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  1. Awesome answers. I agree that there is nothing like the smell of gasoline on a cool morning. However, my lawyer advises me not to go into further details on this matter. I liked the answer of SR-71... a truly kickass ship. But Serenity wins (in my book) if for nothing other than its crew. Excuse me while I cry in a corner waiting hopelessly for a continuation of the series. I look forward to flying with you.
  2. Hello I-ball! As the new "face" of recruitment I feel it my responsibility to welcome you as a potential new recruit! I've been in SoH for about a month and haven't seen even the slightest hint of drama or discontent. A great and helpful group for sure. I just recently led my first small lowsec roam and while I didn't know what I was doing, everyone was patient, worked together, and we all had a great time. Your expectations are exactly what I have experienced here. When does a joke become a dad joke? When it's apparent, of course! Totally serious and
  3. o7 Seems like SoH-Eve has been a catalyst for as many reaquainting friends as it has been for new friends! Welcome to SOHCO! Looking forward to flying with you.
  4. Great to see you again Zivoca! This group has a lot of what we missed about DR... can't wait to get out into a fleet and maybe some jspace shenanigans as well!
  5. Howdy Jamroar, that was a fun fleet this weekend! I just joined SoH recently and also am excited to have much to learn about eve. To be honest, I was a little intimidated about being inexperienced amongst a group who know what they're doing so well. Should be good fun having someone else along to learn the ropes with. Good luck on the Vegas trip... a proper meal is reason enough to go near anywhere.
  6. Howdy Rahk! I started with the stratios (was gifted to me by an old corpmate as he left the corp... he didn't get along with the Corp but I had made friends). Realizing it would be a while before i could fly it proficiently i "settled" on the astero. Now shes probably my favorite ship. I'd classify myself as an SOE nerd and would like to get a nestor someday as well. I look forward to getting pounced on by a proteus with you sometime haha
  7. Hahahaha... indeed. And once the outer shell is in place it will even come with pre-weathered rust! Although I might have to grind some of it off for good welds and such.
  8. Ask and ye shall receive: This is the 2 internal chambers cut/drilled/stacked. When finished these parts will be encased in a piece of exhaust pipe from my truck, which you can see the outline on the bottom plate and will have another plate at the sharpie line. The Exhaust will enter the system at the top, come out the holes just under the sharpie line as there is a small end plate between the 2 drilled sections. It will then travel down while encased in truck pipe, into the bottom fence post and out the bottom through the (to be cut out) hole in the bottom plate.
  9. Hello Tyrlis! I haven't gotten to the welding stage of the muffler just yet, but yes I will be doing the welding. I just purchased the welder this summer to do exhaust work on my truck so I don't claim to be any good... life is similar to eve in the painful experience aspect Haha. I'm excited to start flying the blockade runner, my first Corp leader was impressed with how slippery I was in a lowly imicus... particularly when I scanned a chain into occupied null space, ran a relic site with 10 in local (25 by the time I finished) and realizing I forgot to bookmark my exit wh, bounc
  10. Howdy! I saw your Corp advert and it sounds like the sort of place I'd be interested in. I started eve in a small Corp of returning members which disbanded due to poor leadership in game financial choices coupled with an IRL hurricane that left the Corp leader with more important things to take care of. I tried to assimilate into the null Corp we had made friends with but my low skills/experience in a large renter krab Corp had me feeling out of place. So I decided to shake things up and try the wormhole life. Brave drew me in with their advertised "keep it classy" motto but found that their w
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