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  1. Quite possibly the best answer to the Lalafell question to date. Welcome!
  2. You're looking at this all wrong! This could be a fabulously faunal superhero duo.
  3. No birds?! Not even Alex the parrot?!? You monster! Also hi.
  4. Today's PSA: Please be sure to use "few and far between" and not "far and few between" as the latter makes no sense. Thank you.

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    2. Inedit


      +1 Luc's response!

    3. Inedit


      And for all intensive purposes, I think you're wrong.

    4. Darlantan


      So much bad. Soooooo much bad!

  5. Point of curiosity: Do you guys say "eye-ess-kay" or "issk"?

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    2. Ashin


      I mean.. they did stick with their own Icelandic currency but just invented a silly alternate acronym so that 'mericans wouldn't yell at them I think.

    3. Darlantan


      Oh. Right. The company is Icelandic. /facepalm

    4. Derodek


      I didn't know Iceland had such dank money.

  6. Welcome welcome! Liquid movers welcome here.
  7. Welcome!! It's a shame there isn't more of a market for high end raiding at lighter hours. We managed to do from fairly well to quite well for ourselves on a 9-hour schedule from the beginning of Cata through to Throne of Thunder in Mists, but it was a constant struggle to keep capable team(s) together, especially when we moved to 25-man raiding at the tail end of Dragon Soul, after progression. Eventually leadership just didn't have the time any longer to keep things going, and the ride ended, but luckily we were able to go out on top with a respectably-placed Lei Shen 25H kill. I was able to hop into coil in the month before HW, and I was impressed that Squenix really seems to be designing good, solid raid encounters. I'm kind of jealous of you guys.
  8. After a successful tour of duty from our officer and raid leader of the WoW chapter, I'm happy to announce Estarriol's transition to Veteran. Once again, thank you!
  9. Sunny has created Toobz'z business card. http://i.imgur.com/7zE00xY.jpg

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    2. Derodek


      flawless. Such craftsmanship!

    3. Fera


      rofl! priceless!

    4. Huntyre


      excellent.. I'll make sure to hit you up when it's time for mine.

  10. Thank god; there's been entirely too much Lala love around here this past year or so. Also, welcome!
  11. Congratulations to Matuk and Bunnypie on promotion to Member! I had announced this Sunday and then promptly forgot about it.
  12. Hello there Matthieu! We also were glad to have you with us last Sunday. One of our first comments in mumble was "I like this hunter. He helps CC." Before we proceed too much further, I'd like to be fair. Though we do enjoy a rich guild history that spans several years, our WoW chapter is not currently as active as most guilds in the game. If WoW is primarily what you do with your gaming hobby time, you might find our in-game presence a little sparse. I'm by no means trying to chase you off, but I do want to be up-front with you in terms of guild membership. Another option would be to share btags for the Sunday raid; you're certainly welcome to join us each week irrespective of presence in the guild if you prefer! I would also be willing to share Guest access to the forums so you can keep up on WoW-related communications. Now, with that out of the way, if you'd still like to apply then you're perfectly welcome to. Let me know how you'd prefer to proceed... once you've answered everyone's questions, of course. p.s. This is Blackfeather, assuming your Beast Lore doesn't work outside of WoW, and no you still can't tame me! ;D p.p.s. Grawrl.
  13. I'd like to announce a few overdue re-instatements in the WoW chapter: A belated welcome back to Abragale (Veteran), Ammunet (Member), and Persipinei (Member). Glad to have you with us again!
  14. I'm ok with Lalas being walking sacrifices. Some of the best answers in a while, btw. Welcome!
  15. Hey there and welcome. Always happy to see moar referrals! I've set you up with Recruit access so that you can actually see the forums, cruise around, etc. We use our forum a LOT, so I'm sure there is some stuff worth seeing somewhere (hint hint, pet pics thread in off topic gogo ^^ ). Leave it to Tiny to demand more information in the vaguest, laziest way possible! Tiny you have to do proper recruit questions; don't be a wanker! Anyway, when you get a minute, head over to our Code of Conduct thread, read, and post assent. I'm also glad you think weird people are the best because it's all downhill from here.
  16. Well this thread continued exploding after I caught the creeping death and retreated into solitude, didn't it? 1) Since we have been remiss in letting you know thus far, please head over to our Code of Conduct, read, and post your agreement. 2) Super stoked to have more Hyperbole avatars around (Allie wru ) 3) Kitties. And fire. This Sunday seemed like the start of something special for sure. :3 4) Not sure how to feel about all the blatant poaching =p but the fact is that the WoW chapter is so very small, and much of our activity for the moment comes from the raid team. You will probably find a more complete "SoH experience" in the day-to-day in other chapters, but we do have non-raiders playing the game and you're certainly encouraged to try meeting up with them outside of raid times.
  17. FF chapter would love to have you and they're on Leviathan.
  18. It does kind of look like it's being subjected to the Ren & Stimpy happy helmet.
  19. I should have done this earlier but I've now set you up with Recruit access so you can check out the forums more properly. I already said welcome so... Yeah. Re-welcome? =p
  20. Ooooh exciting, an Esta friend! I once thought I loved healing, but it turns out that what I really loved was the mana minigame that came with it (I healed my first raids in T11). Similarly with tanking--I really just loved the pressure cooker that was HM raiding (do we call it MM raiding now? ) and having control of events. Now I'm kind of a jack of all trades, but I usually end up tanking. I can relate a lot to what you're saying; I'm an extreme introvert, an attribute which often manifests as massive anxiety, but as Abra said, you sound like a fine addition to our group of people and to our raid team as well. Certain Things are fairly awful, too. It's one of the bigger reasons I can't see myself raiding competitively unless we put a guild team together again. Some raid nights are tough enough as it is without people making it worse by being the kind of people they insist upon being. With that all said: Yayyyyy durid! Troll is a little disappointing, but since your character is likely to be female I can hardly blame you for going that route, what with the awful new femmetaur models. :< My poor shaman... I'd trail off and wander away too, but I have a trump card in this situation that I can use to exit gracefully! ...Welcome.
  21. Soon after WoD came out, I had been noting the gradually growing general interest expressed in having a casual raid team. Like Tyrlis, I hadn't envisioned the need for any officer-types in the beginning; but here we are, raiding again, as I find myself unable to bring the same knowledge and effort to this kind of thing that I once did. Thankfully, when I reached out to ask whether there was anyone interested in leading our raid, I got an affirmative response from the person from whom I had most been hoping to hear! Thanks to her, we've been successfully chugging along through the Normal content and are ready to start Heroic modes in the first raid instance of the expansion. Oh, and it's been pretty fun too. :3 I am very happy this evening to present SoH's newest, shiniest, and death-grippinest new officer: Estarriol!
  22. Oh my god they're everywhere, aren't they? (Not you, them.) Hi.
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