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  1. [EVE] Senious

    Senious! Who ARE you anyway? I mean IRL - how do you make your IRL ISK? What state do you call home? What stereotype about that state is 100% true?
  2. [EVE] RKJakTup

    Welcome to the forums, potential new space friend! I just skimmed over your killboard and you could almost certainly teach us a thing or three about small gang fights. Over the last 3 months or so, we've been steadily increasing our time/ISK investment in solo and small gang experience. But like everything else in EVE it's going to take years to master. My only memory of Dallas is when I came home from Afghanistan for R&R... we got the full fire-truck salute, cheering crowd in the terminal, people handing us free stuff treatment. It was amazing. Random question time! Have you ever owned a six-shooter, and which line from which Wild West movie did you say to yourself in the mirror while brandishing said six-shooter? How do you earn your real-life ISK? You're about to get stranded on a desert island, and can only fit one song on your mp3 player (shh, suspend your disbelief please). Which song would you pick?
  3. (eve) Gartius

    Just re-iterating what we talked about in-game, this sounds like it was rough to go through. Basil & Eingang back up your story and say it's unlikely anybody in BLUEP remembers all that happening or will make the connection.
  4. Promotions!

    Congratulations gentlemen, glad to have you.
  5. (eve) Gartius

    Bwahaha, I was terrible at that game despite actually being in the Army. I couldn't even qualify. How did you end up with such an obscure game as your first? You know you aren't going to get a pass without telling us the silliest/funniest 911 call you've ever gotten. Lastly, what's your favorite ship to fly in EVE, and why?
  6. [EVE] Ottoelite reporting in

    You tease us! If it's not Battlestar, then what is it!?
  7. [EVE] Ottoelite reporting in

    Hi Otto! It was great chatting with you last week. You talk an awful lot about your EVE life, but not about you outside of game... are you a CCP employee? An international man of mystery? Did you make your fortune selling widgets and retire to a yacht with a room dedicated to PC gaming? If you had to choose a favorite spaceship from all the science fiction humanity has ever produced, why would it be the Battlestar Galactica? Do you have any pets?
  8. Hey there Hirab! Glad to see you decided to put in an app. Susitna, who posted just yesterday, was also in the USAF, though he's retired now. I'm active duty Army, doing the rough equivalent of a Chair Force 1N4/1N5. I keep hoping to get stationed at Monterey as a DLI platoon sergeant or something, I've been all over the country except the west coast. That place has a reputation for turning students into nerds, LARPing is a common thread in a lot of the jokes made about linguists. You sound like a hell of an entrepreneur, which will do you well out in null sec. We have one of the best markets in null sec in our alliance staging., and there's lot of space for an enterprising marketeer to make a profit (if that's your thing). Lastly, when I was playing SWG I spent a lot of time searching for and harvesting high-quality materials for bio engineers. I don't remember what server I was on, but I definitely remember the time I soloed a krayt dragon and had the mats turned into a rifle. Random question time! Finish the joke: "An Army Ranger, a Navy SEAL, a USAF Spec Ops linguist, and a Marine Gunnery Sergeant walk into a bar. The bartender says...?" Was your fantasy sports website for any specific sport, and will you be the commissioner for our South of Heaven fantasy football league this year? In-game, what's your favorite ship and why?
  9. [EVE] Susitna

    Hi! It was great talking to you earlier, and I'm glad to see you put in an application. You aren't kidding about the amount of changes in sov gameplay. When I started in 2006 it was still Dominion sov. Fozziesov is interesting, but it hasn't really had the desired effect of creating a new gold rush into sov. There's still several big blocs that control their territory, and lots of empty-ish space in between. Random question time! Tell us a story from when you were in Tuskers! You mentioned capital ships when we chatted earlier as well - what sort of experience do you have with those/which ones can you fly? Lastly, it's a Saturday night and we're all telling terrible EVE puns during a slosh Brutix roam. Which terrible EVE pun do you tell us, and what are you drinking?
  10. Glad to hear it! Your ramped-up participation was noted. Any idea what happened to your two friends? They totally disappeared after the forum post step. Were they SO disappointed that South of Heaven wasn't a Slayer reference?
  11. Off to a good start already! This triggered a distant memory, so I went to look at my Steam library. I purchased this game at some point in the past, and even installed it, but never started it up for some reason. I think I ended up playing a bunch more Planetbase instead. W-Space experience will serve you well, we spend a lot of time either scanning wormholes for fun PvP connections, scanning wormholes for connections near high-sec market hubs, or scanning wormholes to roll them when scary fleets invade through them. How long did you live in the wormhole, and what kind? I have no idea what he's saying, but I'm sure it's a searing critique of modern society's flaws. Random questions! Summer or winter? Coffee, soda, or tea? Have you ever used your welding skills to play a prank on someone?
  12. Frank Hill Introduction

    Hello Frank! Welcome to our forums! What sort of military service? Active duty Army here, you'll find a few military scattered about the EVE chapter. There's nothing I can tell you to prepare you for an infant. Just... try to make the rest of your life as simple/stable as possible so you're ready for the disruption. It sounds like you've struggled to be able to commit, due to RL and in-game things. Let's assume SOHCO as a corp and 2GTHR as an alliance is rock-solid, dependable, and fun - do you think you'll be able to stick around for a while? What's your favorite role in a fleet? Do you have a story where you came away feeling really good about how you filled that role?
  13. [EVE] Thor the mighty! (It sounded cool)

    An AT-4 anti-tank rocket (well, a recoil-less rifle, really). That was on a firing range in Afghanistan, good times. Also, for your reading pleasure: https://www.reddit.com/r/evejobs/comments/5utwd6/sohco_tightknit_null_for_adults/
  14. [EVE] Thor the mighty! (It sounded cool)

    I can understand why you do that, but the Orthrus is a fantastic PvP ship... it's like you're using a Ferrari to deliver pizza. Just one more, right? Then you're swearing off injectors for good! I just need to ensure you're pronouncing 'Heck-ah-tee' correctly! Nice, Yooper or LP? I grew up across the lake in Appleton. You'd think such a detailed app would be able to avoid random questions but... nope! Tell us about your first killmail. Do you prefer dystopian or utopian settings? Is any of your music uploaded somewhere for us to check out?
  15. We had a pit/Aussie shepherd mix that was ALSO named Roxie. She was black with a white chest though. Had to give her back to her original owner when the Army decided to send us to Maryland (they don't like pits). *emphathizes* *continues to empathize* I just read the Wikipedia article, then spun around in my computer chair and asked my wife if she knew what 'Imposter Syndrome' is. She rolled her eyes, asked if I was serious, then told me my 'white cisgender male privilege' was showing. Random questions! Do you prefer flat hikes or some elevation? Have a good story where you dropped your Thanatos in combat? What's your favorite threat to get your kids to do something? I love telling mine I'm going to throw them out the window or make them sleep outside.
  16. The Introduction of The Fist Tickler

    I'm going to bet you saw that I gave Tarin credit for not mentioning that he was my coworker, and cleverly tried to claim the same bonus points. I like it. Tell the story of the bomber you chased off in your Vexor! Our activity expectations from the alliance are one fleet per person per month, but during your recruit period (and even afterwards) we strongly encourage at least one fleet per week. That gives us enough face time with you to make sure you fit with our group and are going to contribute to our collective defense/PvP fun. Saying this as somebody who is planning to take a whole week off to play ME:Andromeda, do you think you'll be able to maintain that sort of activity?
  17. [EVE] Nightjar's Intro

    Hi there Nightjar, TBert/TBette here, it was nice talking to you in chat last night. Where in the Southeast US? I'm in South Florida and we have several members in the DC area. You didn't point out your brief association with SOHCO when your former corp was in NAGA. I assume that's where you experienced some of the moves you mentioned. We haven't had to deal with a move in a while, but if we did I know our alliance/corp is organized and smart enough to do it right.
  18. Promotions!

    +1 😀
  19. [EVE] Tarin Audeles - Intro

    1. High-sec wardecs suuuuuck. We experienced a couple very early in our EVE lives and they helped drive our decision to head out to null. Which may mean they were good things... 2. +1 point for not name-dropping which member of SOHCO you work with. 3. Is your obsession with battleships going to make you the next Mr. Hyde? (well-known Youtuber/streamer that flies a lot of solo battleships) 4. Which is your favorite style of power armor in Fallout 4, and why is it the T-60? 5. What fleet role are you most interested in and what sort of ships have you trained into for them?
  20. [EVE] Intimus Inferi + Montiold

    Hahaha, one day I'll understand why everyone adds an extra 'i' in there. At least you left out the 'u' that sometimes shows up, 'Tyrilius'. What a sad story! Glad that wasn't the ending... We considered joining PFR a couple years ago, and Valence/Ashin had some good conversations with Walter Cohen. Did you get into many big fleet fights with PFR or was it mostly small/medium gang stuff? Uhm... which city?! We've got a couple homebrewers in the EVE chapter. So that's... something you... sort of have in common... with them? Moving on to random questions! You've started/stopped EVE 3 or 4 times. What tends to keep you playing, and what tends to drive you away? If your cruise ship was hijacked by pirates and they dropped you off on a deserted island with your choice of musical instrument, which would it be? What's your favorite ship in EVE and why?
  21. [EVE] Dmitri Blok

    Hi Dmitri! This is TBert from in-game, I'm glad to see you put in an app. My compatriots here have done an admirable job of grilling you with senseless questions, so I'll just say I'm looking forward to flying with you.

    Devil, are you putzing around in Deklein in a Malediction? Toon's name is Ghastis...

    How often are we talking about these absences? As much as we'd like to have you, long, frequent absences aren't great for null-sec living...

    I'm not sure I'll ever be able to call you anything other than Devil... you're playing EVE nowadays, right?