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Isaiah Mazur

Introduction - Isaiah Mazur

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Hello all!

I have been playing EVE for about 8 years on and off, recently finished a stint in Origin., which is now closing since Elo Knight is going back into retirement. I've fought in basically every part of the game with the exception of wormhole space at this point: I've done faction warfare, lowsec piracy, nullsec sov warfare, small gang, large fleets, etc. However, I've had the most fun with just grabbing a bunch of different ships and seeing what we can find to kill. I also do some theorycrafting and solo PVP in my spare time. Happy to fly with South of Heaven! 

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Hello potential new space friend!


If you're into theorycrafting and solo, you'll probably enjoy getting to know Caldari Joans. He's a former member that hangs around our Discord and in-game channel regaling us with tales of his solo adventures in blingy ships.


Random question time!


Favorite ship in EVE?


Favorite ship in real life?


What television show have you binged most recently?

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