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  1. ghosting extraordinaire 

    1. Mordigrim


      See this is just proof that you're an awesome rogue imo, you managed to stay undetected in stealth for all this time. :P

    2. Kantankerous


      definitely an unfavorable scoundrel 

  2. I really like a lot of things that Legion brought. However, the thought of picking it back up seems overwhelming due to the things that I like(d) about it. :s

  3. Sorry for irl vanish! Life got too...real. I hope to be back leaving my dice everywhere in WoW soon! 

  4. Super random but...has anyone adopted an "older" (talking 4+) rescue dog? What was your experience?

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    2. Kytn


      Not me personally but one of my coworkers had a similar experience to @Agc1596 where the dog had some separation anxiety for the first month or so and chewed on a lot of things. He's apparently settled down now though.

    3. Kantankerous


      Thank you, guys! We decided our almost 2 year old Golden Retriever/Borde Collie mix could use a friend. I was going through searching various rescues close to us for puppies and instead a sweet and fluffy 4 year old Corgi mix caught my eye. He has a happy litthe face and looks like a little fox. I am under no illusion that adopting an older dog is easier. It sounds like it can be challenging like puppies but very rewarding. Im sure rescue dog life is hard so I'm really not surprised separation anxiety is a thing. I'm really excited to meet this guy!

    4. Kantankerous


      Forgive all my typos....my phone is awesome.

  5. Two chapters into my Medical Terminology class book and I kind of want to cry. CardiopulmonarygastroduodenostomylymphocyteVOMITUS.

    1. Huntyre


      haha.. love those root words, prefixes and suffixes. 

    2. Darlantan
    3. Hyna


      You can do it.

  6. Stop watching Legion videos. Srsly stop. You don't want to be a lady-Outlaw rogue. NO.

    1. Derodek


      I know the pain! Pirate time.

  7. For an infuriatingly good time, watch House Hunters Tiny Houses Edition-"I want to live in a 90 square ft. treehouse. Why is this so tiny? Where is my indoor plumbing?"

  8. Trying to schedule my discectomy has been more painful than (I'm assuming) the actual surgery.

  9. How does one survive the heavy artillery coffin party that is a MRI? 

    1. Cryus


      I have fallen asleep during all 3 of mine. The last one that I did even gave me a headset to wear and had the radio station of my choice playing through it. 

  10. Has anyone been to Deadwood? In true touristy fashion I would like to know what fun shenanigans or near things people would recommend?

    1. Stasis


      Is this a game thing I'm unaware of, or are you actually going to Deadwood? I loved that show. So happy they're discussion a movie (or even two!) potentially.

    2. Kantankerous


      I'm actually going! Assuming it doesn't dump snow on us and my back can handle being in a car for hours. I definitely loved the show, too! 

    3. Stasis


      That sounds awesome. Take many pics!

  11. Do the white out conditions outside mean that Spring is here....?

    1. Darlantan


      You too huh? =p Obnoxious snowstorm yesterday, mostly cleared up now tho.

  12. Sometimes your boyfriend makes you stuffed smoked Gouda and spinach chicken....and Mac n' Cheese. Yes? Yes. 

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    2. Tinymanz


      I'm always the one doing the cooking...

    3. Kantankerous


      I just humblebrag :( it was our anniversary! And Mac n cheese is the way to my heart because I am totally mature and all!

    4. Tinymanz


      Mac n' cheese is the way to anyone's heart, even if they're lactose intolerant. 

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