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    Huge into fitness and gaming. Love making new friends!
  1. I know right! I want to make a group to level with! Also for those interested I edited my original post! Check out the fun facts!
  2. And of course right when I finally have time to play, the beta is over
  3. I was honestly just browsing the forums and the post caught my attention. I think I'll like the maturity of it, and it's apparent that you guys are well versed in mmo's so I know I'll love the progression. And I really like how you guys value real life more a lot of people forget to do that.
  4. I have my last collegiate final in 12 hours! I'll have a lot more time to hang out after this lame test , see you all on Nexus!
  5. It may or may not be on the list of things I am looking to improve..
  6. I'll be honest I never really noticed the difference. Both of them give me food babies so it's all the same to me It has been! Back in high school . And I used to skate but never long board. Would love to now though! I enjoy surfing though. I played Tera for a little but that's it. I was a pretty die hard WoW fan till everything kinda changed.
  7. Really excited to start playing WildStar with SOH!

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    2. Lindels
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      You'll fit right in, I can tell already.

    4. Fera


      I'll not be playing WS but \o/ to all those who are!

  8. Really excited to start playing WildStar with SOH!

  9. Baja blast is the only reason I would rather go to Taco Bell over Chiptole. Favorite movie of all time: So I used to work for Disney World and so naturally I have a love for Disney movies. So I gotta say Tangled. Flynn Ryder is my man. Sharks most definitely, fish are friends..not food.
  10. Hey all! I noticed that you guys are recruiting for the upcoming WildStar launch and I am really interested in the type of guild you all have going on! So gaming info: I was part of a raid progression guild during Wow's Cata and MoP. I was the lead rogue during my year and a half there, and loved the friendly competition with dps battles. My big pull was the PvP, a lot of my time was spent leading bg groups and such. The main reason I left the guild (and game) was a massive high school drama garbage show between he guild leader. Somethin about him trying to hit on a married girl in game. N
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