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Recruit to Member Overview

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Welcome! We're thrilled that you’re considering SoH as a homebase for your gaming needs.


We understand that joining a new guild can be both exhilarating and a bit daunting, especially given our many year tenure as a guild and the broad cross section of games we play, but no worries! We're here to help.


It's important to note that not every guild is a good fit for every player. We welcome and embrace like-minded gamers and acknowledge that SoH isn't a home for everyone.  So, if what follows isn’t natural to your way of thinking/behaving, then please contact a Game Officer. (Reading and signing our Code of Conduct is a solid first step towards Membership!)


During the recruitment period (roughly 2 weeks), we want to get to know you and for you to know us. Essentially, we'd like for you to move from stranger to friend. The following are opportunities for all of us -- please make use of them!


  1. Forums! We love our forums, and we use this platform to provide a variety of information to our community, especially things that aren't suited to a quick post on Discord. You'll find relevant details on Guild Policies, on your Cohort's Policies (if any exist!), links to useful sites for that title, to Cooking, Gaming, Fitness, and a host of things in between. There's something for everyone! (Some sections will be unavailable until you reach Member to protect privacy).

  2. We are very active on Discord. The #social channel is a great place to interact with guild members throughout the standard work day, even those not currently involved in your Cohort. Of course, Discord also provides a platform for you to receive notifications for activities that are happening in-game.

  3. Mumble -- Yep, we still use this! We do have Discord channels, yes, but membership often gravitates to Mumble for much of our VoiP needs. Details can be found here.

  4. In-game guild activity & guild chat. While the Cohort you're in may be a smaller, casual version of our larger community, and guild group "runs" infrequent, do your best to make yourself known by using g/chat. Ask for help if you need a hand; or, offer a hand if someone needs help.

  5. Continuity! Please make your name on our forums, Discord and Mumble identical. We do not have in-house IT folks so, while we love our comms, they are not integrated at all. Thus, we ask your help to make sure we can recognize you in whatever medium we are conversing.


As a guild that continues to be close-knit, one whose membership and leadership hold each other to high social, moral, and gaming standards, we want for you to want to be here -- and to exert the necessary effort to make that happen. The point of our poking and prodding and goofy question-asking is to get to know you; please feel free to reciprocate and get to know us, too. We don't want you to arbitrarily commit to us just because we're playing the same game. We're more than pixels to each other and we want you to be as well.


* You must be invited to join an active Chapter/Cohort by a Veteran SoH player. At this time there are no invitation privileges afforded to those who are not engaged in play activity with current SoH Members/Vets.

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