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    Blowing up internet spaceships, watching my football team lose, reading, cooking, and general tom-foolery.

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  1. I had some concerns about this Ashin guy when I thought he might be the dude who does those "You Suck at Cooking" videos on youtube, but then I realized that there was no way Ashin's kitchen would be that dirty. And let's face it the guy has great taste in coffee tables so all things considered he gets my vote. Good suggestions boss man. I like the idea of a monthly gaming session of some kind. It would be nice to get to know some of the non-Eve folks, and, when Eve gets a bit dull, it would be cool to hang out with you all doing something else.
  2. Well, honestly today is more accurately "All Taco's Eve" and yes, Wednesday would be late Taco Tuesday. I eat tacos two to three times a week though sometimes I get crazy and have a burrito instead of tacos.
  3. Welcome! In honor of early Taco Tuesday - favorite taco? What would you use to cover up the tattoo Tyrilis is suggesting? Favorite yo' mama joke*? *mothers are wonderful and held in high regard. All jokes are in the spirit of good fun and no disrespect is meant.
  4. I need to watch the second season of Stranger Things. Otherwise I'm just binge watching 30 Rock on Hulu. Good answers on the questions. I look forward to seeing you in space.
  5. Welcome! A few questions so we can get to know you better... 1. Is it unfortunate that you are 34 or that you live in North Dakota? 2. What's your favorite ship in Eve to fly and why? 3. Favorite taco?
  6. The taco that's in my mouth. That said if I had to pick...birria with pickled red onion in corn tortilla is my current favorite. 100 atron-sized Fenrirs - think of the cargo capacity and small sig radius.
  7. Well, now I have nothing to ask. I vote no. Kidding! Welcome. That was a great intro post. It definitely sounds like you've found what you like to do in Eve, and given your answers above (and in the rest of your post) you're mine kind of people. That said, I do have one question... FW is a great opportunity for solo and small gang piloting, but also there is the Empire vs. Empire dynamic, which means at times jumping into a larger fleet to defend assets vital to the Militia. Given this, what role do you think you'd like to fill in these fleets a) mainli
  8. Woot Woot! Congratulations all.
  9. I knew there was a reason I liked you. Those are excellent answers.
  10. Hey Senious! You're good people, but I'm going to inflict my questions on you anyway. Muuhaaahaaa 1. Favorite taco? 2. Corn or flour tortillas? 3. Favorite beverage while whelping a fleet?
  11. Um...no. https://www.texasmonthly.com/the-culture/texas-primer-big-red/ http://www.bigred.com/
  12. Good answers. I appreciate anyone who drinks Big Red. Welcome. I hope to see you in space. And I'm more than happy letting people clean their guns in private without me nearby.
  13. Hi RK! Welcome to the forums. I have a few random questions for you. 1. What is your favorite day of the week? 2. What is your favorite taco? 3. What is your favorite fleet beverage? For extra credit write a 500 word essay on why the Dallas Cowboys are not America's team (I'm kidding. Do not do this! and welcome!)
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