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  1. Hey SoH Peeps! Just checking in on if anyone is checking out New World? Got a few in Sacrifice going in but not sure if its enough to guild up or search for something new. LMK if anyone is interested and we can swap some discord info and keep in touch. :)
  2. Been a while, thought I would stop and say Hi and Happy Holidays SoH!  Hope everyone is doing well.

  3. Sounds like a really good way to allow the "guild" as a collective to grow and adapt to this quickly changing world of online games. In the past it was easy to to see the "Next Big Thing" on the horizon, but with so many niche games, kickstarters and legacy titles these days, having 30+ people agreeing on them for an extended period is rough. I've made a lot of friends in SoH over the years and it would fun to get an opportunity to join into the new Cohort chapters. Looking forward to seeing this all take shape.
  4. Awesome Saturday Out with SoH members, Kaydrah, Booski Buttons, MjHapney (And please help me with Stephen and his Girl's tags...don't remember). :( Anyway, Great time, thanks for the invite!

    1. Buttonz


      That would be Maverick Dangerzone, and Lindels. I got your back "G"

    2. Traxx


      I knew you would. :)

    3. Lindels


      We had a great time too!

  5. PSU Died, on Laptop Power till the replacement comes...gaming withdraw.. Oh wait Tablet!

    1. Huntyre


      I've picked up a few really fun tablet games in the last few days.. mostly old school jrpg's. :)

  6. Traxx


    Grats all and welcome back!
  7. Off on a weeks vacation to the Caribbean. See you all in a week or so...

  8. Uhg, Auditors at our workplace this week. No gaming for me... wah wah... lol

  9. Uhg, Auditors at our workplace this week. No gaming for me... wah wah... lol

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