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  1. No need to apologize! I wish you well and hope you've found a good guild fit for yourself! Good luck!
  2. Hello Corwin! I'm Mordigrim around the forums and in Modern WoW, Craterhoof in Classic. Happy to have you aboard for the WoW Classic Cohort! I normally pester everyone with a bunch of questions but my wife is side-eyeing me and waiting for me to get off the computer so that we can watch a movie together so I'll give you one good question instead of a bunch of questions. You've been gifted an elephant. You can't sell it, give it away, or otherwise transfer ownership of the elephant. What do you do with the elephant? I look forward to getting to know you!
  3. Hello SuddenStorm, welcome to the SoH forums! I think we talked briefly in-game last night, I'm Craterhoof in-game and Mordigrim around the forums. What brings you to South of Heaven? Why SoH over other guilds? What's your favorite D&D character that you've made and played? If you had one goal for WoW Classic, what would it be? What is your ultimate nacho topping combination? Great to see you here, I hope we can be a good guild home for you! Please feel free to ask us questions too!
  4. Heya itskbb! I'm Craterhoof in game and Mordigrim around here. It seems like the others have done a great job of badgering you with questions so I'll keep mine short and simple. I see that you're a self-described diehard Chicago sports fan. I don't have a question related to that tidbit. However, I am making a note of it for future trash-talk any time my Cardinals or Blues beat the Cubs or Blackhawks. If your fiance had to describe you in one sentence, what would they say about you? If you could choose one famous (or infamous) person from any point in history or the present to be your personal mentor, who would it be and why? When you go to the movie theaters, do you like popcorn, candy, or both? If candy, what candy? Anyway, welcome to the SoH forums! I look forward to getting to know you! Feel free to ask us questions too!
  5. Mordigrim


    My favorite non-WoW video games would be Destiny 2 and anything on the Switch I can play with my son. Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, etc. Outside of games I draw a bit, mostly just character art. I started as a kid drawing comic book and cartoon/anime characters and never bothered to get good at drawing anything else. Now I mostly draw characters from my Pathfinder playgroup. I've also collected/played Magic the Gathering for a couple decades now. Lately I've been really into disc golf too. Oh and I volunteer every summer at a summer camp for kids with type 1 diabetes.
  6. Mordigrim


    Your wife's answer is fine in my book! Weird is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. My favorite tabletop character is my coldborn skinwalker (aka werebear) barbarian, Rigar the Red. His background is heavily inspired by Scottish clans and themes and he's a little arrogant in battle but a fierce protector of his friends and family. He's very skeptical of magic and magic users but one day one of his friends cast fly on him and he decided magic wasn't so bad after all. I'll attach a picture I sketched of him flying! What are some of your favorite folk metal acts? I personally love Amon Amarth and Alestorm, Turisas also has a number of tracks I like. Admittedly, I don't know a lot more folk metal than that. A lot of the metal I like is either classic stuff (from Black Sabbath to Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, etc) or -core genres (metalcore, deathcore, etc). I really like Trivium, Erra, Born of Osiris, All Shall Perish, Killswitch Engage, In Flames, DevilDriver, Lamb of God, Nekrogoblikon, etc. And then there's all the hard rock that's not quite true metal that I love like Ghost, Tool, Deftones, etc. Really though I listen to just about every genre of music imaginable. I love 90's grunge rock like Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Bush, etc. I love hip-hop, especially independent hip-hop acts like Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Run the Jewels, etc. I like some more mainstream artists like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole too. Oh and 90's hip-hop like Wu Tang Clan, Tupac, Biggie, Bone Thugs n Harmony, etc. I like outlaw country, both the classics like Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard and modern throwback acts like Sturgill Simpson and Tyler Childers. I listen to artists from nearly every subgenre of punk, from Misfits to Black Flag to NOFX to Dropkick Murphys to Sum 41 and Blink 182. I like some pop too, I unabashedly love Katy Perry. Basically, if you name a genre, I can probably find something I like within it. Outside of WoW I play Destiny 2, Switch games with my 6-year-old son (Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Smash Bros, etc), Magic the Gathering, and Pathfinder. My Pathfinder group occasionally has board game nights and we play all kinds of more-obscure board games (Entropy is a favorite of mine, Azul, Castle Panic, and Betrayal at House on the Hill are some other common ones for us). I work at the local women's and children's hospital, I am an "operating room supply clerk" which means I do inventory management and ordering for our store room as well as pulling supplies for surgery cases. It's not the most exciting or interesting job to talk about! As for talents and hobbies, my only real "talent" is character art. Ever since I was a kid I would draw comic book characters, cartoon/anime characters, etc. As an adult it just means all my friends expect me to draw their D&D/Pathfinder characters for them. Other hobbies I have are disc golf, fishing, and every summer I volunteer at a summer camp for kids with type 1 diabetes. I have type 1 diabetes as well and went to the camp when I was a teenager so now I give back by staying involved and helping out there as much as I can.
  7. Mordigrim


    Hey there, Jeriacor. Welcome to the forums! I'm Mordigrim around the forums and Discord, Craterhoof in game. What tabletop RPGs do you prefer? I'm a Pathfinder player myself, we have a weekly session rotating between two different ongoing campaigns right now. Do you consume any RPG media like podcasts? If so, which one(s) do you enjoy? I'd love to hear about your favorite character that you play! If your wife had to describe you in one sentence, what would she say? What's your favorite music to listen to while gaming (video or tabletop)? If you could go on a week-long vacation to any single location in the world, where would you go and why? Hit me back with whatever questions you have! I look forward to getting to know you, I have a feeling you're going to fit in great here
  8. Mordigrim


    Hiya Moji. I'm Mordigrim around here and Craterhoof in Classic. What are some of your favorite games outside of WoW? What are some of your interests outside of video games? Feel fre to hit me back with any questions you might have!
  9. Mordigrim

    Hey guys!

    Hello Undaene, welcome to the SoH forums! I'm Craterhoof in-game and Mordigrim around the boards. What sort of art are you into? Are you a creator, enthusiast, or both? If you could only watch five movies for the rest of your life, what would they be? Look forward to getting to know you!
  10. Hello and welcome to the SoH forums! I personally don't play FF or ESO but hopefully we'll see each other around on the forums and in Discord! I play Magic too! I started playing sometime in the mid 90's, took a few breaks here and there, and always keep coming back to it. My preferred format is EDH but I play super-casual Legacy and Modern too. Old School 93/94 is my favorite format to watch/follow without ever playing cause it's too dang expensive lol What formats do you play? Any particular decks you're especially fond of?
  11. Mordigrim


    Those are adequate choices, I guess. However, the definitively correct answer is always Macho Man Randy Savage. I'll give you a pass though because you seem like a pretty cool guy otherwise.
  12. Mordigrim


    Dang, all solid choices! I can't argue with that list at all!
  13. Mordigrim


    Hiya, TweekR! I'm Craterhoof in-game. I've played WoW with Sean for a number of years and have a very high opinion of him, if he likes you then you must at least be an ok dude. Did you choose the name Heiligg because of the German word for holy? In modern WoW I have a low level dwarf paladin named Heiligbart (holy beard) and an orc warrior named Kriegmann (war man). I like to hide my lack of creativity behind cool-sounding German words sometimes. What are your hobbies or interests outside of WoW? Cilantro: mandatory ingredient in Mexican and Thai cuisine or dish-soap-tasting food-ruiner? If you were in a fist-fight against two people and you got a pick one person or fictional character from today or any point in history to help you in the fight who would it be and why? What is the one thing you hope to gain by being a part of SoH?
  14. Mordigrim


    Howdy, Whiskie! I'm Mordigrim around the forums but Craterhoof in Classic. What do you hope SoH can add to your gaming experience? What bands or artists do you listen to more often than any others? Chili: beans or no beans? If there were one thing that could ruin a guild experience for you, what would that be? I look forward to getting to know you! Feel free to ask us any questions you might have!
  15. Hello! I'm Craterhoof in game, Mordigrim on the forums and such. I'll answer to either! What brings you to SoH? Why are you interested in joining us instead of the other guilds out there? Tell us about yourself. Hobbies or interests outside of WoW or anything else you'd like to share about yourself personally. South of Heaven is not actually a Slayer reference (although, I thought the same thing when I joined several years ago!) Here's a topic relating to the symbolism of SoH and a little history behind our name and logo:
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