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  1. I appreciate you necro'ing your recruit thread! Ashin moved to the Big City (NYC) and got a new job as VP of Something, so he doesn't visit as much. Our forums have also become less active in favor of Discord, but we use the forums for record-keeping, rules, in-depth discussions, scheduling, etc. Given that this is your 2nd attempt and you've already suffered through 4 hours of TD2 raiding with me, I'm just going to set your rank to recruit and call it a day.
  2. Tyrlis


    Nice to have a new batch of vets! Welcome!
  3. Tyrlis

    Oh Hai

    I'm all over the place. I raid in Destiny 2 on occasion, I'm an active player in the Anthem cohort, and I'm leading the charge on The Division 1 & 2. Mine would be Mars. Been watching the Nat Geo show recently and it's fascinating.
  4. Tyrlis

    Oh Hai

    Hello and welcome potential new friend! I'm not playing ESO, so i get to ask a couple random questions. What degree were you going to college for? Are you a fan of the single-player Elder Scrolls games? Which planet would you like to visit, and why?
  5. Tyrlis


    Resto buddies! I quit playing shortly before TBC though... We're generally pretty apolitical as well, but we've had a few spirited debates where folks from all sides weigh in. I'm also a super active follower of politics, mostly because my occupation (active duty Army 4 years away from retirement) is often affected by it. Random question time! What are Titans hiding in their shoulder pads? Favorite movie of all time? Favorite caffeinated drink?
  6. Great intro, I don't even need to add questions. Double arthroscopy here me-self. Despite the Army being totally fine with not running, I'm trying to work my way back into a short triathlon. You just triggered some long-lost memories of tagging along with a friend to a big indoor RC car racetrack like... 20 years ago. I only went a few times, but it was interesting to watch.
  7. Hello potential new friend! Ahh Counter-Strike... a teenage Tyrlis spent many nights playing CS 1.5 at a LAN arcade, chugging Dew and fragging noobs. Have you messed around with CS:GO at all? Are you an old-school console Destiny 1 player or new to Destiny 2? What's your favorite way to receive your morning dose of caffeine?
  8. Hi potential new friend! Favorite flavor of ice cream? Would you rather explore outer space or the bottom of the ocean? What's your proudest raiding moment in WoW? I'm going to date myself and say downing C'thun...
  9. Tyrlis

    New to Destiny2

    Hello potential new friend! Random questions incoming! What's the story behind the Doom reference? Why are Guardian shoulder pads not big enough? Into any sports?
  10. Tyrlis


    Hello potential new friend! I'm also terrible in PvP, but instead of being a meat shield I just... don't PvP. My only exposure to fighting games is the /r/games/ subreddit... everyone but Kirby died? What? Other random questions! Explain the Sausage Prime handle please, hahaha. What do you drink to wake up in the morning? Favorite karaoke song?
  11. Hello potential new friend! Nice, another Kerbalnaut. How many Kerbals have you stranded on Duna, and were you ever able to land & take off from Eve? You tease! How can we know if your puns are bad if your application post is devoid of puns!? Random question time! What's your favorite soup? Favorite Subreddit? What are Titans hiding inside their shoulderpads?
  12. Interesting. I'm from Wisconsin (though I haven't lived there in 15 years), so thumbs up on the Madison team. I remember seeing a game played by a different Ultimate team in DC in... 2012? 2013? They played at the same stadium as the Breeze, but I have a shirt with a different grey & white logo.
  13. Hello potential new friend! It's nice that you're 10 years younger than me but we still share the same early gaming memories. Random questions! Any favorite sports teams? Do you prefer the city or the country? What's your favorite place in Azeroth?
  14. KSP! I lost a solid 6 months of gaming time to that game. How far did your manned missions get? Did you also strand some poor kerbalnauts on Eve? That was the mission that finally helped me quit the game, spent 4 hours designing a behemoth that should have been able to take off from Eve, another 2 hours gathering the kerbalnauts from two previous crashes and refueling the lander... and then I couldn't make it into orbit. Other random questions... What's your favorite alcoholic beverage? What are Titans hiding inside their shoulderpads? And lastly... My laptop was making funny noises the other day, it sounded like it was singing....
  15. Tyrlis


    Hello potential friend! Tell us about your EVE Online history, we had a group playing pretty solid from 2015 until early this year, and still like to hear/tell stories. Other random questions! Is your dream house in the city or the country? Why? You could leave one thing on top of Mt. Everest. What is it? What's your favorite drink when you sit down to game after a long day?
  16. Tyrlis

    Hello all

    Hello potential new pew-pew friend! I haven't played TW:W since the first, and I feel like I'd have to buy TW:W2 and all the expansion packs now to catch up... and in the end is it REALLY that different from Total War: Rome 2? Random question time! What do you drink while driving the PepsiCo truck around? I've noticed Titan shoulder pads are smaller in Forsaken. Would you be willing to sign a petition to triple their size? How did you know my face was pretty?
  17. Tyrlis


    Oh ya? I was born in Milwaukee, grew up in Appleton, but my Mom grew up in Grafton, and my Aunt & Grandma still live there. I haven't been home enough since joining the Army, most recently I was in an amazing wedding at a brewery in Middleton (near Madison).
  18. Congratulations my friend! Well deserved!
  19. Congratulations D2! On to Forsaken!
  20. You're in the Guard and have to ask your new gaming guild for active duty Soldiers to get advice from?! ... 15 years active duty here, so you got lucky. Ask whatever you want and I'll give you the senior NCO perspective. Random question time! What's your favorite /r/army/ thread? Why did you ignore Grieve's questions? Why am I at my son's college at 7 AM on a Saturday?
  21. Hi potential new friend! Sorry I took so long to respond to your app, I've been busy with work. Ayyyyyy a Michigander! Born and raised in Wisconsin here, but spent a lot of time in da UP, yaderehey. Random question time! What's your favorite Michigan sports team? What is Cayde-6's favorite dance? Favorite movie trilogy?
  22. Hi potential new friend! Sorry it took me 2 days to respond, work has been pretty busy. CStrike was my jam back in high school, I used to spend whole paychecks at the local LAN arcade playing with my friends. My son is starting his associates in game design this month, he's spent the last 3 or 4 years just playing around on Scratch or GameMaker. It does seem like a really great hobby that's hard to turn into a reliable living, so I'm trying to push him towards the AI/programming side instead of pure game design. Random questions! Name your top 3 games that were sequels. (Mine are Half-Life 2, Mass Effect 2, and Hearts of Iron 2.) I just stalked Morganton on the map and it looks like the sort of small southern town that cable news reporters come to and ask questions about 'politics in the Bible Belt'. Ever had that happen? What are Titans hiding in their shoulderpads?
  23. Hello potential new friend! Sorry I'm a little late on answering your thread. I played The Division quite a bit at launch, then had a brief re-entanglement with it earlier this year. I'll likely log on to run some of the shields before The Division 2. Ghost Recon Wildlands was a bit of an impulse buy after the trial weekend, but I got outrageously addicted to Kerbal Space Program soon after and haven't played in months. I'll likely go back at some point to finish clearing all the provinces. I answered your message in Discord about this. :) For random questions, I'm going to be lazy and copy the question from Life's thread. 1. Have you ever tried to explain Fermi's Paradox to anyone and had their eyes glaze over? Why do you think we haven't been contacted by aliens yet?
  24. Tyrlis

    Life's Intro

    Hello potential new friend! I played Overwatch for all of 2 hours for one of our SoH game nights... it was fun but I was terrible. Grieve did ask most of my questions, so I'm just going to go with one complex question. 1. Have you ever tried to explain Fermi's Paradox to anyone and had their eyes glaze over? Why do you think we haven't been contacted by aliens yet?
  25. Hello potential new friend! I'll second what Rundown said, 640 hours doesn't seem like 'a bit'. But I also would NOT want to know how many hours I've put into EVE Online... Random question time! 1. What are Titans hiding in their shoulder pads? 2. What made you decide to play D2 on PC? 3. Favorite alcoholic & non-alcoholic drink?
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