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Ranks, Overview (Re-imagined)

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This is an honorary title bestowed upon past and present members of the Leadership Council who have demonstrated the highest commitment to the guild through ongoing leadership and participation, with particular emphasis placed on the ability to organize Chapters or large Cohorts over a long period of time (generally, one year plus) with sustained and successful recruitment efforts. Only a Founder may nominate and promote an individual to this rank.


Key Responsibilities: see Leadership Council (below)

Tenure: Founders are considered lifetime appointments.


Leadership Council

The Council is the primary governing body of the guild, and is responsible for providing strategic leadership, managing guild infrastructure & tools, and developing the next generation of guild leaders through support and mentorship. Attaining a seat in The Council requires Veteran status for a minimum of 1 yr and is awarded to an individual who has actively engaged w/ the community on multiple levels, including but not limited to leadership, and has demonstrated deep understanding of, and commitment to, the guild's values, principles and ideals. Chapter Leads are ex officio members of the Council during their tenure. The Leadership Council has sole discretion over promotion or demotion of Veterans.


Key Responsibilities: managing guild infrastructure & tools, cultivating the Veteran corps, providing strategic leadership, and developing the next generation of guild leaders.  

Tenure: LC members are considered lifetime appointments, at the discretion of the Council member.


In-Game Leadership

Any Veteran has the ability to step up and request in-game leadership responsibilities to help ensure that SoH provides an enjoyable, engaging and high-quality gaming experience for our members. The most common in-game leadership title is Game Officer. Further Details can be found in Official Chapter/Cohort.



Veterans are established and reliable members of the guild who are trusted to act as ambassadors and collectively take responsibility for guild membership. In order to be considered for promotion, an individual must be an actively engaged Member in good standing for at least 6 months, such that s/he is easily known and recognized among the existing Veteran corps. Any Veteran may suggest a Member for promotion to the Council. Promotion requires an official nomination by a member of the Council and must then be seconded by another Council member.


Key Responsibilities: cultivating guild membership by direct recruitment, assisting with leadership of Cohorts or Chapters, onboarding new Recruits (participation in intro posts, answering questions, etc.), providing feedback on Recruits, and nominate / 2nd promotion of Recruits to Member.

Tenure: Vets are encouraged to actively game with us, but there is no requirement to do so. Veteran rank may be suspended or removed by the Council if there is no communication or activity after 2 years, or if the Veteran's conduct suggests that he or she can no longer be trusted to serve as an ambassador for the guild.



Our lifeblood - this is everyone! We exist both for and because of our amazing Members. The role of Members is to play games, have fun, and get involved in the community as much as possible. Our communications tools, such as Forums, Discord and Mumble, are available to enhance your gaming enjoyment -- please use them! In an effort to continually foster a close-knit community, we strongly encourage Members to remain involved in the gaming community, whether or not they are actively engaged in current Chapters or Cohorts.


Members are welcomed to participate in multiple Cohorts. In that case it becomes the Member's additional responsibility to ensure that there is no discernible negative impact on any one group or Cohort. Membership in multiple guilds is also generally permitted (note: In-Game Leadership may choose not to allow this, for example in highly competitive titles). However, the decision to play a game where there is already a guild presence without also joining that guild presence is typically viewed as a decision to leave our gaming community and will result in dismissal.


Key Responsibilities: making the magic happen by playing games with the guild! Members are always responsible for their own behavior and are expected to carry themselves in a way that is consistent with guild values, principles and ideals. Your guild is your extended friends & family and you should always interact with fellow members in a way that honors that relationship.

Tenure: Members are lifetime appointments provided the individual continues to interact w/ the guild through gaming, forums &/or Discord. Members are expected to join Cohorts &/or Chapters and play as regularly as life allows. Inactivity (which includes the absence of communication) will result in the Member being purged after one year.



New players who are in the process of being vetted (and are vetting us!) with an eye on promotion to Member via our revised 2-Veteran voting system.  Please see our Recruit to Member Overview post for details on this process.

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