see where to start about me.



  • Job - I'm currently in the Navy been in five years spent two years of it in Japan loved every minute I was there.
  • I'm originally from Virginia but I'm stationed in Florida now
  • Why an elezen I hardly see any on my server so i wanted to be one bc of that lol and when i made the changed i had just finished re watching lord of the rings and since i am a brd i was like hey i should be an elf lol 
  • As for anime ive seen the list is toooooooo long i have a 2tb hard drive full and alot on bluray.
  • top 5 anime that's a hard one for me....Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Bleach, Attack on Titan, and its a tie between Fairy tail and One Piece
  • Anime character i like too many lol ill give u a few Ichigo from Bleach, Spike From Bebop, kid death from Soul eater Vash the stampede and more

I'll make a character and but it on your server and we can talk more then before i transfer my Brd over. anything feel free to ask 

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Everyone always says that it's hard to pin their favorite series and then they always name several of the most well-known anime titles around the world.  Not debating that they aren't 'good', if they weren't they wouldn't be popular, but at the same time I question rational reasoning of someone liking them enough to only think of them because they are that good or because of all the hype.


I'd be more impressed if you gave obscure titles that are more amazing but not as widely known.


B+ for effort.  :thumbup:

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What a hipster Lalafell!   :p


I will be out this weekend until Sunday evening, but maybe Atrael and you can still talk if you can't do a weeknight?  Your schedule is probably much more constrained than mine!  I'm just visiting my parents.  XD

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Welcome to the forums!


I assume enlisted Navy based on age and probably what an E-4 or E-5. Any good stories from your time at sea or are you in one of those classified "can't talk about otherwise I'd have to kill you" type of people?


Also, I await your responses to Nyisha's questions

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