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  1. A true cat. Human affection as a last resort.
  2. Clairemont or Arkady? Arkady just has this "over it" vibe and honestly I stan.
  3. Hi, Jeremy! Had a good time in that Mythic, and hopefully we can do some more!
  4. Omg, you're killing me hahah. Arkady is a whole mood, and Loial is the cutest thing I've seen in my entire life. Ohhh, okay! Wheel of Time series, my husband has read all/some/none of those. And for the record, the just kinda stand there awkwardly around is definitely a dance move if you decide it is! I definitely don't envy you having to do remodeling work, that's such a undertaking. I think being able to just absorb necessary info from instructions is actually a great answer. I never would have thought of that, it sounds powerful though. You could be an expert at anything that way!
  5. See, and I always thought his full name was Vehicle Identification Number Diesel. I think I've seen that movie, the XXL extended cut? We buy more bananas than we end up eating here so we joke that we just rescue bananas from the grocery store and give them a nice place to die. I enjoyed reading all your answers!
  6. We also have a husky mix! German Shepherd/Husky. I'm extremely interested in a dachshund husky mix, my mind is going wild. I understand you on the barking, ours was a rescue and I don't think he knew he could bark or howl until a year or so in. Now he's a vocal thing and woofs at everything. I love the answers, I also wouldn't last long in a zombie apocalypse. It would definitely win a Darwin award for dumbest death. And hell yes to mashed potatoes! I am an absolute fiend for mashed potatoes. The apple crisps sounds perfect as well, I'm sure there's plans to make it for the holidays coming up right?!
  7. Hi, Heather! I really enjoyed reading your intro! I'm not familiar with the books you're referring to, I'd love to know more about them if you could elaborate. :) I also have a few questions: 1. What dance move are you secretly amazing at? Or maybe not even secretly! 2. What would be the title of your autobiography? 3. If you could instantly become an expert in something, what would it be and why?
  8. Hi Clairemont! Ohhh, you guys live in Alabama! My husband Sheytan and I lived in Alabama for a few years. Florence specifically, it's like 70ish miles west of Huntsville. Also, tell me more about Daisy Mae. Pictures if possible. :) I have a few questions 1. Who was your childhood actor/actress crush? 2. How long would you last in a zombie apocalypse? 3. What is your signature go-to dish if you're being asked to prepare one?
  9. Hello associate of Jim! I have a few questions... 1. What song for you would be played on a loop in hell to torture you? 2. What was something you thought would be easy until you tried it? 3. What's the worst or best purchase you've ever made?
  10. I really really really enjoy all the Toast names. I have one question: Can you cook something other than toast? I hope for your wife's sake that's a yes. Mementoast, Mistletoast, Ghettoast, Photoast, Mosquitoast. Watch out, I'm coming for your brand.
  11. That's awesome, definitely something to be proud of! As for the pigeons, it's an average day so if on a average day you have a bag or burp cloth on you, then sure! We probably won't hold you to actually being able to carry 7 or not, but only time will tell.
  12. Hi Matt! Mordi already asked a bunch of questions so I'll go easy. 1. What’s the most embarrassing fashion trend you used to rock? 2. What's the largest mammal you think you could knock out with a single punch? 3. Will you name your unborn child after me?
  13. Hi, Dave! I have a few very important questions. 1. What is something you are proud of, but never have an excuse to talk about? 2. On an average day, how many pigeons do you think you could reasonably carry? 3. If you could delete all but three apps on your phone, which ones would you keep?
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