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  1. Hi and welcome! Fellow Korgath friend ( that you don't know) and healing enthusiast. Based on what you wrote i think you'll enjoy our raid environment a lot. We are all laid back and enjoy each others company. I'm sure you'll fit in and be talking in no time. As for healing stuff, we run holy pally and holy priest regularly. As we continue into heroic, we can definitely benefit from having a third healer with your experience.
  2. Hello South of Heaven, My name is Dan and im a former member of the wow raiding team during parts of Cataclysm and nearly all of Mists of Pandaria. Its been about two years since ive been a contributing member of the forums. I was relatively disinterested in wow for ahwile and between finishing school and relocating across my state, i didnt really have the time to commit to wow for almost a year. When WoD released I returned to raid with a few friends from previous guilds and it was nice, but missing the community that SoH has always offered its members. I'm looking to rejoin the wow chapte
  3. I think we all wish we had it for Primordious.
  4. Interesting. We've had some dreadful luck gettting Conq tokens to drop, so I have 0 tier pieces so far. Although, I still like to use T14 4 piece because it's still super strong. Once we get some heroic tier, it will be much harder to resist the change but for now, I prefer T14.
  5. I see that you got a Heroic Tortos kill the same night as us. congrats. How well did you feel that healing assignment worked out for your raid?
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