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troll shammy lfg

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Hello! I'm Craterhoof in game, Mordigrim on the forums and such. I'll answer to either!

What brings you to SoH? Why are you interested in joining us instead of the other guilds out there?

Tell us about yourself. Hobbies or interests outside of WoW or anything else you'd like to share about yourself personally.

South of Heaven is not actually a Slayer reference (although, I thought the same thing when I joined several years ago!) Here's a topic relating to the symbolism of SoH and a little history behind our name and logo: 


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Hi Arunchala. o/


We are firm believers in ridiculous questions here. Some of which you may have seen other places, others are carefully crafted by the asker for reasons only they know.


Here are my offerings:


Waffles or pancakes?

Snakes or turtles?

Zebras with spots or giraffes with stripes?

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