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  1. I'm in love with this puppo!
  2. Hi Kash! It's good to see you again! Post a picture of your puppo immediately, okay thanks. (:
  3. Devotional


    aaaaand it's stuck in my head all night now!
  4. Oh oh! I grew up in Knoxville! In fact, I just moved away about a year ago. Yay, Knox-vegas!
  5. Hehe, well I don't need any... wink wink... ...until heroics tier...
  6. Lol, we can bond over mutual feelings of being envied! I know Sheitan hates me for it, I complained about getting a second set of tier legs that I won't even use for ret yet because I still have my t14 ret bonuses, and he's like "SHUT UP, you doubled coined legs, go away!"
  7. It's open, ya. I got 2 pieces of my tier (got legs twice, then my helm) with coins and a heroic thunderforged cloak. I have sort of insane coin luck, I think people hate me for it. >:]
  8. On that particular fight for what I was tasked with, t15 4pc all the way. I still have my t14 4pc and before last Sunday pretty much only wore that. Since I completed the t15 4pc after our raid ended Sunday, I wanted to run with that all this week and see how it felt. Pretty good so far, with some regemming and such I ranked twice...though one is gone already. Overall, I do like the t14 set bonuses better. I can't get used to this long holy shock cooldown, either!
  9. Excellent, really. We had a lot of trouble with our dk tank and warrior tank dropping or not having their crystal shield maxxed enough/or applied quickly enough. The shaman, disc priest & I took on responsibility for both tanks and even though I think we'd would have all rather stood in center and bomb AoE heals, we did the grunt work that actually helped kill the boss. Plus, I mean...4pc T15 for keeping tanks up... I had a couple of attempts where the healing was just about even on my BoL tank and the bat tank. That's just a thing of beauty. =]
  10. That sounds great, thank you so much! I'd love to stick around!
  11. Thank you for taking a look over it, I appreciate the time everyone took to read through it and ask questions, it was a pleasant experience. :] You have Shey's btag, and mine is Dev#1631 if you have questions about anything or want to talk. I appreciate the honesty in your response about not taking on another new trial, we've had 4 holy paladin trials since I joined ICG. While I'm not scared of losing my spot, it's hard to gauge how good someone/people are when you have a minimum of 3 new people each night. Again, thanks everyone!
  12. Thank you, thank you! I like all kinds of rum, I used to be really into Baca Limon, but I really enjoy Captain of course and Kracken Spiced Rum. I've made Sheitan my favorite club drink (Long Island Iced Teas) and that's rum, vodka, tequila, gin & triple sec and he enjoys those with me. We used to have a guild drinking game for raiding when DS was on farm and for pvp. Does South of Heaven do anything like that? Well, I am jealous! That's now on my list of things to do after I invent time travel, is go see The Little Mermaid in theaters :]
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