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Cheap's Intro


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Hello South of Heaven!


just taking the moment to introduce myself and intentions. I've been playing wow since BC days and have been DPS for the majority of my time. i just recently swapped to Tanking this xpac and have lead my prior guild to 11/12M as their main tank. Nzoth has become an old acquaintance of ours and we have decided to take a step back from M progression raiding after 200+ attempts and IRL problems with our roster. I'm looking to just keep myself busy, help other guilds with their progression and just enjoy the game surrounded by like-minded people until sl drops. My mains name is Cheapx-Illidan

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Hi Cheap! I'm Caresia/Valyrria, but actually I'm really just Jocelyn. I have also been playing since BC, so hey buddy! *waves*


What class(es) did you play as DPS?


Do you have any pets?


If you could choose one supernatural ability, what would it be, why, and what would you do with it?


I'm here if you have any questions! Be prepared for predictably snarky answers though :p

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Heya Cheap! Mordi here. 

What about SoH caught your attention? What does like-minded mean to you? 

If you were to describe your personality to someone using five or fewer movies, shows, books, games, albums, or other art/media what would you choose and why? 

Do you have any questions for us? Feel free to hit me back with anything!

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