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Code of Conduct

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We strive to select membership that is a natural "fit" for the guild profile. As a result, we have gotten away with having very few "rules" in our house. Over the course of nine years, a lot of faces come and go. Things drift one way or another, and may even become murky at times. For that reason, it can be helpful to clarify guild expectations regarding conduct.

1. No drama. Disagreements should and do happen. People lose their cool sometimes. Like any dysfunctional family, we have our fights. But drama should be kept to an absolute minimum, for the sake of peace and enjoyment of the games we play. Members often use online games as a sanctuary and do not wish to see ugly or angry words encroach. Drama over loot & gear is considered the greatest sin in this guild, and the Founders' tolerance of it is close to Nil.

2. Individual intiative. Give a man a fish, and you have fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you have fed him for a lifetime. We are a friendly guild that welcomes both beginner and pro. And if you are a beginner, we will teach you to fish. But no one is here to play the game for you. That, the fun part, we leave to you.

3. Competition. We are not a hardcore guild. We do not have playtime requirements. We don't use point systems. That said, we play to win. All members are expected to continuously improve their teamwork, and be open to (as well as provide) feedback to their peers.

4. Sportsmanship. In PvP titles, we are tenacious, but civilized. We do not harass or "grief" our opponents. We thank them for a good fight. If you are not an Officer or above, you should refrain from engaging in global chat banter. Remember that your actions, even when you are alone, reflect on the entire guild. If you choose to behave poorly, you have made that choice for all of us.

5. Fair play. The guild believes in abiding by the spirit of the game. The use of 3rd party software to "hack", "cheat" or "bot" is strictly prohibited (except for UI modifications permitted by the game's EULA, if any). Likewise, any abuse of bugs ("exploits") is forbidden. There is zero tolerance for cheating, and cheaters will be removed from the guild immediately. If you are unclear on whether something constitutes unfair play, PM an Officer, Chapter Lead or Founder.

6. Community. Our guild is a community unto itself, but also a building block toward larger communities within each game we play. We contribute to and enhance these communities by being tough, but fun, by exhibiting good sportsmanship, and by promoting fair play. Because of the damaging effect RMT (goldsellers) has on game communities, as well as the human rights violations that are often involved, purchasing game currency from illicit sources will not be tolerated. Members who find themselves struggling or short on time should reach out to their guildmates for help, rather than supporting this industry.

7. Friendship. Everyone is expected to treat every Member of this guild as a friend. While this means different things to different people, as a general guideline it works. This includes being social with the guild in game! Minor things like greeting someone when they log in, or responding to their questions, go a long way toward creating the type of atmosphere this guild is about. Always put guildmates first when planning your teams or in-game activities. Remember that allies selected by leadership should also be treated as friends.

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We strive to select membership that is a natural "fit" for the guild profile. As a result, we have gotten away with having very few "rules" in our house. Over the course of nine years, a lot of faces

I have read The Code, and do swear to abide by its rules.  

Consequences of misconduct:

- frown or sigh

- stern talk

- loss of rank

- dismissal from guild

Consequences are determined at the sole discretion of the in-charge party (Officer, Chapter Leader or Founder). Each person is an individual and is treated as such. Repeated violation of the Code of Conduct will result in dismissal regardless of circumstance.

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Clarifications based on questions & feedback:

re: #6 Currency trading or swapping is OK, provided that it is a transaction between two players who earned their currency legitimately.

re: #6 This is not a kneejerk reaction to the spirited debate we have just gone through. It is only a re-statement of things Zyco and I have felt for a long time. The debate helped make clear that a course-correction was needed. But it did not alter the destination.

re: #6 There have been two times in the past when the guild has knowingly benefited from the use of illicit funds, and I think it makes sense for me to put that out in the open also. Once was in Anarchy Online, before we built our first city (subsequent city we built legit) and the other was in Warhammer, on Dark Crag only. In neither case was it our "practice" to do this, nor was it something we requested or planned. But we did benefit from it, that was a mistake, and I apologize.

re: #7 Disputes or problems with Allies should be brought to the attention of your Officer(s) and Chapter Lead. Even if you know you are in the right, it is prefered that you not cause waves with Allies and allow leadership to work out issues.

re: Consequences. Nothing that happened prior to this post will be held against anyone. The important thing is that we can all move forward with a set of clear, shared expectations. What's done is done.

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Ok so obviously I'm interested in my "special" case. The site D2jsp, uses it's own currency and follows similar rules to the ones posted above. I'll link a few as example.

These rules are taken DIRECTLY from the sites Official Forum Rules and Policies. These rules will not appear as they do in this order on the forum, but they are direct quotes.

  1. Selling anything for money is not allowed. Bannable on the first offense. This includes, but is not limited to, selling items via paypal.
  2. Multiple Accounts: You may have and maintain one, and only one account on this site. Multiple accounts are not allowed. If it is found that you have multiple accounts that you are using, or sending gold between, or posting on your own topics with, you will be punished for it, up to a possible banning of all of your multiple accounts.
  3. Forum Gold: We allow you to trade and exchange gold with other users of the site, i.e. give your gold to someone else. You are not allowed to beg for gold, threads begging for gold will be locked and warnings issued. Be creative for ways to compel people to give you their gold. Begging for gold is not allowed. You are not allowed to sell forum gold, under any conditions.
  4. Advertising for Money: You may not, under any conditions, advertise for commercial purposes any product or service. This includes, but is not limited to, selling items, accounts, any information, scripts, etc. You may not post links to referal sites, or any other revenue producing links. Failure to comply is bannable on the first offense.
  5. Buying or Selling Items/Services for Money: You may not, under any conditions, buy or sell any item or service from or through this website for real money. Failure to comply is bannable on the first offense.
  6. No links to auction sites selling D2 items, or any other website that sells D2 items for money. Links will be removed and an official warning issued. Subsequent offenses will result in a ban.
  7. Purchasing - You may Buy Forum Gold directly from the site (njaguar). Please click here for more information: Purchase Forum Gold.

  8. Selling - You may not Sell forum gold for money to anyone. Only njaguar has this right.

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This site was designed for Diablo 2 players so any rules that may say Diablo 2 now apply to any game on the site.

This site was also designed for those gifted at trading, AH sniping, market predictors, anyone that can make a buck faster than another could use this site appropriately.

For example,

Ashin loves EvE. Ashin can't make much money on EvE because he is just starting out. However Ashin has been playing WoW for the past 3 years and has quite a decent amount of gold on that game, but he no longer plays WoW. So he visits our lovely site D2jsp looking to sell his WoW gold for Forum Gold (FG) so that he can inturn buy Isk (EvE Currency).

Now thankfully in this situation, Sharper, a avid WoW player on (thank god) the same server as Ashin is willing to buy his WoW gold at a 3g :1FG ratio. The trade is succesful.

And now Ashin can go use his FG to buy Isk, at whatever ratio he can get.

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Well Sharp from what I gathered of this post is that the reason that buying ingame money in this manner is that it supports the gold farming "industry".

So by using whatever that site is called, you are not including real money in the transfer of funds from one game to the other. And you are not supporting the gold farmers in any direct manner.

Not my choice to make anywayz.

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That is just odd. :Confused: Honestly, not even sure what to think aboot a service like that. It is an interesting approach to people who move on or between MMOs though.

You were wise to highlight #7, as that is the real kicker. Without knowing the company or how it obtains its stocks of gold, it is hard to make a judgement.

[a bit deleted by Ashin] <A little edit by Pook calling Ashin a "meany">

If I had to make a judgement call (which I don't), I would still consider it against the spirit of the game, and it would still have an impact on the economy, though prolly less than a direct Kinah purchase from a farmer. Part of an in-game economy is balanced by the "retirement" of funds by people who leave the game. Still, that is being sorta nitpicky. :p

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Why people buy gold is not relevant
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