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  1. Nope! I like it. Well thought out, efficiently planned, and I just love the idea of Ash mowing through everyone on the planet Eox. If I ever play a Starfinder campaign I'm 100% bringing an Ash-like character. You get an A, for sure.
  2. Well you led with Gengar so you've got my seal of approval. Without accounting for type diversity/team comp my six would probably be Gengar, Raichu, Mimikyu, Pangoro, Yveltal, and Charizard. Honorable mentions would include Blastoise, Dusk Mane Necrozma, Mewtwo, Infernape, and Darkrai to name a few.
  3. I guess they needed room for eszetts and umlauts instead 😆 Edit: if "Eszetts and Umlauts" isn't the name of a German technofunk band, it damn well should be.
  4. You're going to the undead planet Eox. You'll be facing the might of the Eoxian Corpse Fleet as you attempt to approach the planet and the artifact is protected by a cabal of powerful Mystics deep within an ancient Elebrian temple. To further exacerbate things, an alliance of ships belonging to several crews from the Free Captains being led by a particularly dangerous Vesk Captain who is known to be a powerful Solarian are also vying for the artifact. There are also rumors of an unimaginably massive transport ship filled with an unknown race that came through a wormhole from another galaxy tha
  5. I just saw an article the other day explaining that "ye" didn't actually exist in Old English the way we know it today and is a result of the extinct letter thorn (which made a "th") resembling the modern letter "y" and it kinda blew my mind. I had no idea.
  6. Hey there, Pascal! I'm Mordi, Mordigrim, or Brad. I like them all, so you can pick any of them. I also use WoW to destress. My work has been crazy lately (I work in a hospital, nothing medical just boring inventory stuff, but this whole pandemic thing has made my job exponentially more demanding and stressful) and getting on even for just an hour or two really helps me wind down. What's your favorite thing to do in WoW outside of progression content? I probably spend most of my downtime farming transmog so I can spend hours playing dress-up at one of the transmogrifiers If you had t
  7. Heya! I'm Mordi or Mordigrim and sometimes Brad. Your choice, I'm good with all of them. Warlocks are the bestest so if you love Warlocks too then you should know we're friends now. I'll conveniently ignore your time as a Priest and just count you as a Warlock buddy What's your favorite thing about being near NYC? I've never been, I've always wanted to go though. One day... If you were tasked with retrieving an ancient artifact hidden on another planet in another realm of existence but you could take any four people or characters, real or fictional, from any universe and any poi
  8. I like fishing too! Is there a certain style of fishing or type of fish you like to fish for most? Around here we fish for largemouth bass mostly but sometimes crappie or catfish too. I loooove bubble tea. We have a great bubble tea place that just opened a second location near my house. I always get peach tea with mango boba, I love the sweet fruity stuff. I was just talking about bubble tea today at work actually, I'm told I should try the taro milk tea and get their dumplings next time I'm there. I went to our local Korean BBQ place once and they gave us so much fo
  9. My other hobbies? Oh jeez, where to start... I have a wife, a 7yo son, and two dogs; so family takes up a lot of my time. I play Magic the Gathering. Not often anymore but I still have a sizeable collection. I play Pathfinder, or I did before all the Covid stuff, I haven't seen my Pathfinder group since March. I enjoy drawing and dabble in digital art (nothing great, just for fun mostly). I'm addicted to way too many podcasts. I play disc golf occasionally and I spend a lot of time collecting discs and dyeing discs. My disc collecting is probably a bigger hobby for me than actuall
  10. Hey Threeiis! I'm Mordi, Mordigrim, or Brad. Any of them work. Who do you know already in the guild? I'd like to give them a hard time for not mentioning they had a friend applying What are your cats names? Are they any certain breed of cat? Do you have any questions for us? Feel free to hit me back!
  11. Heya Tuna! I'm Mordi, Mordigrim, or maybe just Brad if you're comfortable with IRL names. Mordi is most people's go-to, you pick the one you like though. What kind of dogs do you have? What are their names? If your girlfriend had to describe you to us in a couple sentences, what do you think she would say? If you were to pick your favorite six Pokemon to make a team out of, which six are you taking? Feel free to hit me back with questions! Welcome to the forums!
  12. Hey there, Mootz! I'm Mordi, Mordigrim, or Brad. Are you also a bicycler as well, or just a mechanic/retailer? I assume you're also a bicycler but you never know. If you are, what sort of bicycles do you enjoy riding? I've been looking to get a single speed/fixie just to ride around the neighborhood, just haven't managed to fit it in the budget among my numerous other hobbies What's one thing a Guild could do that would make you gquit? If you could choose one of flight, invisibility, super speed, or super strength; which would you choose and what would you do with your newfound p
  13. Hello Pinktail! I'm Mordi, Mordigrim, or Brad. I've been chatting with Toast in Discord and happy to have you both (and your friends!) here! Pink has become my favorite color lately. Highly underrated. I dye disc golf discs as a hobby and I've been doing a ton of pink discs lately. It's a niche hobby within a niche sport but I love it. Do you have any hobbies you enjoy outside of WoW? If you had to pick your top three favorite meals in no particular order, what would you pick and why? Do you have any pets IRL? Welcome to the forums and if you have any questions feel free to
  14. Hey Toast! We've been chatting in Discord so I won't pelt you with questions here. If you have any questions for us, let us know! They can be as serious or as silly as you like.
  15. Hey there, Dave! Glad we got to chat briefly earlier on Discord but I figured I'd pop in and give you a hello here as well. What's one thing that would make a Guild experience unsuitable for you? What's one quality you look for in any Guild you join? Three of the biggest, baddest aliens arrive on Earth and they want to throw down DBZ style. They pick you at random but you can choose any two fictional characters from any universe to back you up. Who do you pick and why? What's your ultimate go-to "I'm gonna eat way too much of this" meal? Feel free to hit us back with your ow
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