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Guild Communications


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Communications, in General

Intro: Communication is a cornerstone of this guild. It comes in several forms, some of which are discussed below.

Forums: Most scheduling and complex discussions of guild policy take place over this message board. You need to develop the habit of checking this board at least twice a week. I do not like to take up game time with administrative or deliberative items, so anything that warrants a long discussion will usually happen here. Likewise, scheduling happens here to accomodate the majority of us that have dayjobs.

Voice: Voice software is required for all members. A microphone is not. In other words, we do require that you be able to log in and listen, particularly during raids, PvP, and other activity that requires tight coordination. No one is required to talk, though. The software is free, and you can get it here.

Chat: In-game chat is also important. Simple things like saying hello when you log in, or good bye when you log out, go a long way toward creating a more friendly atmosphere. It is a pet peeve of mine, but I do not like people who sneak in and out of game without simple greetings.

Guild meetings: We do occassionally have in-game meetings, perhaps once or twice a month. We will ask that you be in Voice and also that you move your character to the chosen location. Typically I use these meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page, to get across a few major updates/questions, and to announce promotions.

Summary: We understand that not everyone will post 20 times a day, not everyone will log in Voice the instant they get home from work, and not everyone can read everything in guild chat when they are in the middle of a big fight. But it is the overall combination of these things that we look for, and all members are expected to practice good communication, using the tools that we have.

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Guild Forums

1. These forums are provided for you, and are one of the principle means by which we keep in touch, make plans, and decide together how to develop our guild. They have also become a way in which we get to know eachother and keep in touch, beyond simply gaming together.

2. All members are expected to check forums at least twice a week. This only takes a moment, and a post count is not required.

3. If you do not like forums or have limited time, the things that we need you to see will be either: (a) sticky threads in the game you are playing, or (b) sticky threads in the guild policy forum. You don't have to read every thread but you do need to read these.

4. These forums are not censored, and moderation is light. We trust our people to use their own judgement as to what is appropriate, and what is not. In severe cases, a forum may be locked as a way of lowering the temperature on a heated debate. This is always disappointing as it reflects a failure to treat one another as friends.

5. There is a difference between "not appropriate" and "not safe for work". You may post things that are Not Safe for Work, but since many of our members read these boards from work, you should label or indicate topics as "NSFW" when applicable.

6. Founders, chapter leads and game officers have moderator permissions on the message boards. We will move or lock threads if we think it serves to keep communication clear.

7. We will not delete threads unless the author specifically requests it.

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