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  1. My heart is breaking..... Terrible night :'( wishing things would start getting better, but they don't

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    2. Fera


      I'm so sad to hear of your loss, Boo. Warm hugs to both of you.

    3. Midri


      Oh no. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    4. Buttonz


      Thank you all, I appreciate it everyone. I'm just missing her so bad right now... :'(

  2. Thanks everyone!!!! You guys rock!!!!
  3. Merry Christmas SoH!!!!!!! Have a SAFE and WONDERFUL Holiday!!!!

  4. Welcome to the guild Toran!!!!! oh, if Booski gives you a hard time, just send me a message... I'll pull the plug on her PC
  5. Woohoo!!!!! Gratz!!!!!!!!
  6. Way to go Toobz, Gratz!!!!!
  7. Hellllll yeahhhhh..... Gratz!!!!!!!
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