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Found 8 results

  1. This is totally weird for me. Ive not created a forum login and introduced myself using a a "fake" (see in-game) name since briefly joining Death & Taxes for original Naxx 40 back in 2006-8 whenever that was. Briefly because neither the friend i followed nor myself were particularly that consistently hardcore. If i recall correctly, my friend made 2 or so months longer than i did which i attribute to his Manitoba winters vs my Boston ones. In any event, the group of wow friends i raided with through MoP i met via CS 1.3 servers, and my 13 year old gamertag was DogOfWar as a MGS reference, so Dog's the name I listed up top, but im totally ambivalent about naming and dont think i have a single WoW character with that name. Hopefully this serves as something of an introduction. I tend towards playing tanks, and have mained everything except a druid (ever) or dh (have done high m+, never non-trivial raiding). I mained heals during wrath, mop. There was a brief time in vanilla i mained melee dps (rogue). This was a long way of saying i am both open to playing anything, and imho can in short order prove im early CE quality in any of the three roles in any class (though i think id quit before having to deal with what i understand the guardian druid 2 button rotation to be -- im just greatful theyve rarely been meta). I hopefully dont sound too conceired after the above. Your guild seems to have been around as lomg as i have, which is a plus, and you reference bullfinch's mythology and fleur de lis in your naming writeup, so i suspect i could get along with you. Geared a 465 blood dk (easy switch to unholy/frost i think) in past two weeks (Greatestdead-Tichondrius) i could transfer, but could also pretty easily grab another 120 and gear, particularly with m+ helping hands. Hope to chat.
  2. Chia

    Intro [Wow]

    Hey! I'm Chia aka Brad, I'm a friend of Esta's. I'm gonna be straight up I am awful at talking about myself but here goes. I've been gaming for most of my entire life from N64 all the way to current systems. I got into wow sometime during the BC era and boy oh boy was I terrrrrrrible so nothing has really changed on that front at all. The only thing that did was 2 years ago I decided in a cost saving effort to put real focus into wow causing me to purchase fewer AAA titles. Since then I've grown into a huge fan of the community aspects of WoW. It's also the first real foray into raiding that I'll say truly counts. There was a time in Cata, but uh, I'll save that disgrace for another time. IRL - I'm pretty dumb, literally have the job that most crack heads rotate through. Flat Roofing, so most of my days while its not raining (we melt FYI) have me outside sweating and moving disgustingly heavy objects from point A to point B usually with some kind of adhesive/tar in between. Looking forward to hearing back from anyone.
  3. Oi wassup peeps, Ricky Flash here droppin' down the intro in da hizzy. Friends call me Rick or Ricky so either's cool, whatever ya'll prefer and I'm 23 Years old. I'll start with my hobbies! I love sports like Baseball, Cycling, Paintball(xball) and Airsoft(tots a sport, pewpew >:3) and i train 3-4 days a week to keep my body in peak condition! Sadly I don't practice any winter sport, go figure not all Canadians play hockey, i swear! I wuv anime too :3 I'm a French Canadian, though I've lived a little bit everywhere around Canada since my pops was a military officer and got posted around alot, so I've lived in towns near bases like Edmonton(Alberta), Ottawa(Ontario) and Fredericton(New-Brunswick). But to be clear, my mother tongue IS in fact French and I've learned english by going do english schools since both my parents are not too solid in english, so my bro's always been a training partner for constant english language exposure, this on top of playing video games since i was 6 years old, DAT PS1 doe, amirite? Shoutouts to my boys Spyro and Crash, RIP. I Work in retail, nothing grandiose, part timer restarting school this year in a diff program. Other than that i guess i could delve a little in my MMO raiding experience? -Raiding since WoW BC, most notable progress was with Duality Zul'jin(US 5th), but my preferred team was my server first team on Frostmane, Irrelevant(RIP). Regularly landing in top 50s in DPS US for class/spec on wowlogs, without padding(or so i say huehuehue). -I never had an amazing team in FF, I just raided casually with my friends, but I've legit downed T1-T8 and haven't restarted till heavensward. -BTW I PvP yo, iz got sum mad skillz doe, if any1 wanna rekt sum scrubs during The Feast(patch 3.25?), shout me out n stuffz eh? -Other Games: Destiny - CS:GO - Dayz - (VIP spot reserved for The Division) FOR PEOPLE WHO GIVE A FUCK LOL: I've been playing MMOs since i was 11 years old starting with Runescape(RIP Classic), and moved on to the juggernaut that is WoW when i was 13! I've mostly been PvPing in WoW during vanilla and BC, but my first time ever being actively part of a raiding team with scheduled times was during BC's Kharazan. During ICC as well I've been mostly a 2k+ PvPer with the casual normal Naxx+ICC raiding, yeh thats right i skipped Ulduar cause i hated it and focused on PvP. Cataclysm was great, again focused on PvP with casual raiding, when mist came around i started off casually as well, with my prime focus on PvP, until i got scouted by a group who pretty much convinced me to raid with them 3 days a week on Frostmane. We nabbed servers first VoA+HoF+ToeS. Group disbanded on patch 5.2 To evry1s sadness, I was about to quit since i didn't really wanna have to go find a new guild but to my surprise, my raid leader at the time had posted on forums that our team had been dissasembled and i received a message from Huge in Japan(Kil"Jaeden) to come trial and i agreed. After a few weeks with KJ and not really meshing well with them, I've received a message from Nostra of Duality(Zul'jin) to come over and trial with them, initially i refused but when they offered to pay for my xfer, how could i refuse. Take it from someone who'se raided 5-7 days a week to hit world rankings, never do it guys, not worth it, burnt me out completely, took a big break from HC raiding during patch 5.3 to focus on dat PvP. WoD hits and I plan to raid seriously with a group of friends. Gear gets funneled to officers and long-since raiders of pre-patch, you can guess what I did in turn eh? I transferred servers and joined a casual 2 days a week raid group with solid players, honestly it was an amazing team and I probably would have stayed if i didn't have my buds waiting for me on FFXIV who wanted me to come raid with'em. And so here we are!
  4. Hi, I am friends with Estarriol, we met in the guild our mains are currently in. As she is a tank by trade, and I am by trade a healer, we get on very well. Also, kittens. I am very good at filling out applications but there is no form here so I am going to be rambling and stuff... weeee! I am 31, female. I own many cats. I live with my girlfriend, we just celebrated 3 years together. I love to cook, read, and watch Netflix. I'm currently growing out a pixie cut, which is rough, don't recommend it. I have 2 jobs, also not recommended. xD I've been playing and raiding in WoW since Vanilla, my only significant break being in Cata which I did not care for. I love love love healing. I like to think I'm pretty good at it. I think of myself as a helpful sort. I am silly and I like to laugh a lot. Very shy on voice initially and pretty introverted, so I prefer chatting to talking on vent or mumble etc, especially at first. This feels a bit like a dating app, so that's weird. Esta and I coined this word together just now: Embarareferencing. xD I am interested in pursuing WoW from a different means than I used to, as I've gotten older (will be fitted for dentures any day now) and my life has changed a lot, I have much less patience for Certain Things that are prevalent in WoW, particularly in competitive raiding guilds. I would like to slow down a little, but still kill bosses. Esta tells me you would be most interested in acquiring my druid, this is she: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/lightbringer/Bunny/simple And for reference, this is my WoD main: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Cupcake/simple And my other alt: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Cakeballs/simple All my names are taken on Stormreaver which is very distressing! Hence name tbd. *awkwardly trails off and wanders away*
  5. Hello everyone, I am Crazyindian from the realm Kil'Jaeden. I'll give you a brief history of my raiding / player versus player experience. In vanilla, I was a holy paladin raiding in the guild <Obscured Reasoning> on the realm Dalaran. We were competing for server firsts and were very successful until the guild started dying and people were getting burnt out. Most of us transferred to Alleria and joined <Risen> which was a top US guild. That's when college started for me and I couldn't raid that much so I stayed casual. My brother quit playing WoW and he was a warrior who also played with me. I took over his toon and then fell in love with my warrior. In Burning Crusade I was the main tank in a 25 man raiding guild on the realm of Alleria. Every since then I have been casually raiding and achieving cleared content in time. In WOTLK / Cata, I was on the realm Arthas, where I went Horde to join my real life friends who actually ended up quitting a little after Cata. They were the ones who got me into this game in 2005. It felt promising to me when they were saying how they will start up a guild, and be the realm first to kill Deathwing. So a little while later they quit . I joined Kil'Jaeden from the guild recruitment forums when a tank spot was needed to kite the bloods on heroic spine. I fulfilled the guilds dream of doing that, and then the guild went Horde. After I cleared 8/8H Dragon Soul I ended up starting my own RBG team on the server. I gathered players from top PvP and PvE guilds and ran as a prot warrior flag carrier and got my rated battleground rating to over 1800. So I am here now stuck here with the Alliance on this realm. My experience with this expansion is 6/16 Normal Mode with a mix of 10 man and 25 man raiding. When I read this post, I noticed that this is the guild I have been looking for. So now I am here apply. Couple of reasons why I am here applying are: Stable Friendy Nice community 25 man Perfect raid times that works with my school schedule. Horde A little bit about myself. I just turned 24 (woo go 1988!) Finally receiving my college degree next year (June 2013) From OHIO Friendly Live Stream my Raids / PvP - twitch.tv/sapu2007 Check it out to see some of my gameplay Outgoing Logs: http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/136531/ Armory: http://us.battle.net...indian/advanced
  6. Hey There! This is an application for the WoW raid Team for South of Heaven on Stormreaver. I got a reply from Ashin on my forum post and made my way here. A little about me: My name is Tyler and I'm an internet marketing/advertising analyst from Irvine, CA. I'm 27 years old and married to my lovely wife Monica for over 4 years now, and have a handsome Beagle/Jack Russel puppy named Sparky Now to the good stuff: My Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/lightbringer/Bubl%C3%A9/advanced I'm currently 480 ilvl and even with SoH's current progression with the exception of Blade Lord. I have been Tanking since Firelands where I achieved my Firelord kill I believe it was the reset or 2nd reset after the HP nerf. Prior to that I was raiding on my Mage Heret in WoTLK, but I fell in love with tanking and haven't touched my mage since. I have been raiding since vanilla on BWL's release but it was on my Wife's cousin's shadow priest Darkfather back in the guild KHAOS on Daggerspine. I am looking to leave Thirteen Thirty Seven because when MoP started we were 10 man and progressing decently well, then the guild decided to swap to 25 man in less than a week for HoF and Terrace and recruited all friends of people most of whom have been 90 for about 2 days, and to be honest it is just failing. They have 0 raid awareness, lack of class knowledge and they won't bend or budge to recruit and replace them and now we are just moving backwards. As far as tanking goes, I eat, sleep, dream, and breathe tanking. Fortunately I can be lazy at work at times which allows me to theorycraft, watch videos, forum debate, and study matlab's to always keep updated with changes, strategies, etc. Here's a couple of logs as well: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-2xqql0sarvg9ebd6/sum/damageDone/?s=5698&e=6169 (Heart of Fear) http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-tga4bgg7xmj6csb4/sum/damageDone/?s=3351&e=4035 (First Will Kill) A SS of my UI: There wasn't an application format that I could see so I'm not sure what else to put in the first greet post lol. But I'll be available all day and night to answer any questions about my class, rotation, addons, keybindings, thought process, strats, stat weights, stat priorities, rotation priorities, etc. Thanks for your consideration!
  7. Character Name: Zywrath Realm: Eredar Race, Class & Spec: Troll, Druid, Resto Armory Link: http://us.battle.net.../Zywrath/simple Professions: Engineering: I like the Synapse Springs benefit because I have control over when to use it. As such, I can time it with my Power Torrent proc’s and Innervate to maximize the mana return, or I can line it up to specific phases of a fight to assist throughput as required. While those are two primary reasons for using Synapse Springs, I still try to time it so that I get the maximum number of uses possible in a fight as well. I also like the Rocket Belt and Parachute Cloak, which can come in quite handy. Alchemy: I get a benefit from Mixology increasing the effectiveness of my flask, and having the alch trinket allows me to increase the duration of flasks as well. I also like to be able to craft cauldrons if needed for the raid. I am currently a Potions Master. Age: 30 Male/Female: Male Location: Edmonton Alberta Canada I have Vent and Mumble and a working mic. I don’t have feedback or other audio related problems with my mic/mumble setup. I am able to communicate as needed during boss encounters, but I do not clutter vent with unnecessary chatter during raids. If accepted, when is the earliest you can start raiding with us? I could start immediately. Availability (Tues to Thur 9pm EST to 12 am) am available for all these raid times. I have a strong track record of loyalty, punctuality, and enthusiasm. Previous guilds & why you left: Blue Team – Mal’ganis. This was my first raid guild ever. I left because we had trouble consistently filling a 10m raid roster. The Unruly – Mal’Ganis. This is the guild that I killed the LK with, and did the Glory of the Icecrown Raider with. I left because the guild did not survive the Cataclysm, and was unable to put together a full raid roster. Requisite – Mal’Ganis. I started this guild a couple friends. We stopped raiding in this guild 2 weeks before Firelands because we lost 2 key raiders to a more progressed guild and were unable to secure replacements in time for the beginning of Firelands. Census & Excise – Sen’jin. We ceased to raid as a guild in February 2012 because we had difficulty keeping a full 10m roster each week. We often only had 3hours a week to raid because of attendance concerns. Big Crits – Sen’Jin.I joined Big Crits, but only raided in their 25man alternative raid. This is a casual raid, not a progression raid. I joined them because I wanted to have a place to raid while I figured out what to do next after the Census & Excise guild stopped raiding. I left Big Crits after two weeks when my friend Brownprobe (who co-founded Requisite with me on Mal'ganis) invited me to join his guild Exordium on Eredar. Exordium – Eredar: The GM quit a month ago. We kept raiding, but the strain of leadership change has splintered the membership. A few really key members (i.e. the new GM and the Raid Leader) were offered positions in another raid team for MoP. As a result, we will not likely continue raiding. I just want to be a part of a solid, talented raid team that is excited for all the new content coming with MoP, and is committed to delivering competitive progression results early in the new expansion. Tell us a little about your class and spec. Specifically, how do you gear? How do you gem? What is your rotation/priority on a given fight? Disclaimer: I wrote this for the benefit of teaching some other friends how I approach resto druids. I do not intend to come across as preachy or a know-it-all. I just include it here to show what work I have put into researching my class. There are a few nuances to Resto Druids that I focus on for rotation, gearing, spec, and general play mechanics. First, for gear, I aim to be as close to 2005 haste as possible. This is my optimal haste-breakpoint at which I get an additional tick of Wild Growth and Efflorescence. I will reforge, swap enchants, and/or gems (artful vs. reckless) to get as close to this number as possible, without sacrificing Int. (eg. I’d prefer not to use the 65 haste to bracers over the 50 int enchant). After I have my haste settled, I reforge all my Haste/Spirit/Crit to Mastery. This is because of what my Mastery does for my overall healing mechanics. The Harmony buff is triggered whenever I cast a direct healing spell, such as Nourish, Regrowth, Healing Touch, or Swiftmend. Harmony then lasts 10 seconds, and increases the power of all my HoT spells by a substantial margin, which scales with my Mastery rating. Second, I focus on the up-time of a couple key heals/buffs. First, as already mentioned, Harmony is essential to my competitiveness as a healer. As such, I need to aim for 100% uptime of this buff. I use a Power Aura to identify when this is active, and to count down to expiry so that I know when I need to cue up a new direct heal to refresh it. If things are getting a little hectic and I have Harmony expiring and a Wild Growth coming off cool-down, I would first kick myself for screwing up the timing, then I would make sure to refresh Harmony before refreshing Wild Growth. I would rather delay my next Wild Growth by 1 GCD and refresh the Harmony first, than cast a non-Harmony-buffed Wild Growth. I also have to focus on keeping maximum up-time on my Lifebloom at 3 stacks. This is a nice heal that just keeps on going all fight long. I can refresh it with Nourish, Healing Touch, or Regrowth, which heals the tank (or lifebloomed target) while refreshing the HoT. As such, it is a very efficient heal based on Mana and GCD’s. I also need to focus on casting my Wild Growth on cooldown. This is a powerful “smart” heal that targets 6 players on one GCD and an instant cast. Finally, I focus on using my Swiftmend on cooldown, primarily because it proc’s Efflorescence, which is a powerful “smart” AoE heal. I also have to choose my target wisely. If I pick the hunter way out away from the group, I’ll miss out on the smart healing HoT from Efflorescence. I try to choose the tank, or a melee, or someone I know is grouped up with several other players to get the maximum impact from this awesome spell. Another priority for choosing a target for swiftmend that I watch for is Resto Shamans, since they have Spark of Life, which increases healing taken. If I can time my Swiftmend to go on a Resto Shaman who is in a good position for the Efflorescence to reach 3 players, then the additional healing taken should increase the strength of the Efflorescence ticks. As I mentioned later on in the WoL posts, my Lifebloom and Wild Growth uptime needs some work and I am putting effort into improving this. Third, I need to focus on how best to optimize the value of my main cooldowns, Tree of Life, and Tranquility. Tranquility is a huge channelled smart heal that helps to top off the raid during intense raid-wide dmg phases. It is on a 3 minute cooldown, so on longer fights, it is possible to use 3 or more times if timed correctly. I try to squeeze as many uses of this in a given fight as possible, while making sure it is still being used at a time that is beneficial to the raid, and not just padding the meters. I also try to make sure that I use it to complement the rest of the healing and damage reduction raid cooldowns to suit the fight mechanics. As for Tree of Life, also on a 3 minute cooldown, I have the option to use this as either a throughput cooldown, or a mana conservation cooldown. For the throughput approach, I make sure to keep Wild Growth on Cooldown, keep Lifebloom rolling, keep Harmony active, and Swiftmend on CD, and then spam as much rejuv as possible in between. If I need to conserve mana with this cooldown, I instead blanket the raid with as many Lifeblooms as possible, in order to proc Clearcasting as often as possible, and use the Clearcasting to get free instant regrowths. I should mention that during the rest of the fight (when not in ToL) I still make sure to use every Clearcasting proc I get for a free Regrowth or Healing Touch, depending on what is most beneficial at the time. In Heroic Progression fights, I find so far that the throughput style of use for ToL is more beneficial than the mana conservation style. However, I just wanted to mention that I am aware of both styles of play, and would adjust based on the needs for any given fight. Fourth, it is important for me to maximize any mana regen that I can. I have Innervate as my primary tool. I try to use this early on in the fight, so that I can get the maximum number of uses as possible. However, I also try to time it with my Power Torrent proc and a Synapse Springs. This increases the amount of mana I get back each time. I have a power aura for my Power Torrent so that it is clear when I should be using the Innervate and Synapse Springs. There are some instances where the timing of Innervate, PT, and SS do not align perfectly, and as such, I try to use my best judgement of when to leave a cooldown unused for a short period of time to combine them, vs. when to just use them as soon as they are available. However, I do my best to get as many to line up as possible. I know that some people say, “oh well Power Torrent proc’s at the start of the fight, and I shouldn’t blow my mana cooldown (Innervate/Divine Plea etc.) right away, I should wait until 30 or 40 seconds into the fight, when I have actually consumed some mana and need the regen.” What I do to eliminate that problem is to be pre-casting my 3 stacks of Lifebloom before the pull, and then keep refreshing with nourish until we pull. This way, I usually get a PT proc 20 seconds before the pull, which means it is up again about 20 – 30 seconds into the fight, when I can then use my Innervate and SS to get an early, yet optimal, mana regen. Fifth, I will discuss a couple points on my talent choices. I recently switched some points out of Genesis for Furor. The larger mana pool from Furor gives me more mana to work with, but it also increases the amount of mana I get back from each Innervate. Also, this also gives me the ability to shift to Cat Form and use Stampeding Roar to help provide a movement buff to fellow raiders. I also recently dropped the Nature’s Cure talent, since in 25 man, it seems like the other healing classes already have the magic dispels covered. However, if asked to, I would swap on talent out of Blessing of the Grove and into Nature’s Cure. If needed, I also will make changes to my spec based on specific fights. However, for DS and the current level of the nerf, I do not see much benefit to altering my spec on a fight to fight basis. I have moved away from Perseverance, since survivability isn’t really an issue anymore. I hope this section has done a reasonable job of outlining the main set of priorities that I manage when making my decisions healing in raid. However, I would be happy to discuss all of this in more detail over vent in order to clarify anything that might have been lost in translation or left out by oversight. Please post a screen shot of your UI. http://profile.image...s/user/zywrath/ Raiding Add-Ons. I use Omen to monitor threat, Healbot, Recount to review after deaths (mine or the boss’) to identify areas for improvement, Bartender, DBM for raid warnings and timers. Power Auras. Please include any WWS or WMO logs you might have. http://www.worldoflo.../?s=7845&e=8661 This is from my most recent raid with Exordium. Name an Encounter where you excel and give reasons as to why your class would excel more then other classes on that specific encounter, or why you personally do better than other players on that fight, this can also include fights from WOTLK. Please include more than one example. This is just from a previous application I filled out (for Exordium). It is somewhat out of date given the 25% nerf. One example where Resto Druids are strong is on Ultraxion with the Red Crystal. Our Efflorescence double dips with the 100% buff, and that can be extremely strong. Granted, we are not as strong as a Holy Paladin with the Blue Crystal’s mana and haste buff for spamming Holy Radiance. Nonetheless, we can pull some strong numbers on this fight. Another reason why we can be strong on this fight is that the damage comes in consistent waves, which suits a Raid HoT blanketing approach. If we balance the number of healers appropriately, a Resto Druid can bring a lot of balance to the raid dmg with his HoT’s (Rejuv, Wild Growth, and Efflorescence), without huge overhealing. However, if we run with more healers than needed, for safety sake, then the Resto Druid will not be as strong of an addition, since our HoT’s will likely do a lot of overhealing. Another encounter where we are valuable is on Spine. The Searing Plasma debuff can get overwhelming at times, especially when there is also large waves of dmg hitting the entire raid. I find that having a Resto Druid blanket the Searing Plasma targets with Rejuv, and throwing in Swiftmends on them, we can help to remove the Searing Plasma targets more rapidly and with less overheals. This also depends on having healing assignments for the other healers who are using my direct heals. If everyone has different group priorities, then it is less likely that we would pair up and both be bombing a big heal at the same time, one of which might be wasted once the Searing Plasma comes off. Our Tranquility cooldown is also very helpful on this fight to balance out overall raid damage while the other healers can single target the remaining Searing Plasma targets. Madness is also a fight where Resto Druids can be very strong. Our Efflorescence is very useful when the raid is more loosely stacked, since it has a wide radius and only heals 3 nearby targets, compared to healing rain which heals everyone inside the radius, and thus needs a larger amount of players stacked to make it efficient. This is also a long fight, so it is possible to squeeze out 3 or more Tranquilities and ToL cooldowns. If timed properly, we can pump out solid heals in a very efficient manner. Another example is Blood Queen in ICC. The damage on Heroic for that fight is a steady wave that favors rolling HoT’s and helps to minimize overhealing for Resto Druids. I loved this fight. Every player has room for improvements, even the best players, give us an area where you personally can improve, and possible steps you have taken to improve in this area. Also, can we expect you to improve on a week to week basis on every encounter we do? I believe that I need to improve (increase) my Wild Growth and Lifebloom uptimes. This will help me increase my throughput and improve my efficiency on a GCD and mana basis. I am using Power Auras to give me different visual cues to train myself to memorize the rhythm required to do this naturally. In Closing...I found your posts on the forums very enlightening. It sounds like you have a strong leadership team, and good guild/raid management policies. It sounds very "grown up." I would welcome the opportunity to join your community, and hopefully add my own flavor to your team. I am very excited for the new content coming with MoP (especially for healing mushrooms!!). I am not a gear-whore, and believe that if you raid long enough with the same guild, you'll have all your gear needs met in good timing. And finally, I firmly believe in earning my own way. If you are interested to discuss my application further, you can reach me at the email address I used to register for the forums. Regards, Zywrath
  8. Good evening, I'm applying for a spot in this guild. I just recently re-activated my WoW accound (Within the last couple of days) since I de-activated it shortly after launch of Cata. I've been playing this game since vanilla, though most of my raiding experience come from Wrath. Do to me currently living in Hawaii, it makes getting into raids difficult for me, so my main focus has always been PVP (BGs and Arena). My main objective is to join this guild to be in the same guild as my friends Longtotem and Kantankerous, whom I've been playing with since the early days of BC, though I do hope to some day be able to join the guild in a raid or pvp event. BIO: I'm 24 years old and I'm an avid gamer (when my job lets me). I've been in the Marine Corps since Apr.08 and I've been stationed in Hawaii since Feb.09. Like I said earlier, I do have experience with raiding, though my bread and butter has always been PVP. My main: 85 Goblin Warrior, Arms spec Antolope - http://us.battle.net...Antolope/simple and I have 2 alts; a 80 Hunter and rogue, though they dont get much use as I'm putting most efforts into my Warrior to get it up to par. Thank you for taking the time to go over this application, and have a nice day. -Ant
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