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  1. That Sean is a pretty good guy. He gets my seal of approval.
  2. I'm not blaming them for birthing the abomination that is emo, honestly I'm only mad at them for deceiving me with their name. The fact that they were one of the early bands to really gain popularity making emo music (even if everyone was calling it "post-hardcore" back then) is just fuel for the fire. And maybe it's just me but I was more distracted by his ears than his spitting. Perhaps I'm just used to seeing him with more hair so his ears have been less noticeable...but it seems to me like the top half of his ears are growing and becoming more droopy as the years pass.
  3. Blues > Wild. Deal with it.
  4. The game 6 win was amazing. I'm sure it was completely devastating from the other side of the field, but as a Cardinals fan I was in heaven. David Freese is my new favorite player because of this past post-season and that game specifically. It was a crazy run for St. Louis to come back from 10 games out of the Wild Card before the season ended. Also, Trivium \m/
  5. They named their band after lyrics from a Misfits song. Then they made "post-hardcore" music that would go on to influence all modern emo bands. Makes no sense. They tricked me with their name long long ago and I've resented them for it ever since. And also...Yankees? Rangers? This thread needs a respectable baseball team in it.
  6. Just got home from seeing Hatebreed and All that Remains. My neck hurts, my ribs are bruised, my nose is swollen, and I stink of cigarettes and sluts. It was all worth it.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dililah
    3. Noesis


      no pot at a rock concert?? what is the world coming to

    4. Mordigrim


      Oh there was plenty of pot. Either that smell didn't stick too me or the cigarettes and sluts were just overpowering it.

  7. How about them Cardinals? I am so stoked right now...what a great World Series and what an amazing run to get there.

    1. acierCRISIS


      the world series is over? didnt notice :p

    2. Dililah
  8. He lies, he's my boyfriend. He doesn't belong to Kantankerous anymore. Kantankerous married Isti, so I'm calling dibs on Steve.
  9. Inedit are you implying that living with me...can be murder...? (Insert ominous 90's "dun-dun-dun" style thriller music here) Thanks again for all the warm welcomes everyone. Seriously though, you guys are way too friendly, I keep waiting for the one downer to pop out of the woodwork. Between here and in-game, I don't think I've ever been welcomed so many times by so many people...lol.
  10. Thanks for the welcomes! By inappropriate I meant "dirty", not racial or homophobic. It's very important for me to be in an environment where everyone is friendly and gets along, so I wouldn't jeopardize that by being intentionally offensive or generally uncivil. As of right now, I have no plans for tonight, so unless something important comes up between now and then I will be in-game this evening. In BC and WotLK I would BG on a regular basis and casually arena just for points, but I haven't really done either since Cata. I'm not opposed to PVP content, I actually enjoy BG's, but to be honest I'm not a very good PVP'er which is why I never got serious about arena. Typically when I'm not raiding I'm either goofing around on my many alts or playing League of Legends.
  11. ...but I'd be willing to give up on love if I could find a good 10man raid group. I am experienced in all current content, my current guild (Dystrophy) cleared 11/12 before disbanding. Or, more accurately, before merging with Errata. Unfortunately for me, Errata is a 25man guild, and I strongly prefer 10man raids. The only fight we hadn't downed was Nefarian and I'd like to blame group comp for that, we had a lot of trouble controlling the adds in p1. But that's neither here nor there. The point is, I know all of the current bosses and am ready to jump into a raid group. I'm currently playing as Demonology with Affliction as my off-spec. I know Demonology isn't the top spec in simulators right now, because of that I'm flexible about which spec I raid with, but Demonology is definitely my preference. My armory link is http://us.battle.net...digrim/advanced and if needed I can dig up Dystrophy's raid logs on worldoflogs.com for more info on my numbers output. I'm looking for a guild that has a relaxed and fun atmosphere. I need a place that has adult players that can handle my all-too-common foul language and my sometimes "inappropriate" sense of humor. I probably won't fit in well if people are easily offended. I also probably won't fit in if the raid leader or other raiders are prone to nerd-raging about things like mistakes mid-fight or wipes. I play to have fun and enjoy myself, not to get yelled at or be in a hostile environment. I like to get bosses down quickly and efficiently, but I want to have fun while I do it. It is a game, not a job. If there's anything else you want to know, feel free to ask.
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