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  1. Dmitri! Welcome, sorry I've been out getting abused by my company reorganizing so haven't had much the to get on this week. So a few questions, what type of engineering profession do you want to pursue? What's your favorite Netflix series / most hated show. What's your favorite sandwich? What is your beer of choice? - Atticus
  2. Pancakes are delicious! Wish the wife would cook them more. So you are the industrial chief for SOHCO is that correct? - Atticus
  3. Thanks @Ashin! Great speaking with you last night as well. Looking forward to meeting everyone in the corp and broader community. I'll be working on the new recruit orientation package tonight after I get the kids down. - Atticus
  4. Greetings @Ashin, thanks for reviewing my API. Hope y'all are enjoying time with family for Thanksgiving festivities. We should be wrapping up things here around 7PM central. I just updated Mumble and TS3 so happy to chat further. What time is best for you today? - Atticus
  5. Thanks Grieve, Oshri, looking forward to it. - Atticus
  6. @Gold Fish I'm in energy corridor. What about you?
  7. Ashin, I PM'd you my API key. I have two active accounts, but just looking to join Atticus unless you think my alts can contribute to the orgs financial engine. - Atticus
  8. Hi Ashin, I posted a LCF thread in r/evejobs and you replied an shared more about your corp and alliance. I was looking for a mature corp in a solid alliance that held the same ideas about mutual respect for people, RL, while having fun shooting space pixels. While I have industry back ground I wanted to focus on PVP going forward and the alliance principles resonated with me. @Mathias, yeah we chatted in the public channel for a bit before you were off for the night. As far as a failed market experiment, there was a time I was speculating that an upcoming update was going to have a dramatic effect on pricing of ice on the market. I thought this would balloon the price of input costs for T3 modules. Well, the effect wasn't as dramatic as I thought plus two sellers cam in right about the time I was going to sell and depressed the prices such that I lost about 30% of my investment. I could have recovered, but I didn't want to hold 2B+ in those T3 modules while prices recovered to the break even point so I cut my losses and invested in other things. As far as the most dangerous thing I've done, probably my morning commute (on Houston roads). I'm sure I did plenty of stupid things in college and high school, but also drank a lot back then and don't remember a lot I'm sure. Yeah 3 kids is the reason why we're tired all the time. Never recall being this tired with one. I think 1 to 2 was a bigger shock then 2 to 3, but not an old man's game for sure. Last one is almost out of diapers thankfully. @ Hi Scynner, yeah for name selection I took the first names from pop culture and mythology. Last names are typically taken from politics or the military. I'm pretty handy on a grill and smoker. Years ago, my friends and I had a cook team that we ran for a number of years. Briskets, chicken, ribs, beans, are my favorite things to prepare for my friends. Unique marinades / rubs are what makes the difference - the key is balancing flavor and a degree of kick. FYA: sweet bbq is an abomination. -- Atticus
  9. Greetings! You never quit Eve; you just take breaks. I'm coming back after a 10 month work hiatus and am looking for a group of established, mature players, who want to have a good time and conquer space pixels! Eve Summary: I originally started playing back in Jan. '14 and mostly flew with outfits in Providence. In that time, I amassed a series of Indy and PVP characters for specific purposes and am looking forward to having my tribe contribute to the cause. I have the capacity to support industry in terms of production (1), logistics (freighters, 2), PI(2), and my traders(4) have the collective capacity to concurrently manage 1000+ market orders with the lowest possible overhead. I have a total of 6 characters and ISK is not an issue for me as I have multiple income streams from activities above. While I was previously focused on industry, I would like to focus on PVP moving forward - but will put in the work wherever necessary. Personal Summary: Gamer through and through; taking it back to the original 8-bit Nintendo. My main game genres now are 4X/Sci-Fi and strategy games like CIV. I'm married with 3 kids residing in Texas and have worked in IT for the Oil and Gas industry in a number of roles for the last 10 years. I am mainly available in the evenings between Thurs-Sun. Sometimes I have to travel for work, but can provide notice in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you and learning more about SOHCO. - Atticus
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