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  1. I really really really enjoy all the Toast names. I have one question: Can you cook something other than toast? I hope for your wife's sake that's a yes. Mementoast, Mistletoast, Ghettoast, Photoast, Mosquitoast. Watch out, I'm coming for your brand.
  2. That's awesome, definitely something to be proud of! As for the pigeons, it's an average day so if on a average day you have a bag or burp cloth on you, then sure! We probably won't hold you to actually being able to carry 7 or not, but only time will tell.
  3. Hi Matt! Mordi already asked a bunch of questions so I'll go easy. 1. What’s the most embarrassing fashion trend you used to rock? 2. What's the largest mammal you think you could knock out with a single punch? 3. Will you name your unborn child after me?
  4. Hi, Dave! I have a few very important questions. 1. What is something you are proud of, but never have an excuse to talk about? 2. On an average day, how many pigeons do you think you could reasonably carry? 3. If you could delete all but three apps on your phone, which ones would you keep?
  5. Hi Griff! I'm on my lunch break from the salt mines so I'll be light on the questions. Would you rather have snakes for arms or always have bees in your mouth? Also seconding Jim's question about your intended healer choice, or current healer or healers you think are just *neat*.
  6. Oh yeah, Ulduar is fantastic. The mechanics may seem simple now, but damn if we didn't spend months wiping on that stuff haha. I know you mean the in-game music but the song mostly in my head when I think of Ulduar is this one Cata T11 was fun/challenging to heal, I agree. It was the first raid tier I ever healed! My guild at the time lost our healer for 10man so I brought my holy paladin alt in that I just did arenas and pvp'd on to heal until we found a replacement. We never did and 9 years later it's still my main...thanks, T11! Trial by fire I suppose. It sounds like you h
  7. Hands down. 1. What was your favorite raid? Or favorite boss fight or encounter and why? 2. What got you into WoW in the first place? 3. Do you have any pets? and if so you're highly encouraged to post pictures.
  8. Hi, Hepes! I'm always interested to know what got people into WoW in the first place, so what was that for you? What was your favorite raid in MoP and your favorite fight? What was your role then? Yes, please do it.
  9. I'm in love with this puppo!
  10. Hi Kash! It's good to see you again! Post a picture of your puppo immediately, okay thanks. (:
  11. aaaaand it's stuck in my head all night now!
  12. Oh oh! I grew up in Knoxville! In fact, I just moved away about a year ago. Yay, Knox-vegas!
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