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In the past, our guild retained very strict control over what constituted an "official chapter".  The primary motivation behind this strictness was a concern for: (a) the reputation that SoH projects, and (b) the type of people we take into our family.  The latter is of particular concern for a multi-game / multi-chapter guild.  It's important that all members be comfortable assuming that a guildmate from one chapter has been held to the same standards that they were.


In more recent times, we've had difficulty pulling off the massive chapters that we had in the past.  I think this reflects on two things.  First, we're all getting older, and so the time we spend in games (and how we want to spend that time) has evolved.  Second, the market has stagnated.  We don't see a lot of innovation, but we do see a lot of horribly mismanaged launches.  So we have become somewhat nomadic in recent times.  In fact, this is similar to how the guild was in its earliest days - a small, nomadic tribe.


The previous definition of an official chapter included a 9-month commitment from the would-be Chapter Lead, and only official chapters were permitted to recruit.  Unofficial chapters made no such promises or commitments, but were limited to recruiting friends and family of existing members only.  The latter was viewed more as a membership privilege than any form of actual recruitment.  Lastly, only official chapters qualified for title reinstatement (Friend->Member, Ghost->Vet) or promotion (Member->Vet).


This definition has become outdated and cumbersome.


The decision to acknowledge a chapter as "official" will be a matter of judgement for the Founders.  Factors we might consider could include:

- Number of Vets playing the game together

- Regularity of scheduled, group activities

- Activity of the group on the forums

- Presence of a member with previous Officer or Chapter Lead experience

- "Virtue" of the title / how it does or doesn't fit with overall Guild objectives


With this subjective but more flexible definition, small but consistently active groups could qualify for official chapter status.  The size of the chapter is irrelevant, and the nature of the group's commitment to the game is less important.  There must, however, still be a designated Lead.  The Lead must agree to be accountable for quality standards, ensuring that the chapter is managed in accordance with the highest standards of the guild.  The Lead must also ensure that the chapter is eventually retired, when these criteria are no longer consistently met.

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