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  1. Chia, you picked Esta for a friend so you can't be all that dumb. And take it from me, there lots of kinds of smart. There's a reason why I do nothing with electronics, our vehicles (except put fuel in them), or anything around the house or garden that involves construction or repairing things. No random questions from me, because my brain is fried. Just a hai!
  2. I can definitely relate to preferring most of your toons be a certain thing. My preference is shamans. Ele shamans specifically. I have four Horde shamans on Stormreaver, two Alliance shamans on Wyrmrest Accord, one Horde shaman on Shadowmoon, and one Alliance shaman on Alterac Mountains. No odd questions from me, mostly because my brain is fried.
  3. Kai, I can certainly relate to the "heathen" statement. My youngest can be a holy terror, and he's a mama's boy so 90% of the time dad doesn't cut it. I'm waiting for my oldest to go through a heathen stage. No questions from me because I've been doing the work from home thing while making sure my kids get their school stuff done, so my brain is fried. Thank god the school year is almost over.
  4. Jocelyn, your cats sound a lot like my kids. Or at least the younger two. The oldest would be happy to join you in your HP devouring. No crazy questions from me, simply because my kids have fried my brain. Just a hi!
  5. Hi! It was fun running dungeons with you this weekend. No crazy questions from me because my brain has been fried.
  6. I just wanted to say hi. I'd ask questions, but being home all day every day with my children for about two months has fried my brain. So I'll just stick with hi.
  7. Enchiladas are a good choice on Cinco de Mayo. Although tacos would have been the better option. Because Tuesday. I'd ask some questions, but my brain has been fried from the giant fustercluck of parent, teacher, and working from home that my life has become. So instead, I'll just say hai!
  8. Hi Itskbb. o/ Do the letters in your name stand for something, or are they a random collection of letters because reasons? Do you have any pets? If so, what are they? Pics are most welcome. If you won the lottery, what is the most off the wall thing you would do just because you could?
  9. Hi Jeriacor. o/ Welcome to the club of trying to balance adulting and WoW. I'm definitely one of the more casual players, but we do have several members that are definitely serious about endgame stuff once people are higher level. We do like asking lots of questions, some serious and some silly. Here are my contributions: What do you do to earn your rl gold? Puppies, kitties, or llamas? Taco Tuesday or Waffle Wednesday?
  10. Merriwhizzle


    Hi Moji. o/ Very important question, because you are getting a masters in game design: What element would add, subtract, or improve in WoW? This could be retail or classic.
  11. Hi Undaene. o/ We gladly accept all tribute in the form of floof pics, especially floofs that are pets. What plans do you have for after you graduate, besides playing more games and snuggling with floofs?
  12. Whiskiejack, nothing wrong with wanting to play with your son. In fact, that's the best reason. I was just wondering if there were any other factors in you joining us.
  13. Merriwhizzle


    Hi TweekR. o/ So, out of curiosity, where in the world did that name come from? Also, where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? For that matter, where's Waldo?
  14. Hi Whiskiejack. o/ Is there anything in particular that brings you to SoH? Besides the pleas of your son? Other random questions to be answered in any order you wish: What is your favorite class to play? Why is Horde the better faction? How long have you been playing WoW?
  15. Merriwhizzle


    Hi Skoogey. o/ You mentioned adopting a couple kittens recently. We gladly accept tribute in the form of pics of bundles of floofy pet awesomeness. You are under no obligation to share such pics, but lack of pics will have absolutely no bearing on anything related to anything important.
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