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Hi Gary -- welcome!  I like your intro post, thanks for sharing :)  That lil darlin' must be the light in your life! From Texas, huh?  I spent 50 yrs in New Orleans and moved to Minnesota 2 yrs ago ... haven't missed the heat (or humidity) even a little. Do miss the food, though. And the people. Music too come to think of it, lol.


I'm not an FPS gamer (vertigo), but I love me some MMOs (although not WoW). What other MMOs might you have played?


I hope you find SoH to be a home-haven for your gaming needs. We like it and have tended it well for 14 yrs now. Great group of people from all walks of life -- some new, some old (haha, me!) and at least one gamer 10 yrs my senior ^^ 


I'm going to alter your forum rank so you can poke around and see who we are. Make sure to check out our Code of Conduct and 5 Dirty Words (in Public Access).


Grieve will be along any moment and get you set up on Discord and/or Mumble.


Happy gaming! 

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Welcome Daeth! Glad to have you joining us!


After seeing that list of games, I definitely think you'll fit right in here. We've actually had stints in  a few of those games. We actually also have a group getting going again in WoW so definitely feel free to check them out as well.


Since you told us about the MMORPGs you've played, Any notable favorites in the FPS genre(Single or Multiplayer)?


Got any pets?


Lastly, I'll be sending you a forum mail in the next day or so with a couple more items to look at.

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