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  1. I'm on the north beltway, but maybe heading that direction after the new year. I am a mechanical engineer and work for a subsea equipment provider.
  2. A fellow Houston oil and gas person! Hurray! What part of the city?
  3. I live and work in the Houston area, but also lived in Austin for a while.
  4. Woo-hoo! Another Texan native! Thanks for coming to check SOHCO out. If you're looking for a mature and laid back group of space ship nerds living in null, you've come to the right place.
  5. It means you have to clean the toilets twice as often, and rations are limited.
  6. I was originally imagining a dog with a cone, but this more accurately captures things I think. Haha.
  7. Hello again SoH! Some of you may remember me from such posts as smoked meats and how delicious they are. Anywho, I'm posting this to express my interest in rejoining the SoH Eve chapter in an official chapter. After playing Eve for a bit, I started to wonder just what it was like to be part of a large, spergy alliance, and I took a break from SoH to explore this a bit and join TEST. Well... that didn't last long. It turns out I'm not a spergy kid, and I don't have much patience for it, or the drama that comes with it. I would love to return to my EVE roots with SoH! I clearly made a mistake! Anyways, as a player, I'm a less than a year old character with an addiction to skill injectors and lowsex solo pvp. I'm rubbish at both, but I am improving very slowly. Favorite ships include the Rupture and the Jaguar, though I picked up (and lost) a Garmur recently that I quite liked. I prefer to fly support roles in fleets, and aspire to be an interdictor/tackle/logi type pilot. I will now don my cone of shame.
  8. A fellow Houston O&G slave! Welcome!
  9. Congratulations! May your killboard be green!
  10. Welcome! I'm a UK player who shifted over from Cerberus, though not in the UK for much longer. If you come from Cerberus, you should be able to make a pretty sizeable jump in gil when you come!
  11. YeeHaw! I do wear cowboy boots or some sort of boots to work every day, but no big buckle or hat. I also don't have a Texan accent, even though I was born and have spent most of my life there. I'm not entirely sure how that happened. I like Glengoyne, but I've found myself gravitating to more peaty whisky now that I drink a lot less (in volume). I quite like Laphroaig, but it's not something you can really drink in quantity. For a more regular whisky, I'm on a bit of a Japanese kick right now, which is almost blasphemy living in Scotland. I'm currently working my way through a bottle of Hakushu that I quite like.
  12. I'm absolutely amazed that both of you can even remember that far back! I've slept/drank many times since then and my memory is pretty terrible. It's not surprising if you don't remember me, though. I'm a "blend into the background" kind of player more than the loud leader type. Ah Legacy... They were our main competition for a while. I can't remember if they were using NASA or not, but some people definitely were. I still remember a mass ban at one point that removed 4-5 relics from the game. Ouch. Thank you for the warm Titan welcome! I look forward to bumping into you guys in game! I have similar kid constraints, so I understand the erratic game play times
  13. Whew, you're asking me to think pretty far back... I had 4 or 5 characters at one point, but I mainly played Valvalis and Valor (multi-boxing was required at the time). The LS changed names a few times during our history, but I think it was called Momento or something similar when I was there. It was at least 7 or 8 years ago when I played last, and I don't pretend that we were much of an "ethical" LS.
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