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  1. We have an active WoW cohort again! Please visit the Classic Cohort thread for all the fun infos and such.

    1. Mordigrim


      "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!"

  2. Hai! No worries on the play schedule, or lack thereof. My schedule is rather wonky too, it's all good. The important thing is to have a good time. If you could have any 3 things, no strings attached, what would they be?
  3. Pupper!!!! Extra random question time: Favorite drink. That's what I've got right now because my children are going to kill each other apparently.
  4. Puppers!!!! And I hear you on dogs and apartment living. Some are cut out for it, others are definitely not.
  5. Roj, I feel you on the limited game time. If I'm on before about 8:30pm ET it borders on the miraculous. Too much stuff, not enough time. Your little floof sounds really cute. Animal pics, particularly pets, are always welcome. I might have a question or three, but I think I left them at my office job. Along with my brain. Probably buried in one of the seemingly infinite selection of Excel spreadsheets I've been looking at this week.
  6. o/ Merristrazsa in game, because I usually have a Merri-something as my main in whatever game I'm playing with SoH. In case you haven't noticed, we like to ask random questions in the intro threads. It lets us get to know you better, and lets you see some of the quirkyness that is us. The ones so far are actually fairly tame. Share what you're willing to share, don't share what makes you uncomfortable, and let your star shine. Also, don't hesitate to ask questions back. It's not fair for us to know all the random stuff about you and you not to know the random stuff about us. Random question time (because it's a fun question): You've been kidnapped and the cast from the tv show you most recently watched will come and save you. Who's coming to your rescue? The last tv show I actually sat down and watched an entire episode of was Serenity. So Captain Mal and the rest of the big damn heroes to the rescue! Aided by the guys from M*A*S*H because that's what my husband has been watching and I've been listening to.
  7. Hello from Salt Lake, or the suburbia known as West Jordan. o/ I'm moderately familiar with Canvas because we use it at one of my jobs. Your puppy makes me want a puppy, until I remember I live in an apartment and I refuse to have a puppy in an apartment. And in the middle of the night I'll think of a random question to ask you that I will forget about after I get home from my other job because that's how things work.
  8. Trying to raise money for Mouse to go to the National Youth Leadership Forum camp in Denver this summer. Anyone who wants to help, it would be greatly appreciated! https://www.gofundme.com/marthas-tuition-for-nylf-camp

  9. Job interview on Tuesday afternoon! Eeeeeeeeeee!

    1. Ashin


      Everyone is interviewing! \o/


      I hope yours goes well. :)

  10. This weekend I learned I am wise behind my ears.

  11. My final was supposed to be 1250 words. Ended up being 2062, not including title and reference pages. Good thing I don't get penalized for being wordy!

  12. Happy 8th birthday Mouse!

  13. I have a much greater appreciation for everything my mom did when I was a very small child.

  14. Mork's overtime is real. 64 hours this week, 75 hours scheduled for next week. 69 hours scheduled for the week after unless they get some new people hired. So, anyone want to come to Utah and get a job?

  15. Someone just shoot me now.

    1. Xander117


      without a more detailed reason im afraid i cannot comply

    2. Merriwhizzle


      Potentially horrible situation turned out semi-ok. So no shooting required.

    3. Xander117


      i see, well ever vigilant my friend. Feel free to call if my services are required :)


  16. Tax refund came in. \o/ Now to shift into high gear and find a place to move.

  17. Just sent in my RSVP for my 20 year high school reunion. Now I feel old.

  18. Happy 6th birthday Bunny!

  19. Homemade pho broth cooking.

  20. It's 8pm on a Saturday night and I'm doing my usual battle of wills with Mr. Man about bedtime and clocking into work. #adultthings

  21. Yay for dinner made of random things we had in the house.

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