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As of this post, SoH has enjoyed nearly 14 yrs as a multi-game community. We've gone from a small nomadic tribe of game-hoppers, to a large, well-organized group with sizeable Chapters in multiple games. Our history is extensive and you can read about early organization here and here.


Since we’re matured as people and as players, and gaming has changed so much, we’ve reimagined the guild, its structure, and our overall approach to gaming. While our definition of “Chapter” remains relatively unchanged (i.e., overall size of group playing, the title itself and how it fits with the SoH ethos, number of Veterans involved, and a time commitment from a vetted Lead), we’ve added the option of forming a Cohort, which is more flexible and more casual.


In truth, a formal “Chapter” may no longer be in the offing given the changing scape of gaming. Thus, at least for now, the Cohort will be our primary focus herein.


The requirements for Cohort are as follows:


  1. Requires at least 3 Veterans to be present and playing;

  2. One of these Veterans must come forward to serve as Game Officer, whose responsibilities include:  a) Pitching an initial proposal and once approved, requesting communication services;  b) acting as liaison between those playing the game and the Leadership Council; and  c) Ensuring that the overall experience of those playing the game is consistent with the high standards of South of Heaven.


Recruiting will be allowed, as well as the use of the SoH tag. Recruits must be vetted and show an obvious level of investment in SoH prior to promotion to Member via our revised 2-Vet vote system.


How to handle multi-guild membership is left up to the discretion of the Chapter or Cohort. Our general consensus has been that, as long as your activity and conduct justify continued membership in our guild, we don't mind if you also belong to other guilds. Note: if someone decides to quit SoH to join another guild, that is a separate matter.


How to handle multi-Chapter/Cohort participation is also left to their discretion, with a single, salient proviso: there should be no discernible negative impact on either/any group. Players are responsible for keeping their commitments.

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