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  1. So saw the doctor today for knee pain. Apparently my meniscus is swollen, probably torn. Goddammit, I'm only 25 :(

    1. Ashin


      Really sorry to hear that - knees are very fussy joints.  Hope you will be able to recover with some PT / exercises / rest / etc.

    2. Oshri Paliako

      Oshri Paliako

      Gheesh, that stinks.  I know it doesn't seem like a silver lining, but being 25 you're young and better able to heal. :)  Best of luck.

  2. Changed username for a few reasons. Will be trying to hopefully put together a post explaining the underlying stuff soonish, but in the meantime feel free to ask if you're curious. :)

  3. Re: Station Trading. Don't do it in Jita. it is full bots bots who will .01 ISK you instantly. And they never sleep. Most anywhere else it's not that difficult and pretty effective. Also Em! hi. Your toon is wicked adorable, I love it. And... I hear World of Tanks and League of Legends, and my very first thoughts are about how to get ya to switch to World of Warships and Dota 2.
  4. If we ever make a logistics alliance, we should call it "Department of Transportation dot"

  5. Which thing did you turn to gold that you'd like to redo?
  6. @Moros Ker does this mean you're gonna fly a Moros?
  7. https://zkillboard.com/kill/56032925/


    Fun times. <3 Logi.

    1. Ashin


      Hopefully Johnny was understanding.  And for those of you who haven't seen a fortizar exploding, you have something super cool to look forward to!

    2. facets


      He actually ended up working late! He wasn't even out by the time I got there, so things actually worked out really well. :)

  8. !!! You got that right away. Am really impressed. Not exactly sure this is right, but there should be a 7.5 degree distance between the position of the hands.
  9. Hiya! I just got one question for you. Do you know why Ariel wears seashells?
  10. wait, there's a *re*-recruit status? is that different from regular recruit?
  11. Oh! We're doing shame nun? http://shamenun.com/ (I have never actually seen the show :x)


    Way too excited right now :D

    1. facets


      A friend of mine that I've known for about a decade, and is an awesome guy all around, made an EVE account today :3

    2. Gold Fish

      Gold Fish

      Time to find them and pod them?

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