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  1. Emily

    [EVE] Hotsync

    I look forward to the opportunity to fly small gang with you some day! So far I'm liking this corp, I hope it works out enough for you to sub again.
  2. Nice to meet you and fly in fleet together the other day! I used to do mountain biking a lot - but I've been too lazy since moving to California. I also play overwatch from time to time, but I'm pretty bad at it x(.
  3. Nice to meet you Shirkken! What kind of PvE do you do mostly?
  4. Emily

    [Eve] Shiror

    Welcome Shiror! We had the pleasure of speaking some time ago. I'm glad to see you join us. Structural biology sounds fascinating. What are some of the things that can be derived from the understanding of protein structures? Also RNA processing is truly mystifying. It is probably more complex than DNA transcription and probably plays a larger role than DNA in determining phenotype. Good luck to your wife going through med school. I hope she didn't take out a bunch of tuition debt for it. I have very poor faith in the efficacy of modern medicine besides trauma, immunization (selected few) and bacterial infections (limited scope).
  5. lol I read this (original post) a week ago when I first got into corp. I had no idea i was supposed to sign it. Read and Signed 11/1/16
  6. Oshri, I don't play the 0.1 isk war game. I read the market and buy items at prices I think will get filled in a few weeks, once they get filled I sell them at reasonable higher prices and it will sell eventually. This way I don't revisit orders very often unless they haven't moved at all in a few weeks. Sometimes I contract things to be moved to hubs so they can command a higher price. I don't really think of farm animals as favorite or not. What I think is: each animal has specific requirements, and can this piece of land & people meet its need? How does this animal fit into the farm ecosystem? What is its role and contribution? What problem is it solving (or bringing). So my favourite animal would be one that fits the land, people and purpose. E.g. it would be pretty silly to try and raise a cow in a backyard, but a few birds might be suitable (pest control, dropping etc.). Scynner, I just love to explore the intricacies of the Eve universe - essentially how things came to be they way they did. My favorite thing to do is learning how things flow through EVE and then participating in it somehow. A simple example is I learned that Nullsec likes to buy compressed veldspar off highsec Hubs, so I bought large amounts of veldspar in my neighboring systems and then compressing it and putting large amount (I think I usually have the largest quantity) up for sale in Dodixie, and the null sec people will come buy it out every now and then. Other than that, I do gardening and that's really my next focus outside Eve. Sourdough are great. It is probably the only type of bread I'd eat - if done right. I'm a big foodie too, but more for healthy eating than the taste. Becani, yea I find that Jita market is really artificial. It's a very fast market and the only way to trade up there is to predict where prices will go. I don't really like guessing games though. Dodixie has a really slow market so there's more opportunity for slackers like me. Lol I don't know, but World of Warships seems like pretty slow gameplay, and everything is flat on the same elevation. I used to play Dota all stars but no one in my community played Dota 2 when it came out so I just stayed in League.
  7. Simone, I'm going to null sec because you fine people decided to make it your home. I'll happily move to wormhole, lowsec, highsec if you decide to move again. Grieve, I think I like station trading the best -_-" I don't need to do anything and the isk rolls in. Other than that any kind of PvE works fine. Tyrlis, Yea I was in GW2 and within the first 2 hours no one talked even though we are next to each other... I'm kinda done with single player games trying to be MULTIPLAYER online games. I still find WOT fun - it's more about trying to focus fire with pubbies that makes it lol (or mad). High sec combat is too much station camping or dumb people trying to suicide gank me fully tanked sigil. My favorite ship is the Proteus, it looks like this weird blob thing. This troll question... but I'll answer it seriously: I'm on a gluten free / grain free diet so no bread Tinymanz, Thanks for the welcome! I hope to meet you in game soon.
  8. Moros Ker, thanks for the welcome. I was pretty sure I found the right corp when I Ashin approached me. Regenerative farming is just the opposite of extractive farming. Most agriculture done today is extractive - a plot of land is opened up, and then farmed for crops in such a way that the land becomes less productive / deteriorates over time. Regenerative farming on the other hand, improves the soil and land fertility the more you farm. Another difference is that conventional farming is often carbon positive, whereas regenerative farming is carbon negative. It's one of the major way of closing the carbon cycle with the large amount of fossil fuel (carbon) we are dumping into the air.
  9. Hi everyone, I will be joining soon and I look forward to flying with you. This will be my first time in null sec so any tips or advice are appreciated. While I've been loitering in Eve for the past few years and have explored a good part of it, so far my adventures have brought me to you and I think here will be a lot of fun times ahead. I am well trained in T1 hulls ranging from frigates to battlecruisers, as well as the Proteus. I have high proficiency with small and medium guns and I will be working on drones for the next few months. I'm looking to work on missiles or T2 ships after that. Most of my PvP experience comes from RvB. I was fairly active with joining fleets for about a year, so I have some experience in frigate and cruiser combat, and I am no stranger to obeying FC, following primaries etc. However RvB fleets are pretty casual so I am definitely still new to PvP. Thank you for inviting to this community, I hope that my skills and experiences will contribute to your goals. Emily -------------------- A bit about the person behind: My name is Kim (guy) and I've been on Eve online since early 2012. So far I've just been training and getting in to new ships in high sec, so I'm really looking forward to this null sec experience. I'm currently living in California bay area, so I will usually be available during Pacific time, morning and nights - and weekends are usually free for me unless I'm involved in another project. I'm in my late 20s, my background is actually in medicine (MD) but my interest shifted to Ecology and health before I completed it. I currently work in a private practice clinic as an admin, but my goal is to start a regenerative farm when the opportunity arises. I'm a strong believer of peak oil and peak energy so I'll be happy to start that conversation if desired. I'm also an avid gamer, titles that I currently play include Eve, World of Tanks, Overwatch, League of Legends. I do have guild wars 2 installed but it hadn't kept me interested from the 2 hours I played so far. That's the short story about me. You're welcome to ask some questions to quell your curiosity. Kim
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