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Attention SoH! I'll try to keep this brief: it is my pleasure to announce the following promotions within our little family.

First, please congratulate our new Officers. Noguk (Minni), Banzai and Glyff, congratulations, and thank you. Please continue to help me avoid making any huge mistakes along the way. =)

Second, we have some additional promotions this time around.

Sera, you do so much to help the guild and your mates. Thank you for all that you do, and congratulations on promotion to Coordinator!

Skaka, you are an model SoH guildmate. Congratulations on your promotion to Agent!

Last, but not least (this one is really long overdue), congratulations to Ruth, on promotion to Member!

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Today 2/1/06 there was a considerable change in rank and organization of the guild. As such the majority of our Officers have moved to either the Veteran or Founding Member title. Additionally, several Members were promoted to the new Veteran title.

If anyone believes they have the wrong title, please LET ME KNOW. The process of changing everything was very tedious and its more than likely that I made a mistake or two. :O

The following guidelines should apply:

If you have actively played more than one game with us, you should have received a promotion to Veteran rank. You should now be able to read the Applicant Review forum. If someone of Veteran rank could confirm this, that would be great.

Members, Initiates and Guests should not be able to see the Applicant Review forum. If someone from one of these ranks could confirm this, that would be nice.

The Officer rank has been disolved. Former officers can still read the Officer Board. However, it has been archived and will soon be locked from further posting.

Veterans who were also Founding Members should have the Founding Member title beneath their avatar. They should also have access to the Applicant Review. Can I have a Founding Member confirm this is working correctly please?

Last note: if you are a Founding Member but would prefer to have the Veteran title display beneath your name, just ask on this thread or via PM and I will make it so. It is only a cosmetic difference. Not all Founding Members are elligible for Veteran status, but the majority are.

Thanks and I hope I did not break anything.

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