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  1. Welcome to the Corp Attazach! Hope you enjoyed your first roam last night. It doesn't take long at all to get the basics of fleet PvP, so I definitely don't see your lack of experience as a negative. It's actually good in a way - it just means you'll learn our good (and bad) PvP habits instead of someone elses! Looking forward to flying with you more. Feel free to ask us questions anytime - we're here to help!
  2. Hi Zivoca - it was good chatting with you last week! Let me know if you need any help with anything - getting set up in Stacmon, figuring out our doctrines, anything really. Look forward to flying with you soon!
  3. Hi Isaiah - nice talking to you last night! I think we've roamed Provi a bit on almost every Saturday roam we've done so far - it'll be like a homecoming for you haha. Let me know if you need any help getting set up in Stacmon. I have doctrine ships to loan out there, so you really only need to set up your extra PvP ships (whatever random stuff you like flying). We have posts on our Punisher and Caracal fleets in the Reference section of the Eve subforum. You'll be able to see that area today. Look forward to flying with you!
  4. You should be good to go - I accepted both applications yesterday. Eve makes the applicant accept the acceptance for some unknown reason - you have to go into the corp tab and push a button there.
  5. Hi Aleff! Great talking to you last night and glad to have you aboard. Practical and I were just talking yesterday about how much fun we had in Ziriert during the BoG days and how we're basically trying to recreate that atmosphere full time. Looking forward to flying Jackdaws with you again soon! I definitely think you'll find a continuation of the BoG culture here - we were sad when we left because they were basically our ideal alliance culturally, but we just needed more of that pew pew pew haha. For fleets this week - we're doing a WH dive on Thursday and a PvP fleet Saturday, both at 0100. You can find the PvE night ships for this week at the end of this thread: https://www.sohguild.com/index.php?/topic/20378-wh-fits-guides-etc/. We're taking out Caracals on Saturday, those fits are here https://www.sohguild.com/index.php?/topic/18122-doctrine-sidewinders-wip/. I'm linking them for reference, but you don't actually need to show up in Stacmon with a ship. I have ships to give out there you can use, or you're welcome to bring you're own.
  6. Hey Sasuke, welcome aboard! We're glad to help with any questions you have or directions you might need - drop a question in chat or Discord whenever. I'm betting you guys will all no more about the game than I do in a just a few months haha. So what's your favorite ship and/or favorite activity so far? Do you have any medium/long term goals (let us know, we can help!)? Look forward to flying with you!
  7. Hi Codfish/Michael - nice meeting you last night! Welcome to our ever-expanding group of programmers/Eve players! Looking forward to getting out there and PvPing with you. My playtime/playstyle is the same as yours - i can do random stuff for an hour or so during the week, and then I play a lot on the weekends. Definitely come check out the WH - it's a low sec static connection, so it's usually pretty quiet. I'm getting ready to start some PI there, now that we're almost done with the POCOs. How about a few random questions? 1. What kind of programming do or what industry? 2. You last played before I even started haha - what's your favorite memory from the glory days of Eve? 3. Favorite Eve ship?
  8. Hey Projekt - welcome aboard! It was nice talking to you last night, glad to have you with us. Looking forward to getting into some decidedly mediocre tier pvp with you haha. I'm going to piggy back off one Tbert's questions - I started with Genesis too, so I'm interested in hearing if you have any favorites? I've got one of those new sega classic minis coming today, I think I mostly bought it to play Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. I want to get a setup going where I can do some Eve mining or something mindless on one screen and Mean Bean on the other haha. Hope to fleet up with you for some PvP this weekend!
  9. Hey Keith/David - great to have you in the corp! No shame in enjoying mining at all haha. I don't really do it right now, but I do think it's pretty fun and relaxing - a nice change of pace to more active PvE. Good luck on your professional exam! Tristans are definitely cool little ships with lots of fun ways to fit them up. We have an inactive doctrine that uses neuting Tristans. The fits are still in-game corp fittings - they should still be fine fits to use for a small faction war gang. Looking forward to getting out there and PvPing with you all some more!
  10. The answer to all the Eve is dying posts on Reddit is clearly CCP adding space spiders to the game.
  11. Rahk's pretty good at it - he got one last night that I didn't think he had a chance of baiting haha!
  12. Quality choice of ship for sure, confessors, jackdaws, and svipuls are some of my favorite ships. It was nice talking to you earlier - welcome to the corp!
  13. These are some high quality answers!
  14. Hey Adamant/Daniel - nice to meet you. Sounds like you're looking for the same thing we are - PvP! I think you're going to find what you're looking for here. We have lots of local pvp options and easy access to the active areas of null. We're all learning too - we have brand new players and new pvpers and returning vets who are trying to shake off the rust. Taking the Loki in on those procs is a bold way to get back into pvp, i like it! We should be able to catch each other on Discord tonight for sure. I'll send you a Discord link later this afternoon. Have fun on Saturday, we'll catch you next time for sure. Talk to you soon!
  15. Hi Davos Shaile - Nice to meet you! We followed a similar path to you through null sec and back out again. We used to be in Blades of Grass back when they were part of GotG. We left a couple years ago after getting tired of the blue donut, hung out in low sec for a bit, and then took a break from the game for a good year and a half or so. The rust is real after that break for sure! We're still setting up our corp infrastructure, so that's eating into my PvP time. But once we're past setup mode, I'm planning on whelping as many hundreds of frigates as it takes to get decent at solo/small gang PvP haha. We still get our medium to large gang fix too through NPSI fleet stuff - being near Jita and Amarr makes catching those fleet really easy. Makes it really easy not to miss Null that much haha. Our ESO group is pretty quiet right now unfortunately - sounds like there's a bit of a content drought and they're waiting for the next expansion. You're welcome to check it and the other guilds out too - the most (only?) active two are Wow classic and Destiny 2. So the last step in the recruitment process here is to do a quick voice chat before we send an invite. I'm free every night this week if you're available. I'll send you our Discord link in a PM soon. We have a regular fleet every Saturday night at 0100 Eve/800 CST, you're welcome to join us. We're taking out our new Punisher doctrine out of Stacmon. Talk to you soon! PS - You are totally right about IT professionals in Eve. I think we have at least four people in IT here.
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