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  1. But how many kids does he have?! Welcome I'm glad to see so many of Kiffen's crew apping (finally ) I kind of regret not being able to get into Planetside2. I always thought I'd take right to a game like that, but in the end WoW was just too powerful. I'm with you on Wildstar though... I want all the things. Going back to school is putting a bit of a damper on that but I'm managing well enough so far. Looking forward to gaming with you!~
  2. I think you mean Mecharis ASSEMBLE! Also, welcome! Impressive arena history, too! I never had the patience to fit into the arena scene as a major player, but I did have my moments. I'd give you a druid healer brofist, but I stopped healing raids in Firelands after my favorite aspect of raiding as a healer (mana management) became largely trivialized and I had the opportunity to move to other roles. I did continue to main my druid all the way through Throne of Thunder though, and I did continue to heal in PvP! Looking forward to gaming with you~
  3. Hey there and welcome! That Crimelords... Tilly needed pistols, I needed the chestpiece, I also needed my last vet adventure silver for attunement, and of course the rest of us needed rep/elder gems. That server drop at the VERY last boss was pretty abysmal. And even after all that, we still didn't get the worst of it we had a group going for our first silver vet run of Stormtalon and they were on the last boss too with silver in the bag when the instance servers dropped everyone! Talk about a kick in the ass. As you can see, the application process has as much to do with us getting to know you as anything else! I won't add to the questions currently posed to you.... yet.
  4. Beaaaaarrrr! It's true. I became Bear. More bear is better than less bear, though. Grawrl.
  5. Annnd back to our regularly scheduled program. Re-welcome! One of our Chapter Leads will have an introductory PM for you when he or she gets a chance. In the meantime, I'll change your forum rank to Recruit. I see you've already signed off on the Code of Conduct which is good, and be sure to visit The Mumble Sticky thread in our Chapter Policy subforum under Wildstar, if you don't have the program already. Once we get you registered in mumble (if there aren't any admins on the mumble you can send a tell to Darlantan in game tonight) we can invite you into the WS guild. Hopefully people have some inane and insane questions to ask you here; I'm off to update a couple posts and do other guild administrativey things (and sneak off to play a bit too). I'll just start with one: Are you interested in the Rated PvP modes: Arenas, Rated BGs, and Warplots; and what class appeals to you the most so far? ..Ok, maybe two: What is your opinion on Chua? The resistance is weak; we can crush it together!
  6. Hi and welcome to the forums! On the one hand, SoH is very penis-joke friendly. On the other hand, you might say we're sensitive about character names in the guild and the impressions that they leave on the communities we join. I hope that you can appreciate the spirit of our policy, even if its invocation in this case shines a spotlight on your character's name. In my humble-but-admittedly-still-influential opinion, I don't think the name crosses the line, though in a leadership structure where we all share opinions, I think it's prudent to put our heads together real quicklike if there is any concern on a subjective matter like this. I haven't been able to contact the others just yet, but I didn't want to leave you hanging without any officer response! I believe in being candid, at any rate. Cheers~
  7. I don't know. Ralph is a pretty solid choice! Also, welcome. ^^
  8. 1) I thought bok choy made a horrible screaming noise when you cooked it. 1a) But I guess vegetables don't make sounds. 2) Rush is a great answer to the should-never-be-covered question! Agree completely. 3) The Wheel of Time is definitely the best book/book series that people can't stand, lol. I like it a lot, myself. 4) BATTLE! 5) What is your stance on Chua? Yay or nay?!
  9. Hey and welcome, the Qwaz! I gotta say, Man of Steel is probably a solid choice for most disappointing movie ever. While I didn't have any expectations for it and didn't even really have it on my radar when it came out (I was really sick of superhero/comic book movies for a while), a friend of mine and Tilluk's brought it over for our D&D group to watch one Saturday........ Talk about movies that make you laugh. We all drank and watched it start to finish... almost every scene was either a total groaner or a complete riot. I'd recommend it to anybody who likes laughing at bad movies.
  10. Launch haze is finally clearing... I'm starting to notice things outside the game again! I dabbled in a shadowblade and a healer on Igraine but my main endgame RvR experience (such as it was) was with my wizard on Gawaine. You did give the wrong answer to the realm question!! but at least you didn't main a stun-caster. We'd have had words. Those gd magician classes...
  11. Hey and welcome! Glad to see you got registered on the forums. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (...I always have to be the one, don't I? ;P ) Because of the crazy number of recruits we currently have, we're asking everyone to use the same name in mumble and on the forums, and if the in-game character is different from that, to include a roster note with your forum name. It helps keep everyone sorted, and it minimizes the chance we'll lose track of who you are during the trial process. Would you rather go by Canderous (we can change your forum name) or GameBaes? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for the app, what faction did you play on DAoC! There is only one truly wrong answer... DAoC was my big introduction to MMOs and it will forever hold a special place in my heart.
  12. Hello and welcome! Jack brought it up, but juuuust to be completely clear (since no one else mentioned it!) we will want to see a separate intro post from Ms. Ducgirl as well, before inviting, setting up forum access and all that jazz. It doesn't have to include a ton of gaming history - books, movies, tv shows, music, and other hobbies and interests like these are all fine fodder for an intro post! Some of us can definitely relate to the hardcore-raiding-on-casual-hours experience. Our WoW chapter journeyed from very late ICC all the way to Throne of Thunder in this expansion, eventually locking in the (51st?) U.S. kill on 25H Lei Shen, on 9 hours a week. It's great to know that you're right up there with other guilds who spend so many more hours raiding every week, while still having enough spare time to live a life, lol. Personally, I'm back to school now and it feels like I'll never have that experience again... but never say never, right? Looking forward to gaming with you!
  13. Hi and welcome! Rifts would definitely make a better MMO than it has a tabletop p&p game. My gaming group has a running joke regarding the xp charts as written in the book along the lines that backflipping your way to the store (successful skill checks) earns you more xp than saving the world. Re: stereotypes, I think Canada has some of the best. Wear them with pride!
  14. Esperrrrrrr Hello and welcome! I've set you up with Guest access so you can cruise the forums and check us out more closely. What's your stance on Chua? There is a certain resistance cell, but soon all will accept, love, and serve.
  15. Noesis, stop trying to rename Fetus Club.
  16. Oh that's what the "registration system" is. A mumble admin needs to register you before you can move into non-public areas, though that's not 100% clear in the post above (and I don't remember off the top of my head who our mumble admins are, though Ashin and I are two) I'll update our mumble post in the WS forum to clarify this as well.
  17. Hi and welcome! Guest access set; go ahead and have a look around the forums. What's your favorite raid role? Did you love your enh/ele or secretly want to heal or tank? Thankfully with only six classes with two roles each, I expect that raid balance should be much easier to manage than it has become in WoW. You'll probably notice that we do have a GW2 chapter, and they always like meeting new people as well! I'll be over there a couple times a week for WvW and sPvP things myself.
  18. Oh, and I've set you up with Guest access to the forums. Onward and upward!
  19. Claiming not to be sad that Firefly was canceled right up front in your intro is a super bold move, I have to say. I'm definitely sad for it, and I thought that the River storyline was finally fleshing out with the last episode "Objects in Space". I love letting myself be drawn along the current in excitement over where a story will go, though; it's entirely possible that it would have disappointed! I wouldn't say that I did the minipets thing in WoW exactly, but being an achievement whore in general I can certainly relate! I was so happy when I finished my last Ulduar achievements through OpenRaid. Filling progress bars is like heroin, even to the point of being visually similar. >.>
  20. So jealous of your knack for conversations with random people! All I usually have in those situations is an obnoxious mild terror that I have to push aside, lol. Warhammer you say!!! What class did you play? We rolled Destro on Dark Crag (the PvP server) not too long before the game reached an unplayable point for the guild, but the Disciple of Khaine might be my favorite class in any game ever. If they had implemented three factions instead of two, that game's RvR might have had the best system for large-scale PvP ever.
  21. Since we're on the Chua topic, it's pretty much a mystery! But it really fits in with their whole value system and is right in line with how they might have evolved. I did read that they have LOTS of babies (surprise, rodents!) and the possible lack of intimate relationships could contribute to a devaluing of the importance of the individual. Oh, and the malicious curiosity and all-consuming interest in science and technology has a lot to do with that as well, I'm sure. +1 for usage of "sexual dimorphism", too! I took an intro physical anthropology (biology) class last semester, so naturally I'm an expert on evolution now. I would jump straight back onto the Pokemon bandwagon myself (I've only played the first Red & Blue on game boy) but I really, REALLY cannot afford that addiction. :x I have little enough time as it is with work, school, and my MMOs. Already made the mistake of buying the D3 expansion.
  22. Allow me. Link is fixed. The space at the end was causing problems. And welcome of course!
  23. For my part, I just resent GoT because there was a period of time in the guild when THAT WAS ALL WE HEARD ABOUT FOR MONTHS. It's petty, but idc. And that's great about gw2! I'll still be heading over myself, likely to participate in Friday WvW resets and sPvP on Sunday afternoons. I'd encourage anyone playing with us in WS to meet the gw2 chapter as well, if they have the game. =)
  24. Hello and welcome! Thank you for the introductory word-vomit (no, I'm not being sarcastic, I loved your rambling post ). +1 for Warhammer! I'll set you up with Guest access so you can check us out a bit closer.
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