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[FFXIV] Xidav Hohenheim - An Introduction


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Hi! I've stumbled on to this forum while looking for FCs in the FFXIVRecruitment subreddit (as did many others, I'm sure). Unfortunately, I'm not a class that required for the raid group (MNK ilvl 92 and WAR ilvl 85), but I don't mind laying low for a bit!


I've stopped playing FFXIV after the 2.1 patch, reason being that my old FC disbanded because Twintania is a giant homewrecker. That, and some people couldn't make the scheduling and/or found other statics and moved on. The content got a bit stale and I had no reason to keep going since no group I joined could clear out T5. But hey, I'm back now!


For future raiding considerations, I strongly believe these are my strong points:

 - Able to learn very quick. I do my research on fights beforehand and read up on it. Once the group wipes a few times, it stays locked in my head. I try to make sure I'm not a liability to the group.

 - Showing up on time and prepped with food/pots to maximize progression time.

 - Mature, and easy to get along with. I don't like getting into conflicts and rather just enjoy some jolly cooperation with a close group.


A bit about me:

 - I'm 22, I work as a lab tech in an eye donation place (human eyeballs!), and I live in NYC.

 - I used to play WoW like my life depended on it in high school. I started from vanilla and cleared most of the raids until I quit in Cataclysm around the Firelands patch. My raiding experience is (sadly) extensive.

 - Besides having a passion for gaming, I have a passion for working out. I first started at a gym, but quickly got tired of the meatheads there, so I took up kickboxing. I now practice Mixed Martial Arts and have won a few grappling tournaments.


That's all I can think of for now. I look forward to getting to know/raiding with you all one day!

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I don't like anime... but I LOVE FMA! I thought the original anime was good, but Brotherhood is even better!


MMA is great, and pretty much changed my life. It could be trodden down with the show off-y people-- but it's great if you're looking to get fit! I prefer it way over a treadmill as cardio option.

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Hi Xidav, I've bumped you up to Guest rank so that you can poke around the forums and see the SoH community.  We talked a bit earlier, but let's still make a Mumble date to make sure we're on the same page!  Typed conversations get into some weird concurrency situations depending on each person's keyboard dexterity.  ^^  Are you free some evening this week?  

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Welcome to the forums!


I don't like anime...


I don't think we can be friends.  Unless you're a Lalafell.. then we can talk.

  • What kind of music do you listen to?  Rock, pop, death metal, alternative, classical, jazz, j-pop, k-rock, etc..
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Street Sharks?
  • What did you play in WoW?  If you don't say Paladin, then we can't be friends again.
  • iOS or Android?

I'm sure others will be around to throw random questions at you as well, so can't take all the fun... for now.

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