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  1. Greetings from the west!

    Hi Thrakkar, welcome to SoH! I looooove your dogs! Is that a pit mixed with a german short hair? Looks like two great hounds for sure I'm pretty sure that SoH started it's life as a DAOC guild - that was way before my time here though. ESO has definitely improved since I first played it in 2016. The One Tamriel update really opened the game and made it much easier to jump into. We're doing a lot of normal dungeons right now, so there are plenty of chances to jump into some groups. We're also having pur first group PvP event tonight. Should be fun! What classes are you playing in ESO? Completely unrelated, what's are the best and worst things about living in Montana? Look forward to meeting you in game soon!
  2. Hail and well met!

    Nice to meet you Brouzouf! Is brouzouf.major your account name or character name? I've always sent invites to account names, but I'm not 100% sure it matters. Either way, one of us will send you an invite sometime today! We have our Mumble and Discord information in our in-game MOTD, so you'll want to check those things out when you accept the invite. We Discord to pre-schedule groups and chat across all of the games we play. We have a PvP group that starts at 900pm EST tonight and a group PvE night that starts at 800pm EST tomorrow. These events usually run for a few hours, so it's totally fine to join in whenever you're available. Cooooool can we see a picture?? Yes! There's actually an SoH HotS night coming up next Friday at 900pmEST. That'll be a good way to hook up with the SoH people who play it.
  3. ESO Intro

    Hello Jolly, nice to meet you! We're pretty casual here, i think you'll like it! We like to ask our new recruits questions to break the ice, here are mine: - What other MMOs have you played, and which one is your favorite? - Favorite ESO class and/or race? - Any fun non-gaming hobbies? - How about a favorite beer?
  4. ESO guild into

    Hello Ongoing Agony! Do you prefer to go by Agony in-game (or, perhaps Mr. Agony - that has a fun ring to it!)? I'm Simone/gorbcorb/Alex, it's nice to meet you! I suspect you'll find a better experience here! We don't do the whole rage thing, though I do reserve the right to lose my cool if someone insults my camel mount. That'll strike a nerve with me haha! In all seriousness though, we're very casual here and not really into power gaming. We're not likely going to be doing and of the veteran trials/super high end content, so there shouldn't be any reason for hardcore elitism (and really, even those groups that do the high end stuff don't need to act like jerks.) Cool! I'm also in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast area (Pennsylvania) and I know have quite a few members from Boston. So like, "what's the deal with airline food" humor, or "what's the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow" humor? More details! Bonus points if you can name the references I have your in-game account already, so I'll send you an invite tonight! You'll also get a welcome PM here on the forums too. We use Discord and Mumble, and we have the information for how to link up with us there in our in-game MOTD. Look forward to meeting you soon!
  5. @MorpheusZero - Hey Guys/Gals

    Hello Morpheus and welcome to SoH! That's a quality intro - puts mine to shame haha ! Tonight is our weekly group night at 8est (techinically, this will be our fourth group night this week, but this is the only night that's etched in stone each week!). You're welcome to join us if you're interested. Our Mumble and Discord information is in the in-game MOTD. Very cool! Sounds kinda like a PS4 version of what we have going here. Here's hoping we're familiar strangers in that respect! Yep I bet you'll find some takers on this front. I played with the group last night and really enjoy it, but I don't play it that often because it aggravates my carpal tunnel. Thanks Blizz... Eve was my gateway to SoH and I really enjoy the game. I also really hate it! I still read Eve Reddit every day, but I'm completely burnout on actually playing the game. I can't see going back unless CCP adds a significant amount of engaging and dynamic group PvE content that would be accessible for a group our size (which was like ~10 people when we closed). I wont hold my breath haha. I played SWTOR a ton at launch, and then for a few months at the end of 2014. I actually really enjoy it, but I didn't have a good group to play with the second time around. In my experience, the best way to play it was with three other friends who wanted to move through the group dungeons together/in-sequence to see the story. That way there was no rushing through the dialogue and the chance based dialogue options became something to laugh about together. I played a wild-card republic scoundrel who was just as likely to pick the good or evil option, while my friends were mostly completely good. It made for a lot of fun times when my character won the roll haha.
  6. Hi Everyone :D

    Hello Mikagi and welcome to SoH! I had a similar to you with ESO - bought the the game in 2016 a few months before One Tamriel happened but didn't stick with it (I came here to play Eve instead!). It's an entirely different game though after One Tamriel, and a lot of fun. I look forward to gaming with you soon! We're doing a group night tonight at 8est and you're welcome to join - we usually do stuff like dungeons and world bosses. There are links to our Discord and Mumble in the in-game MOTD - you should check that stuff out before tonight if you can (if you're coming to group night that is!). Please use the same name you picked on the forums for Discord and Mumble so that we know who you are! Cool! I just learned we have a bilingual the Canadian from Ottawa in the guild the other night (Ratchett). Yep, big fan here too. I play through FF7, FF8 and FF9 every couple of years. Did 8 a few months ago Talk to you soon!
  7. Hi SoH! Prospective ESO guild member here!

    Hi Jorion/Michael, welcome to SoH! I'm Simone/Gorbcorb/Alex, most go with Simone but all are fine haha. It's nice to have you here and I look forward to gaming with you soon . Are you @jorion in ESO? I'll send you an invite this morning. We'll be doing some group activities tonight starting at 8est, you're welcome to join us! We usually do some dungeons, maybe some World Bosses and Public Dungeons, PvP someday (haven't done it as a group yet haha). Longer is usually better with these sort of things! Sure, have them put up an intro and we'll shoot them an invite! Some questions! - Where ya from? East coast/west coast, somewhere in the middle? - Do anything fun in real life? Cool job, fun hobby, etc. Talk to you soon!
  8. Intro

    Yep, that's a quality Eve story. I hope Tyrlis stops by to tell his story of WH misadventure. It's a good one
  9. Hello SoH

    Hey man, welcome to SoH! Non-FFXIVer here (I actually like the game, just not quite enough to play it haha!). Hope you enjoy the guild
  10. Intro

    Hello Anthony, nice to meet you! I'm Simone/GorbCorb/Alex - most people call Simone but I answer to all of the above haha. Simone was my eve main's name - I also walked away from Eve (just a few weeks ago)! ESO is far less stressful for me . We usually ask our recruits some random serious and non-serious questions so we can get to know you a bit. Here are mine! - East Coast, West Coast, middle America...Canada? Where ya from?! - Cool job, or boring job? I'm firmly in the "boring job" category. I do bureaucrat stuff for the PA state government. - What's your favorite ESO class and role so far? And what level are you? - Best Eve story? I've got quite a few haha, most of them involve some beer and SoH fleets! Look forward to meeting you in game! I received your in-game mail and will send you an invite when I finish writing this up. I'll also send you a PM here on the forums with the link to our Discord and some other new recruit info. I may get to that tonight, but definitely tomorrow if not.
  11. Hello,

    Haha I know that panic feeling quite well!
  12. Hello,

    Hello Barry, welcome to SoH! Glad to have you aboard! I've sent you an invite in-game and will send you a PM with a link to our Discord here soon. We also use Mumble for voice chat, the server info is in our in-game MOTD. That's cool! I was also 23 and just finishing college when I built my first PC too. I built four more over the last nine year, it's super fun once you know how to do it. I just a new built a new one last summer, right before graphics card prices went crazy. Did you run into any trouble with your first build? Mine was super stressful - I dropped the CPU on the kitchen table and had to bend some of the pins back with a credit card! That's mostly how I play too - dungeons and just running around collecting stuff. I spend a lot of time stealing stuff too haha. I was always more of a PvP player in other MMOs, but I just haven't got around to doing it in ESO. I'll get to it soon I guess . What class/role is your favorite and what are you playing for your new PC character?
  13. Hi

    Hello D_Sel! I'm Gorbcorb from the ESO boards and I run South of Heaven's ESO guild (along with the fabulous Fera, who I'm sure you'll meet soon!). I joined SoH back when I was playing Eve, and my main character's name was Simone, so that sort of became my SoH name for life. That's what I use on Discord and Mumble etc. Anyway! Why do you tell us some more about yourself? Where are you from, what do you do for a living, what other games do you play, that sort of stuff. Are you the person from the ESO boards that kept getting stuck in guilds with impenetrable social circles? I totally know what that feels like haha. That was my experience in probably 80% of the MMO guilds I joined before SoH. I think we try to make conscious decisions about how we run group activities to help avoid that, and also by keeping a relatively small roster.
  14. Greetings from Luxtago

    Hello and welcome Luxtago! I sent you an in-game invite this morning (I'm gorbcorb from the ESO boards). It's nice to meet another healer fan! My main is a nightblade healer, tons of fun. My question (it's a two parter): You've been playing mmos for a long time, what do you think are the most and least positive developmentdls you've seen in the genre over the last 20 years?
  15. Hello!

    Hello RandomPanda, nice to have you aboard! It sounds like you're relatively new to groups and guilds in MMOs? Cool! It can be intimidating at first (honestly, I still get a pang of anxiety here and there when I'm getting in a dungeon run), but grouping up in an MMO is some of the most fun you can have in gaming! Feel free too ask questions about the game or running group content in guild chat/discord/mumble as often as you feel comfortable. People who have played these games for a long time tend to move quickly and take our experience for granted - it's totally fine to ask them to slow down! Ok, now to the questions! - OH I loved Witcher 3! Did you finish the game, and if so, were you a "good dad" or a "bad dad?" - What's your favorite class in ESO? - Do you have any fun non-gaming hobbies?