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  1. Welcome! I have a few questions as well: Favorite ship to fly? Followup question: Why and how did you grow to love it? Favorite current TV series? Pie or Cake? How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
  2. Welcome! Was good talking with you last night. I have a few questions to get you started: How do you make isk to sustain yourself in game? how familiar are you with jump clones? Have you ever gone on a pvp "roam"? in previous corps did you use voice coms? If so which ones? What is your favourite movie of 2016? How about least favourite? What keeps your interest outside of eve as your passion? What is your favourite ship to,fly and why?
  3. Read and agreed with no reservations.
  4. I have 2 favorites for tackle - The Claw and the Taranis. The first tackle I ever did in nullsec as the prime tackler was the most intense thing ever. Looking back now, the guys telegraphed the whole thing to me up until it was pointed (we picked the guy 2 systems out and we had a guy pushing him right at me), but that first moment was crazy intense cause you didn't want to screw it up and you click that activate button and the time it takes to activate seems to be the longest millisecond ever. The group I was with was very experienced so I honestly think they played it up a bit with all the yelling and screaming, but it was a grand moment watching that thing pop. Another one that stuck out was a big gate battle we where involved in and I managed to tackle a carrier trying to peel off from the fringes of the battle after its fighters got splotted by a gang doing a bombing run. That was a glorious moment as well. I actually found that kill: https://zkillboard.com/kill/6925637/
  5. My favorite so far is a surprisingly affordable bottle - Auchentoshan Three Wood (retails for about $106.00 CAD). For my palette its a fantastic taste and flavor profile. Other than that I have the classics like Highland Park 10 yr and 12 yr, up in the cupboard, always good for sipping. I look forward to similar flying with you sir!
  6. Hi Scynner! I'm sure no usurping will happen haha. Outside of this, well I'm an avid skiier, scotch drinker, and spend most summers at my buddies lake lot arguing about politics and slowly deforesting his lot for future projects. Past that, its all about the wife and kids, my schedule after work usually involves a couple days a week of some sort of swimming lesson, ski lesson, gymnastics or whatever the wife dreams up. Oh and almost forgot, stand up comedy. I love good stand up, and am a big fan of Bill Burr and Louis CK.
  7. Hi Ashin, Yes, I didn't want to pull any punches and was trying to be as transparent as possible. Mainly, I didn't want to commit to paying for the account until I found a home. Essentially, if I could find a group and settle in with the Alpha clone state, things work out well, I'll buy in an be a happy little dapper. Hopefully this makes sense to you guys.
  8. Hi Ashin, I last played in 2011 and stopped because my daughter was born in April 2011 I stopped right around that time because 2 kids + time sync = not happy wife. My interest back into eve is because my kids are older now, way less stress with work, kids in school, and I truely miss having a group of people to play with on a consistent basis who are higher level thinkers than I've found in other games. Frankly EVE is a complicated mess of people, math, and fun that requires you to try a bit harder and push yourself alittle further than other games I've played before. I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you with the spy thing, I'm too frickin old and have no time or the patience for that side of the game. Plainly, no I'm not spying for anything. Besides, everyone in my contact list hasn't signed on in years. I sent my API to you, let me know if you have issues.
  9. Same, was funny to find out you live on the other side of the city lol I make money primarily from 2 things: missions and mining. I only the do the later if its a quiet night and I'm more into keep things low risk and watching netflix. When I get my mojo going again, I try to play the market sometimes with Plex or different goods by buying and recycling ammo and weapons (recycling as in buy everything, then repost it back on the market for inflated prices) in conflict areas where people are at war (nice profits). Small Gang Advice: It's all about knowing your roll. In small teams you generally don't have the luxury of having multiple tacklers, or dps, etc. Each person has a roll and they need to own it, else it won't work. Cloak. This is your "F&!# this I'm out" button. Small gangs present as fun targets to larger roaming groups, so you need to be able to control the engagement and cloaks do this for you. Warping bookmarks. You will need dead space points to align to and warp to if needed. If you aren't tackling, you should be aligned to your out point while doing your volleys. Everyone attacks the same target or its a big game of who can recharge or repair faster. He who points first has the upper hand, he who scrambles and can keep it up wins. Whoever is the long range DPS (e.g. sniper) is always the one watching scanners, maps, and killboards to see if there is local activity coming in and can make the call as to whether or not to bail. Tackler is always the one sacrificed in escalated situations. People panic, especially when they are faced with something unexpected like a drag bubble, use this to your advantage and attack from multiple angles and quickly. Speed is your ally, typically pick faster hard hitting ships like assault cruisers (e.g. Vagabond (DPS and Point backup) is popular or Ishtar (DPS add) or Zealot (sniper)) I could go on and on about fleet make up and fits, but that was a few highlights from my experience to date. Non-EVE I started my career in network and server infrastructure support, transitioned into IT service management design, and now work in Management. I'm a military brat so I've lived in a few countries and in almost every province in Canada that has a base. I graduated High School in PEI and moved to Alberta a couple years later.
  10. Hello Everyone, I’m an eager beaver and figured I’d get the application process started. I had a quick back and forth with Solomon and spoke with Mathias Pitsman in the public channel to get to this point. My main character is Hotsync, I mainly played from 2009 to 2011 pretty solid throughout. The previous corp I flew with was a very old team of guys that I got brought into and was schooled into small gang combat. Best kill that I remember was a one on one with me in a rifter and my opponent in a dram, killed him with 2% hull remaining. (https://zkillboard.com/kill/11077981/) Who am I? Gamer, Dad and Husband, 2 kids, live in Alberta Canada. Professionally I’ve been working in IT for nearly 20 years now and work for the local county. EvE History and Experience My coworker convinced me to play this “cool game” called Eve online, and then 2 years of my life disappeared. I originally joined into a corp called Mad Bombers which was a mercenary outfit specializing in being guns for hire to skirmish and harass targets regardless of the sector. We started with Ushura Kahn and then to Pandemic Legion. My corp mates often went into the Alliance competitions representing PL and Hydra Reloaded. After lots of coaching from them I fell into 2 primary roles: tackle/point and ECM boat. Our favorite tactic was drag bubbles and a mine field of objects to decloak transports and other ships. With these guys I was able to gain a lot of skills around small gang tactics, but I realize the game has changed a bit so I’ll have to see how many of these tactics still apply. Alpha Omega Currently I’m using an alpha clone just to get back into this. Right now I’m trying to find a solid corp, or I know this won’t be fun, and from there I’ll upgrade to an omega clone straight away. I currently carry roughly 2 billion in assets (ships and equipment) with about a dozen pre fit ships I can’t fly because of my clone state haha but even more I can, just going through and collecting them right now. I have 26Mil SP (http://eveboard.com/pilot/Hotsync) and can fly Caldari currently, with omega I can fly Caldari, Minmitar, and Gallante all T2 from cruiser down, in addition to BC’s and BS’s. TLDR Old guy, played awhile ago, looking for a good group of people to fly with and enjoy the game.
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