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  1. Opal

    FFXIV - Scoops

    Most of those level 65s are clerics!
  2. Opal

    FFXIV - Scoops

    Shew...finally! I'll be sponsoring this guy
  3. Opal

    Aszmodan 513 Mage

    Oh yeah, I forgot about that in D3.
  4. Opal

    Aszmodan 513 Mage

    Hai! I'd like to comment on your name. I assume you played Aion? It's very Asmodian-esque! If you did play, when and what server?
  5. Confirmed. Hotmail is still blocked. Please delete my trial account -MoarOpal
  6. Opal


    I came here for fetish talk. Bamboozled.
  7. Opal

    Bloodyhoof - Resto Shaman

    I personally feel Ashin should listen to what ~I~ i have to say regarding movies. Bloodyhoof, we sometimes get into Mumble, get drunk and play random games such as Planetside 2. We die alot. We laugh alot. It's a good time.
  8. Opal

    Applying as social member to wow chapter

    We already had real bros! Now we have another set. Awesome. Welcome aboard little-bro!
  9. Opal

    Cassabry - Protection Paladin

    I feel saddened by this turn of events.
  10. Don't weigh enough to give blood... I wish I had that problem. -sigh-
  11. I like this Miyukitty. My blood type is O+ Are you A+ or - ? If you are -, I can't donate blood to you should you ever been in need. of blood.
  12. Opal

    Zínn - Protection Paladin application

    Whatever is at hand?! Nu.
  13. Opal

    Murfle - Shadow/Disc Priest

    Esthetician! I have a funny story relating to that...I shall tell you it if I ever speak to you in mumble.
  14. Opal

    Yipz/sway Shadow Priest

    Hi! Do you work? Go to school? Do you like to do BGs? Do you like to get drunk while PvPing? What's your favorite movie? Do you have any TVs shows you watch? Do you like pie or cake better? What kind of toppings do you like on your pizza? Inquring minds.
  15. My, aren't you the popular one.