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  1. shoutout to kitty

  2. can someone plsssssssss give me a hearthstone beta key?

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    2. huntera


      you can't just jack my status like that noesis

    3. Ashin
    4. Tinymanz


      but he did jack your status >_>

    1. Ashin


      there's a laptop advice thread in offtopic

    2. Negido


      I personally am not the biggest fan of dell, however, that being said. The specs look very good and they should be able to run anything that you throw at it. Just go over the reviews and make sure there aren't any overheating issues.

    3. Liquephyre


      I just made a post in the thread mentioned by Ashin. My advice there is exactly what I'll say to anyone asking this question. And I'll second the hesitation when considering being a customer of Dell. :p

  3. as far this bw to kc things goes.. what I do is just make sure that I'm on a gcd when my BW comes up and I have KC off CD, so while KC is on the gcd I start spamming my BW/KC macro a split second before KC comes off the gcd, which makes sure that I get the KC off during BW everytime
  4. can you direct link to some heroic fight logs that you are in?
    1. Stridur


      This is hot , thanks for sharing

    2. Terry


      50 facts about kanya west that crash terrys computer if he clicks it -.-

  5. i'd think someone serious about pushing progression in 5.2 and apparently has all that experience would at least supply an armory link. Maybe a UI ss too? and perhaps format this a little better like the other apps you'll see on here to Make yourself appear more professional.
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