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  1. I enjoyed the new Taylor Swift video, cool homage to post apoc flicks and girl powah xD

  2. qqemokitty


    Yaaaaaaaay us!!
  3. qqemokitty

    Baal (wow app)

    French accent?!? Oo lala! =) Welcome, it was good to have you with us last week. I think we will probably not raid this weekend due to IRL Boss, but hopefully to resume the following week! Do you like cats? Do you like complaining about garrisons? Do you have interest in challenge modes?
  4. qqemokitty


    Congrats!! =)
  5. qqemokitty

    Intro / Application (FFXIV)

    welcome! =) im new here too. this is a great group, very welcoming!
  6. i have a keyboard at home again!! FF leveling and WoW raiding can now resume!

  7. qqemokitty

    Pringus [WoW app]w

    Sometimes I drool when I laugh. :3
  8. qqemokitty


    woot =)
  9. mondaaaaaaaaaaay blaaaaargh

  10. qqemokitty

    Pringus [WoW app]w

    I knew you were Canadianananaan on account of the U in favorite. Weirdo. Your milk comes in bags! Welcome though. omg cats.TELL US MORE ABOUT YOUR CATS. I am new here and very weird.
  11. qqemokitty

    App / Intro Thingie! (WoW, name tbd)

    So now that I am finally able to play on Leviathan, how do I go about finding the SoH people there? I am super newb at FF! Note the time on my little clock omg! I was like a zombie!:
  12. One is the loneliest number... http://i.imgur.com/kiNVZe1.png :3

    1. Estarriol


      Oh, forgot to respond to your whisper. Stormreaver is, by FAR, my favorite server I've ever been on. I even tried (and succeeded) to convince LA to go there. I'm working on convincing Pathogen, too. >.> <.<

    2. qqemokitty


      LOL. Well I transferred my paladin over too so maybe I will try t get into the pug scene or something. =)

  13. Dear Darlantan - we should totally do 2 nights of raiding instead of 1. Love, me

    1. Darlantan


      Someday I'd love to do a full-on 3-night mythic raiding team again! Alas, one night is all I can reasonably do right now. :(

    2. qqemokitty


      I cant do three I can only do 2. :p We're difficult!