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  1. Mordigrim

    An average game of LoL

  2. Mordigrim

    The Best Champion

    Oh, well, you know...Lee Sin is the best right now...
  3. Mordigrim

    The Best Champion

    I knew if anyone would appreciate my Dunkey vids that it would be you, Huntera.
  4. Mordigrim

    The Best Champion

    So I see tier lists pop up all the time on places like reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends. I feel like this is an accurate portrayal of the thought process behind how most players decide which champions are the best. And also, because it's semi-related (due to Dunkey-ness) and because I though it was cool...here's an intro to my new favorite sub-genre of music, it's called Dunkstep:
  5. Mordigrim

    Grinding music

    I feel like I could listen to this song on a loop for hours on end and never get tired of it, especially if it was in the background of a gaming session... Side-note, I only found that song because of this awesome video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUZ-e2SkeMI
  6. Mordigrim

    Grinding music

    Amon Amarth. Nothing better than epic tales of Vikings and Norse lore set to the tone of brutal Scandinavian metal while slaughtering hordes of beasts, demons, or whatever else gets in the way. Honestly though, I don't have just one go-to playlist for grinding. Amon Amarth is on my list of bands/artists that I always enjoy regardless of my mood. Some others I like to throw in with them would include Trivium, In Flames, Whitechapel, All Shall Perish, Born of Osiris, Job for a Cowboy, DevilDriver, Hatebreed, and many more. Sometime I go a little calmer but stay in the rock/metal genres with bands like the Deftones, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, etc. I don't just listen to rock/metal though, I like almost all genres and forms of music. It's fair to say the majority of my gaming playlists consist of metal and more metal but my musical taste varies greatly depending on my mood. I'd say outside of metal playlists my most common playlists while gaming are either indie hip-hop with artists like Atmosphere, Eyedea and Abilities, Sage Francis, and B. Dolan or some form of techno/electronic music. Typically things like The Prodigy, Daft Punk, The Crystal Method, Deadmaus, or Deichkind but a lot of times when I'm in the mood for electronic genres I just bring up Pandora and let it pick music for me.
  7. Mordigrim

    Intro - WoW - Mytralala (Thegoods)

    That Sean is a pretty good guy. He gets my seal of approval.
  8. Mordigrim

    Stark's Fervor namechanged

    This is my only opposition to the name change. I could not care less about the moral character of the person renaming the item, I just like the name "Stark's Fervor" and hate to see the name changed.
  9. Mordigrim

    WoW Jjones 85 Shaman

    I'm not blaming them for birthing the abomination that is emo, honestly I'm only mad at them for deceiving me with their name. The fact that they were one of the early bands to really gain popularity making emo music (even if everyone was calling it "post-hardcore" back then) is just fuel for the fire. And maybe it's just me but I was more distracted by his ears than his spitting. Perhaps I'm just used to seeing him with more hair so his ears have been less noticeable...but it seems to me like the top half of his ears are growing and becoming more droopy as the years pass.
  10. Mordigrim

    WoW Jjones 85 Shaman

    Blues > Wild. Deal with it.
  11. Mordigrim

    WoW Jjones 85 Shaman

    The game 6 win was amazing. I'm sure it was completely devastating from the other side of the field, but as a Cardinals fan I was in heaven. David Freese is my new favorite player because of this past post-season and that game specifically. It was a crazy run for St. Louis to come back from 10 games out of the Wild Card before the season ended. Also, Trivium \m/
  12. Mordigrim

    WoW Jjones 85 Shaman

    They named their band after lyrics from a Misfits song. Then they made "post-hardcore" music that would go on to influence all modern emo bands. Makes no sense. They tricked me with their name long long ago and I've resented them for it ever since. And also...Yankees? Rangers? This thread needs a respectable baseball team in it.
  13. Just got home from seeing Hatebreed and All that Remains. My neck hurts, my ribs are bruised, my nose is swollen, and I stink of cigarettes and sluts. It was all worth it.

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    2. Dililah
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      no pot at a rock concert?? what is the world coming to

    4. Mordigrim


      Oh there was plenty of pot. Either that smell didn't stick too me or the cigarettes and sluts were just overpowering it.

  14. Mordigrim

    One of my best games!

    Then yeah, you have a free trial version. If you don't plan to buy it, it is available through pirating, but not everyone does that sort of thing. If you're not the pirating type, you may have to find a different software than fraps...there's bound to be a free recorder out there somewhere...