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  1. [EVE] Stephen Gunther

    I haven't been on a fleet yet where there's been a spousal screaming match on open comms, that qualifies as pretty weird and wild in my book!
  2. [EVE] Miori Akachi

    Founders makes some good stuff, although I tried Backwoods Bastard the other day and it was the worst beer I've ever had haha! Also, welcome to the corp!
  3. [EVE] Stephen Gunther

    o7 Stephen, nice talking to you earlier today! Random question time! - What's the weirdest Eve fleet you've ever been on? - Favorite drink to go with your space adventures? Beer, wine, anything. We know a great scout seemingly drinks nothing but apple juice, so I don't anything would surprise us! - What's your go to ship on a kitchen sink roam? I'll be checking out your API soon, and then we can set up a time to either get you on a fleet or have a quick comms interview. Talk to you soon!
  4. [EVE] Miori Akachi

    o7 Miori, it was nice to meet you yesterday! Did you put an in-game application in yet? If so, I'll see if one of our directors can accept it today. In the meantime, feel free to hang out in our Discord lobby and chat/ask us any questions you have about Eve and PvP. Random question! What's your beer of choice for flying around New Eden?
  5. Rahk Aorm

    Nice kill! It looks like someone finished off that Ishkur for us too: https://zkillboard.com/kill/66121263/. Glad you came along, and welcome to the corp! We'll sort out your Discord, forum, and in-game access today. Now that you've got the taste for space blood, we've got PvP fleets on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday this week all around 0230ish. One thing I forgot to mention last night is that there's no obligation or pressure to join all of these fleets. We typically host two to three fleets a week, and then there are more available to us on top of that through the militia. Our goal is for everyone to join one fleet a week if possible, but the requirement to retain membership is one fleet a month.
  6. Rahk Aorm

    Enjoy the wedding! I'll catch up with you when you get back. Our next fleet is Tuesday night at 0300. It's a frig roam in FW low sec, so you should probably join the militia if you plan on joining. Good news, bad news. Bad news first, you'll probably want to to look at training at least one frigate, destroyer, and cruiser hull to V in the over the next couple months. The good news is that I took a look at your API and your support skills are in pretty great shape, so it's not going to take much focused training to get you in to really solid PvP fits. We'll help you pick some ships that we fly regularly to train towards.
  7. Rahk Aorm

    Hi Rakh! Nice to see you here, and great intro post. I especially like that you anticipated Oshri's inevitable taco question ! Frigs are great fun, we've always go at least a couple along on our null sec roams. A couple weeks ago, we were doing pretty much nothing but frigs and dessies in Black Rise. Check out our killboard from mid to late October, I bet we lost 150+ frigates haha. Have you trained any of the specialized frigates (especially Interceptors or Electronic Attack Ships), and have you trained any of the frigate skills to V? If you we're going to fly a frigate that vaguely resembled a breakfast item, which would it be? We have a fleet out of Jita tonight at 0230 Eve time, you're welcome to join us! If you can make it, we'll want to meet up with you a bit early if possible (0210?) so we can get you set up on our mumble server and find a ship for you (the firetails you have might work, but it'll be like starting on expert mode!).
  8. [EVE] Senious

    I should have mentioned that this is less a roasting and more an interrogation...onto the questions! 1. I must know more about this brewery near you with the beer worth waiting in line for a few hours for. Really that good? (you've probably told me about it more than once, but I'm usually some combination of drunk/FC distracted when you do!) 2. You're at a terrible airport hotel bar, and your only options for beer are mass produced pilsners. What do you pick? (P.S. the bartender threatened to cut of your hands if you ask for liquor or wine. P.P.S. The bartender is Gigx in this scenario.) 3. CCP announces Eve is switching to full VR game next year, and then promptly shuts down after a brief but well received run in the VR world. What game do you play instead?
  9. [EVE] RKJakTup

    I stand corrected!
  10. [EVE] RKJakTup

    o7 @RKJakTup Nice to meet you! Lol Dr Pepper = Big Red.
  11. My computer's out of commission - I started doing a rebuild and realized I was missing something midway through! Offline til Thursday :O

    1. Ashin


      My last experience of building my computer was incredibly frustrating.  I decided (back then) that I'm not going to build anymore.  However, now that my computer is having problems, I am again debating the merits of rebuild/upgrade vs. buy ....

    2. Simone


      Build build build! I've done five or so builds in the last 10 years and it's gotten easier/less frustrating each time. I would have been done in record time if I had remembered that DDR3 ram was obsolete and not compatible with new motherboards. That's what I get for trying to be cheap and recycle. Overall, you can get ridiculous power right now at relatively low prices if you build. 

  12. (eve) Gartius

    Down in Harrisburg - my grandparents live in Lime Ridge though, so I've spent a lot of time in the Bloomsburg area. We go to the fair every year!
  13. (eve) Gartius

    o7 Gartius from a fellow PA resident!
  14. [EVE] Ottoelite reporting in

    Ah @Ashin is a whiskey guy if I remember right, you'll be in good company!
  15. [EVE] Ottoelite reporting in

    o/ Otto! Another trader huh, we're full up on those out here in Branch I'm afraid (just kidding!! ). I have just one (very important) question: what's your favorite beer?? Look forward to flying with you!