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  1. Hi Itskbb. o/ Do the letters in your name stand for something, or are they a random collection of letters because reasons? Do you have any pets? If so, what are they? Pics are most welcome. If you won the lottery, what is the most off the wall thing you would do just because you could?
  2. Hi Jeriacor. o/ Welcome to the club of trying to balance adulting and WoW. I'm definitely one of the more casual players, but we do have several members that are definitely serious about endgame stuff once people are higher level. We do like asking lots of questions, some serious and some silly. Here are my contributions: What do you do to earn your rl gold? Puppies, kitties, or llamas? Taco Tuesday or Waffle Wednesday?
  3. Merriwhizzle


    Hi Moji. o/ Very important question, because you are getting a masters in game design: What element would add, subtract, or improve in WoW? This could be retail or classic.
  4. Hi Undaene. o/ We gladly accept all tribute in the form of floof pics, especially floofs that are pets. What plans do you have for after you graduate, besides playing more games and snuggling with floofs?
  5. Whiskiejack, nothing wrong with wanting to play with your son. In fact, that's the best reason. I was just wondering if there were any other factors in you joining us.
  6. Merriwhizzle


    Hi TweekR. o/ So, out of curiosity, where in the world did that name come from? Also, where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? For that matter, where's Waldo?
  7. Hi Whiskiejack. o/ Is there anything in particular that brings you to SoH? Besides the pleas of your son? Other random questions to be answered in any order you wish: What is your favorite class to play? Why is Horde the better faction? How long have you been playing WoW?
  8. Merriwhizzle


    Hi Skoogey. o/ You mentioned adopting a couple kittens recently. We gladly accept tribute in the form of pics of bundles of floofy pet awesomeness. You are under no obligation to share such pics, but lack of pics will have absolutely no bearing on anything related to anything important.
  9. Hi Grample Gust. o/ I really enjoyed your answers to Craterhoof's questions. Ignore Mork's comment about shamans. Shamans are awesome. Says the person who currently has two and is seriously contemplating a third because reasons.
  10. Hi Arunchala. o/ We are firm believers in ridiculous questions here. Some of which you may have seen other places, others are carefully crafted by the asker for reasons only they know. Here are my offerings: Waffles or pancakes? Snakes or turtles? Zebras with spots or giraffes with stripes?
  11. Merriwhizzle


    Hi Lifted. o/ Extra points for the Hulk Hogan answer. That was great. I'm Morkgrim's other half. I'm also not that great at coming up with questions, ridiculous or otherwise, but if you have any you'd like to ask I'm more than happy to answer.
  12. Hai Mordrem. o/ I was working on something brilliant last night, but then work interfered and I lost what I was going to say. We're definitely big on real life in SoH and all the stuff that goes with it. If family stuff comes up, it definitely takes priority. Especially if it's fun family stuff. I must say, I really liked your answer to Mork's third question.
  13. Merriwhizzle


    Hi Val. o/ I'm Mork's other half. Mork and I have three spawn, ages 10, 8, and 5. So we understand all about child aggro and things they don't need to hear about. My main is a Tauren shaman (ele all the way), but I do have an orc shaman that I plan on leveling up at some point. Along with all the rest of the alts because I'm not allowed to have just one character. Because reasons.
  14. Hai Wllford Brimly! o/ Is it Willford, Brimly, WB, or the full Wllford Brimly? I feel like there's a letter missing in there. Like a vowel.
  15. Merriwhizzle


    Hi Diggery. I'm Merri in discord. I'd ask you a semi serious question, but my brain is currently fried and I'm pretty sure it has been turned off.
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