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  1. Hey again Slain'te! Nice to have you here. You caught us at time when we aren't actively recruiting, but we'd be glad to have you aboard. We're mid-move out of Syndicate - heading back to Orvolle in Placid. Long story short, it's a bit of a crazy time! We'll be out of Syndicate by this weekend and back to a regular schedule of roaming and stuff. Speaking of roaming - yep, we're pretty small and microgang pvp focused. We typically fly T1 and faction stuff and tend to take more fights than we should. I say in our recruitment ad that we're the equivalent of beer league bowling and it's definitely true haha. We just like to fight and aren't picky about how it ends I sent you an invite to our Discord in a PM - let's set up a time to chat quick sometime this week. I'll answer any questions you have about us and then shoot you an invite. Talk to you soon!
  2. HI Slain'te! I'm heading to bed now but will respond and send you our Discord info tomorrow morning. Talk to you soon!
  3. Sure man, we're up for some arranged fighting. I send you my Discord info in a PM later today and we can set something up!
  4. Hey Ishta! Nice talking to you yesterday, glad to have you aboard. Looking forward to having you on a fleet with us! Former PA resident huh - cool! I live in PA and work for the state gov in Harrisburg. I think quite a few of us live in the PA/Maryland/New York/New Jersey area. I haven't spent too much time in NJ, but I thought it seemed like a pretty nice place to live the last few times I visited. PA people tend to hate on NJ, but seems like an underated place to me! What genres are you into reading wise? I've been really into horror and weird fiction in the last couple years. I just started reading this pretty cool experimental weird fiction book called House of Leaves - it's pretty good stuff!
  5. Hi Galen - glad to have you aboard! It was good talking to you on Saturday. Sounds like we need to get some small gang fleets going in the 2100-0000 timeframe on Saturday. Looking forward to that and flying with you soon!
  6. Hi Wzok Oran/Jared - nice to meet you! We'd be glad to have you aboard/show you around the game a bit. You can really accelerate the Eve learning process by joining a group, getting involved in fleets, and asking questions. The game really does have a pretty brutal learning curve, but it rewards patience with moments you won't find in any other game. I've been playing off and on since 2012 (my steam says 3550 hours, but it's exaggerating slightly), and there are still whole sections of the game I don't know much about at all! I'll PM you a link to our Discord here in a minute. Let's pick a time this week to meet/chat and then we can send you an invite to the Corp. Look forward to talking/flying with you soon!
  7. Hi Captain Kai - glad you found us! Sounds like we'd be a great fit for you. Let's try to set up a Discord chat sometime this week. I'm available every night until 0330 Eve time, let me know what time works for you. I'm going to PM you the link to our Discord here in a minute. Talk to you soon!
  8. Hey Downsouth - nice to hear from you! I'm going to send you a PM with our Discord link here soon. Let's try to talk sometime this weekend and then we can get you an invite to the corp. You picked a great time to look us up. We're joining up with an alliance in Syndicate that is active primarily in EUTZs, so you'll be able to meet/hang out with people even SOHCO people are offline. We're planning to expand our recruiting to EUTZs too once Tyrlis moves to Europe too. Hopefully we'll have some decent activity in EUTZ in the next couple months. Talk to you soon!
  9. Those are some excellent pictures!
  10. Hi Nick/Shibity - nice to see you here! I sent you a mail this morning with our Discord link. Let's try to get on Discord sometime today so that we can get you a corp invite. I had a similar experience with a bad corp when I started playing, so I definitely know the feeling! We can get you started with basic PvP mechanics pretty quickly. I recently started using twitch to share my screen with new players so they can see first hand how to do some things. There are so many little UI quirks and hidden menus in Eve that it's often best to just see what someone else is doing. Look forward to showing you some cool tricks soon!
  11. Hi Stan - glad to have you aboard! We're looking forward to answering any questions you have, so hit us up on Discord or in-game any time. We've got a bunch of guys who were in your position recently - I'm sure they will have some good advice for you. Here's your first training goal: We fly Caracals pretty regularly as our main organized fleet doctrine. Training for this ship will get you into the main DPS ship for most of our Saturday fleets. You can see this fit in our in-game corp fittings by opening the fitting window and looking in the Cruisers menu of the fittings. You may need to check the little "corp" icon at the top left of the menu, and you may also need to expand the fitting window by hitting the little wrench icon. When you select the fit in game, you'll be able to see the training you need to do to be able to use this fit. That only tells you half the story though. Generally, you want to get the skills required to fly the ship, and all of the skills that support those skills, trained to III as soon as possible. You can come back and train stuff to IV later (highly recommend that!). What do I mean by support skills - well to start there are many "missile support" skills that make your missiles better - Warhead Upgrades, Target Navigation Prediction, Guided Missile Precision, Rapid Launch, Missile Projection, Missile Bombardment, and Missile Launcher Operation. Training all of these skills to III will make your missiles dramatically more effective. Then there are shield support skills, fitting skills, rigging skills, etc. that all factor in to how effective your ships are. Figuring all this stuff out will really help you get your head around how ships work in Eve. So, we really recommend working on training this Caracal. We also recommend looking at some smaller ships, like frigates and destroyers, that you might want to fly when we do more informal roams (which we do pretty often). We didn't have enough people online to do WH PvE last night, so we all just hopped in ships to go PvP instead - no set doctrine, just whatever we wanted to fly. You'll want to have some ships like that on standby in Stacmon. I recommend looking at some of the missile based frigates since you're already training in that direction with the Caracal. I can help you import ships once this Halloween event ends. Well that's probably enough information overload for now haha. Look forward to flying with you soon!
  12. Hi Vincentia - welcome to the corp! I just sent you an invite, so you should have it next time you log on. I totally forgot to mention this to you last night, but we do have some options for you to start checking out logi. We have a Scythe in our Caracal PvP doctrine, and an Augoror in our WH PvE doctrine. We haven't been using the Scythe that much (we generally need more Caracals for those fleets), but we're using the Augoror pretty much every WH PvE night (Thursdays @ 0100). We have the Aug fit saved in our corp doctrines in-game if you want to check it out/see if you need any training for it. There's also always room for random logi when we do small roams through low sec, so feel free to import some of your own fits for kitchen sink action. It was nice talking to you last night, and we look forward to flying with you! The next schedule event is PvE night on Thursday @ 0100, followed by PvP night on Saturday @ 0100.
  13. Welcome to the Corp Attazach! Hope you enjoyed your first roam last night. It doesn't take long at all to get the basics of fleet PvP, so I definitely don't see your lack of experience as a negative. It's actually good in a way - it just means you'll learn our good (and bad) PvP habits instead of someone elses! Looking forward to flying with you more. Feel free to ask us questions anytime - we're here to help!
  14. Hi Zivoca - it was good chatting with you last week! Let me know if you need any help with anything - getting set up in Stacmon, figuring out our doctrines, anything really. Look forward to flying with you soon!
  15. Hi Isaiah - nice talking to you last night! I think we've roamed Provi a bit on almost every Saturday roam we've done so far - it'll be like a homecoming for you haha. Let me know if you need any help getting set up in Stacmon. I have doctrine ships to loan out there, so you really only need to set up your extra PvP ships (whatever random stuff you like flying). We have posts on our Punisher and Caracal fleets in the Reference section of the Eve subforum. You'll be able to see that area today. Look forward to flying with you!
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