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    Blowing up internet spaceships, watching my football team lose, reading, cooking, and general tom-foolery.
  1. Rahk Aorm

    The taco that's in my mouth. That said if I had to pick...birria with pickled red onion in corn tortilla is my current favorite. 100 atron-sized Fenrirs - think of the cargo capacity and small sig radius.
  2. Rahk Aorm

    Well, now I have nothing to ask. I vote no. Kidding! Welcome. That was a great intro post. It definitely sounds like you've found what you like to do in Eve, and given your answers above (and in the rest of your post) you're mine kind of people. That said, I do have one question... FW is a great opportunity for solo and small gang piloting, but also there is the Empire vs. Empire dynamic, which means at times jumping into a larger fleet to defend assets vital to the Militia. Given this, what role do you think you'd like to fill in these fleets a) mainline dps say a Battle Cruiser/Battleship, b) Logi, c) Recon, d) E-War or e) to heck with larger fleets and why? Have a great day and I hope to fly with you soon.
  3. Promotions!

    Woot Woot! Congratulations all.
  4. [EVE] Senious

    I knew there was a reason I liked you. Those are excellent answers.
  5. [EVE] Senious

    Hey Senious! You're good people, but I'm going to inflict my questions on you anyway. Muuhaaahaaa 1. Favorite taco? 2. Corn or flour tortillas? 3. Favorite beverage while whelping a fleet?
  6. [EVE] RKJakTup

    Um...no. https://www.texasmonthly.com/the-culture/texas-primer-big-red/ http://www.bigred.com/
  7. [EVE] RKJakTup

    Good answers. I appreciate anyone who drinks Big Red. Welcome. I hope to see you in space. And I'm more than happy letting people clean their guns in private without me nearby.
  8. [EVE] RKJakTup

    Hi RK! Welcome to the forums. I have a few random questions for you. 1. What is your favorite day of the week? 2. What is your favorite taco? 3. What is your favorite fleet beverage? For extra credit write a 500 word essay on why the Dallas Cowboys are not America's team (I'm kidding. Do not do this! and welcome!)
  9. Promotions!

    Congratulations Gartius!
  10. Promotions!

    Woot Woot. Grats guys.
  11. (eve) Gartius

    *snip* nevermind.
  12. (eve) Gartius

    Hi Gartius! It was great talking to you in Eve. I understand you are a better talker than typer but I'm going to ask annoying questions anyway (I did warn you ahead of time though) 1. What makes you think you will stick with Eve this time given you didn't before? (btw...for me it was finding the right group of people and you have come to the right place for that) 2. Since you bought your pilot, how much actual flying have you done? How experienced are you? (for example, I have been able to fly an interdictor for about a year. I only actually flew one for the first time this week. I am terrible at it due to lack of experience. Sadly trained skill does not equal actual skill) 3. Favorite taco? You seem really cool from talking to you in game. You were open, interesting, and seem really willing to learn. I hope that's the case and you'll fall in love with Eve, learn to be a pro pilot, and one day I can say "huh, I knew him when." Now you just have to convince my cynical self that Eve you can measure up to non-Eve you (no pressure )
  13. [EVE] Ottoelite reporting in

    Welcome! In honor of Monday or as we call it Early Taco Tuesday... 1. Favorite taco? 2. Corn or Flour Tortillas? 3. Favorite palindrome and why is it taco cat?
  14. Gheesh, defensive much? We embrace all tacos here. Veggie to your hearts' delight gentlemen.
  15. Great answers. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I'm a corn tortilla person, but for some reason prefer flour with shrimp. I think all families need someone to eat the hippie vegetarian tacos. It leaves more meat for the rest of us.