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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! I've been looking for a group to join to play EVE for a while now, and I saw your post on Reddit, which lead me to apply. Little did I know I had stumbled upon such a great community! First, my tags range from Rahk on Eve, Dayne on Blizzard games, and Verse on just about everything else. You can probably just call me Matt. I'm a pretty avid gamer as time permits, playing games like Stardew Valley, Skyrim, Witcher, Overwatch, CSGO, and League of Legends (a lot, once, not at all anymore). Here's my steam profile if anyone is interested. I've been playing Eve off and on probably since 2009 when I started my trial. Unfortunately, I've never found a group to play with, perhaps because I was intimidated by the application process / put off by the suspicion that the groups viewed the applications. I'm looking forward to having a fleet to jump on with and fly around. Why did I get into Eve? Spaceships. I just really like spaceships. Along with everyone else playing this game. Most of my playtime has been spent exploring, and that's where most of my skill points have gone, other than some combat skills which I thought would be handy. I've also dipped into a few base mining, PI, and freighting skills. I've honestly just been following the ship mastery certificates for the Firetail and Astero. I have a second pilot that I used the month of free dual skill training on to get her into the skills for moving stuff around efficiently. I heard this was a good thing for FW pilots. My favourite ship is the Astero, (check out this Eve Reader short story about the Astero it's fantastic), and then probably the Firetail. I'd like to get into a Sabre at one point since they seem pretty fun. I tend to lean towards fast moving ships. I have five or six fully kitted firetails ready to go. I've flown around a few times, but I haven't lost one yet. Outside of games, I work as a software engineer in western Canada, where I've helped build a company from the start, which has been a cool experience. I'm in my mid 20's, have an awesome dog, and am married to my best friend. She's a paramedic, so my gaming schedule tends to rotate around her shifts (she works four days at a time away from home, so that's when I game the most). Other random things (I'm going to cheat a bit); I like my coffee freshly ground and straight from a french press My favourite tacos are soft-shelled fish tacos Favorite beverages are scotch, bourbon, and craft beer I started working out regularly after I broke my leg in 2015, and have seen some significant improvements.
  2. Hi All I am Keuw Nightwish on Leviathan realm. In real life, I am 30 and I live in Atlanta GA I have a long history of playing MMO's since I was 15 EQ --> DAOC --> SWG ----> WOW ---> EQ2. I am seeking guild that is community oriented with a stable player base to enjoy the game with. I recently 3 weeks ago returned to FFXIV. I would like the opportunity to chat with the FC and see if it's a good fit.
  3. Radiation

    Blood DK

    .Character name: Radiatìon Realm: Stormraver Class: DK Which raid role are you applying for? Im a Blood dk with a DW Frost OS Screenshot of your UI:http://i1359.photobucket.com/albums/q793/Radiation20/WoWScrnShot_012213_205306_zps1c91843a.jpg NEW WoW Armory Link - http://us.battle.net...adiatìon/simple Current Raiding Spec: Blood Both Dual Specs - Frost DW Professions - JC/BS at the momment i feel they help me the most as a tank about me.: I'm 22 i live at Pasadena Ca,My computer: Motherboard:ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS Processors:.Dual Intel XEON E5-2690 2.9GHz LGA 2011 Octo-Core Processors 20MB x3 POwer Suply:Kilowatt Silverstone Strider Graphics:Dual 4GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GTX 680 Memory: 64GB Kingston ECC Registered DDR3 1333MHz (8x8GB) HD:4TB Western Digital Caviar Black SATA 6.0Gb/s, 7200RPM, 64MB Cache + SSD 60GB Intel 520 Series Previous MMO Experience -well I been playing wow from beta i tryed a few other mmos but wow still my first choice Where did you hear about Us? South Of heaven is a well known guild Core raids Tues, Wed, and Thurs 9pm to 12am EST..-I can make 100% of the raids .Previous Raiding Experience - Vanilla, BC, and LK - List previous guilds and your role in those guilds Vannila:I was in vortex I was a Nightelf Hunter BC:I was In a guild that merge with Vortex name Honors wrath I was a Pally healer Wrath:I joined a friend was 50/50 betwen them and Dara mactire i was into pvp with them . Cata:joined Departed in malfurion cleared all contents begening to end pre nerf Mist:After Departed Broke up i Join an old buddy In Did it for withney I was a DPS/tank for them .Link any combat parses - WWS, WMO, and WOL -------------- Describe, in depth, your role in a raid - DPS/Tanking/Healing rotation including cool downs, Healing method, Utility abilities...etc Rotation:+++ Apply and maintain my diseases on the target This will keep Weakened Blows debuff on my main target- In case my diseases fall off and Outbreak is on cooldown I re-apply them using Icy Touch and Plague Strike. I use Frost, Unholy, and Death runes on Death Strike- I use Blood runes on Heart Strike but never Heart Strike if i have no Blood runes, as this will cause Heart Strike to consume a Death rune, which should be saved for Death Strike. i use runic power on Rune Strike to generate threat and dump runic power. Horn of Winter when nothing else is available, in order to generate runic power. CDs+++ Anti-Magic Shell:Reduces all magic damage taken by 75% up to a maximum of 50% of your maximum health I read what type of spells bosses use so i can use this at the best time Icebound Fortitude:a 50% damage taken reduction I do not glyph In a good rotation this CD is not needed and if use only on emergency momments so i rather i have last longer. Bone Shield: I apply before a pull so im able to have a better up time on this spell Rune Tap: i use this on CD after taking damg Vampiric Blood: i glyph this and time it so i have atleast two death strikes ready to better benefit this CD. Stat selection is a strong indicator of a player’s knowledge of their class. How do you Reforge, Gem, and Enchant to maximize your performance? When choosing new gear what is your stat priority? Mastery>Dodge>parry>Exp>hit its very basic mastery= more self healing and Bubble medigation Ill try to have mastery on every peace Do you feel it is necessary to have multiple pieces of gear for the same slot and or multiple gear sets? Why? I carry around my Frost set and lots on trickets to do the style on playing that i have use DPS trinket if the fight requires me to, I always keep some extra gear i get with diffrents stats one never knowns if my class changes i have to addapt fast. Maximizing your performance as any class requires research as well as theorycrafting. How do you accomplish this? What resources do you use? How do you go about tweaking, tracking and testing your choices of gear and changes to rotation? I theorycrafting alot i use some simcraft software that helps me see what my damg would look like i also use Mr.Robot,I talk to some other DK friends, I read my class Forums,patch notes,I read Icy veins updates alot,and best of all i do what feels right .What would you change about your current gear to itemize better? Not what gear you want, but how would you change the itemization of your stats? I need to reforge some of my items I reforge exp DPS feels better yet i know its not right,I need better dodge numbers .What motivates you to raid with a high level guild? -been able to kill/clear contents before nerfs inproving and challenging my skills as a player, Why should we invite you over someone else?-I'm a solid player i learn fights at a very fast speed,When clearing content i will change or do anything that is needed to get a bosse down Why should we want you in our raid?- Cuz IM Kool
  4. Well hello, I am looking for a new home Spec. I play a boomkin I have been playing a boomkin for about 2 years now and love it. Before I played an ele shaman and changed do to the needs of my guild. standard ability priorities or rotations? Well to play a boomkin good is not that hard, to play a boomkin well is a little harder. I do the normal rotationm start one cast from lunar pop a pot then starfall push into lunar then incarnation dots and then starfall again when other one falls off and then CA at the end of lunar so on. the real things to look for are when to dot and do anything you can get push out any extra damage. My armory http://us.battle.net...n/Gobo/advanced UI http://i370.photobuc...zps3b32a528.jpg I will post my WOL but sadly they made them private so idk if you will be able to see them. let me know. http://www.worldoflo...m/guilds/34134/ So you can see what i have killed and cant see my ranks becasue of the WOL thing sorry http://www.wow-heroe...9;jin/gobo/What Why I am looking I have been with this guild well most of the players for over 3 years. Our old GM had to quit the game due to work and so we merged with another guild. anyways it is more of them then us and just does not really work that well. Have to Offer I give it my all 100% of the time I always show up and do the research before fights. I am sorry I am not very good at the whole application process. I have been with my guild now for over 3 years a little rusty. If you need any more info or have any questions plz feel free to ask thank you for your time
  5. character name: Keziç server: Argent Dawn (US) armory: http://us.battle.net...wn/Keziç/simple about me: Im a 20 year old nerd that loves playing wow and watching dr. who. wow history: total /played is 195 days 1 hours 20 mins vanilla -> no raiding of note BC -> all of BT/hyjal and up to brute in SWP wrath -> everything killed every encounter except heroic putricide sindy and litch king cata -> didn't play wow during cata was actually not even suscribed this entire time pandaland -> 5.0 i was raided about half of in a progression guild that ended up at 6/16H then moved to a 25 man that was starting fresh and ended up at 6/16 total. ->5.2 experience so far i am 1/12H having killed jin'rokh on 10 man but only 12/12 normal on 25 link to my UI: http://i.imgur.com/qLJEImp.jpg the screenshot is a little old sorry but my UI really hasn't changed much since then. my bars have as new abilities were made more useful in 5.2, but generaly when making a UI i chose to leave the center of my screen open with my raid frames in the bottom middle. I put buffs to the left with weak auras for important ones to note mid fight. anything else things like meters are out of the way on the right so i can look at them outside of combat (my meters actually hide in combat) how i heal/world of logs link: i dont know what you look for in a healer but i have always found healing to be a team event, i cycle my healing cooldowns with other healers during high damage phases rather than using them on cooldown to pad damage meters when possible. here is a link to my world of logs for a night of attempts at heroic jin'rokh 25 man which i think reflects this. http://www.worldoflo...8l3lyufp016r1z/ also my healing probably looks lower than it normally is in that log because healing a 25 man as a resto druid when there are 2 disc preists is kinda painfull as 90% of the time as soon as i rejuve soemone they have a bubble on them that absorbs more than my rejuve does and costs less mana so i decided to spend most of my time healing people with effective heals and keeping both tanks alive rather than padding meters by sniping every bit of damage with perfectly timed re growths some notes on why i choose the non-"cookie cutter talents" that i do. tier1 -> i normally use displacer beast over feline switness as i find the blink effect fallowed by the movement speed increase helps me deal with raid mechanics quickly and get back to healing faster than simple 15% movement speed. additionally i use well placed blinks to avoid damage from some encounters such as the fire lines on iron qon which cant be simply hopped over. tier 2 -> Natures grace is fairly cookie cutter as even the freshly buffed cenarion ward is very underwhelming on many normal mode encounters. tier 3&5-> these two talent tree choices are all about CC and which one i use changes basically every fight where CC is a thing. on horidon it is always mass entanglement + mighty bash to keep unwanted adds off of me but other fights like lie shen a ursol's vortex on the melee can be useful to stop ball lightnings from getting out of cleave range. tier 4&6 -> depending on the encounter i either use SotF + HotW or Incarntion + NV based on weather or not my cooldowns will line up with damage phases (jin'rokh has a heavy damage phase every 90 seconds so incarnation + NV is better) or not. a fight like magera has high damage phases at different times with different amounts of time between them based on what dps cooldowns are avaiable on each head for this i find using SotF + hotw to be better healing as cooldowns only line up with 1 in 3 heads but swift mend + wild growth always does good healing. glyphs -> i always use the lifebloom glyph. if i am going to use sotf for a fight i generally replace the WG glyph with the regrowth one as i am no longer in t14 and the cooldowns of WG and SM better line up this way. the third glyph slot is normal some form of raid utility based on the fight either glyph of stapde or glyph of stampeding roar, or if neither of those are used glyph of rebirth. however i am always open to input from other druids as to which talents/glyphs they find useful for some situations and i normally carry 40-60 tomes on me to switch many talents/glyphs every fight Why i want to join SoH my main reason for wanting to join south of heaven is that your progression is very good, and your raid times match up with my availability very well. additionally a few other members of my previous guild ( which btw fell apart we arn't all just hopping ship to get on a loot train) are also applying here and i would like to continue being in the same guild as them as they are fun people to play games with inside and outside of wow. I apolgize for the way this app looks btw but i was at the hospital (visiting my dad) while writing this on a tablet and as such it looks like complete shit
  6. Personal Information Name: Connor Location: Ontario Age: 20 Email: durlroz@yahoo.ca Character Information Character Name: Durlroz Class: Warrior Spec: Prot/ Dps WoW Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/tichondrius/Durlroz/advanced WoL: http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/147961/ UI: http://imgur.com/DrsqAEP Computer specs: CPU: i7-2600 3.4ghz RAM: 8gb GPU: EVGA geforce 670 Ti and I Have WoW on a 120gb ssd Latency: 90-100 on Tichondrius...its a west coast server... FPS:80-100 depending on zone and what else I have open on my pc (2 monitors best thing ever <3) Brief history of my previous raiding experience: Played fairly casual at the end of BC and through Wrath as I was trying to finish highschool on a good note. Started playing a little more seriously once I started college and have been since. In the last 2 years of playing I have cleared 4/13hm t11 (went back for the clear), 6/7hm t12 pre nerf (went back for H Rag and the mount :3), 8/8hm t13 at 10% and more recently 16/16hm? (15/16hm) t14 all 3 cutting edge feats. Previous guilds and reasons for leaving. Through Cata I was in 2 major guilds the first being Continuum on Ysera which I raided with for most of t11 until I took some time away from raiding in order to finish highschool on a high note. The second guild was Perfect Attendance on Kel'Thuzad where I raided t12, 13 and majority of t14 . Towards the end of t14 PA had started drifting apart due to divided focus some players want to be raiding more an pushing the content at a fast pace (me being on of these people) and the others want to be raiding as little as possible. I was picked up by Carebears Dont Care on Tichondrius for the ladder part of t15 after killing Hm Sha the officers of the guild, 5 friends, decided to leave an join Nurfed as they would rather raid 25 an on a little schedule. Instead of recruiting and changing our schedule their fix was to drop everything an move ME! :3 Outside of the same I'm a student going to college in Ontario studying Computer Systems Technology, I play soccer an squash mostly cause that's what i grew up with haha and try to stay health despite playing this game way to much for my own good also I'm single ladies . Inside the game I tend to be a very easy going person, I can take criticism when is have merit to it, if and when I mess up a mechanic of a given fight it usually does not happen again. I listen to given instructions well, I am always prepared for the raid both with flasks n pots etc but I also research the fight(s) for mechanics but also what can my class specificly do to make things easier. Lastly I have been told that I am able to get along with just about anyone (no not from my parents :3 but from past and present guildies). For any references of my ability as a player or lack there of feel free to contact Salameth, Scarlynn, Sebin or Puddi on Tichondrius they are the former leaders of Carebears Dont Care. Finally I will make sure to keep on eye here to promptly answer any questions
  7. I found your guild through WoWProgress when I searched for guilds that were recruiting healing priests. I saw that your priority for priests was "medium," so I assume you don't have an immediate need for the class, but I figure I'd give it a shot, anyway. Name: Sylviette Gender/Age: Female, 24 Class and Specialization: Priest. Discipline (main spec), Shadow (offspec). Holy is my preferred offspec, but out of necessity, I changed my offspec from Holy to Shadow at the beginning of the raid tier in order to DPS fights requiring only two healers in the ten man setting. Alts: Sylera (Windwalker Monk), Sylvietta (Disc/Shadow priest)--Yes, a second priest... I love them! Server: Moonrunner (Horde) Guild History: I'm currently in Lethal Reunion. I've been in the guild since 2010. Before LR, I was in a guild called Overdose for several months, but it disbanded due to leadership problems, and then it was essentially reformed as Lethal Reunion. Prior to Overdose, I had applied and was accepted in the now-defunct Words Under My Name, but most of my friends went to Overdose instead, so a few days later, I moved to Overdose. Prior to that, I was in Poached Innocence, which is where my love for raiding began. (Yay Ulduar!) It's also the reason why I eventually left the guild, since it was rather casual. Reason for Leaving: The ten man group that I was a part of had six people who were focused on progression and four people that made it quite obvious that they did not care about progression or raiding in general anymore. This lead to a scism in the group, and so the raid leader and other five of us decided to disband instead of continuing to raid with several people who were unwilling to compromise. Myself and a couple others have decided to look elsewhere for a progression-centered guild. Raid Progress: 6/6(H) MSV, 3/6(H) HoF 4/4(N) ToES. Before the group disbanded, we were working on heroic Lei Shi. I've been doing ten man raiding since Cataclysm. During ICC, I did both ten and 25 man raiding, so I do have some experience with 25 mans (although rather outdated, I admit.) What I'm Looking For: I am searching for a raiding environment that is dedicated, yet familial at its core. By this, I mean that I want a guild that get work done but also have fun and feel "at home" in the guild. In perusing the website and some of the feedback on some of the other applications, SoH seems like a good match. Raiding Tools: I have a working headset and microphone. I also have both Mumble and Ventrilo installed, and I've used both in the past. I noticed on your guild information on World of Logs that you use Mumble. Yay! I use a Logitech G600 for keybinding and such. Professions/Talent Choices/Gear Enhancements: I have maxxed Tailoring and Enchanting, and I keep mats on me at all times, so that I can enchant gear for myself and my raid members when we acquire new gear. For Discipline spec as of right now, I have Void Tendrils, Body and Soul, Mindbender, Desperate Prayer, Power Infusion, and Cascade. I have Void Shift and Desperate Prayer macroed together. Sometimes I choose Angelic Bulwark instead of Desperate Prayer, but while I was working on heroic Lei Shi (and while I'm currently working on Challenge Modes), I've found that the Void Shift/Desperate Prayer macro can make quite a difference in clutch situations. For Reforging, I've been playing around with stat weights recently, changing from pure mastery to greater haste/crit. I've been reading on MMO-Champion's Priest forum, as well as Battle.net's forums, about different stat weights based on 10/25 and assignment focuses. I've been testing out various things lately in light of this information. World of Logs: http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/49085/ Addons: Deadly Boss Mods, Grid, Clique, TidyPlates, GTFO, HaloPro, Recount If you want any additional information, I would be glad to add it. Thanks!
  8. Hi SoH, I was in a guild before, but it ended up being based in SG and not in the US, so the play schedule was totally off compared to mine. I'm looking for a WvW guild that demands loyalty and always help other members out. I say SoH in WvW and liked how they ran together as a team! I live in CA, and I currently a full time student. My major is Radiology Technician and am trying to get my Bachelor's for it. I play GW2 on a regular basis and is an active player. Hope to join you SoH members! Main: LVL 80 hum. Warr (Attama)
  9. Hello all, Sammik here I am a 490/491 boomkin/resto druid looking for a new raiding home. I've been playing since vanilla, did my first raid as a prot warrior in ICC, and have been raiding hardcore on my druid since the start of cata. A little bit about me. I led my guilds raiding team in t11. We were a very large social guild that I was an officer of, so getting our first heroic Halfus kill was quite an achievement, I also helped push us to realm first Guild Level 25. When the GM of that guild quit, things fell apart, and I moved my druid to Sentinels where I joined a guild called the League. Raided with them throughout Firelands. We were far and beyond the best guild on the server, but were unable to kill Heroic rag 25 man pre-nerf. The League ultimately converted to a 10-man midway through Dragon Soul, we lost a lot of talent and limped across the finish line to 8/8 heroic after 30% nerf. So when my friend offered me a spot on his 10-man on Destromath, i took the opportunity and have been raiding with them since MOP. I am currently 2/6 HMV, and 5/6 HoF eager to push more heroic content. Unfortunately we've lost a few raiders and are currently taking a "break" from raiding, hence my current search for a new home. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/destromath/Sammik/advanced As far as my character is concerned, I am currently reforged/gemmed for pure crit, which is very strong for boomkins atm. My professions are JC/Engineering. Gotta love synapse springs, super gems, and rocket boost. Here is a video of a group of friends and I killing Heroic rag 10man post-nerf, in which you can see my UI. I know this was pre-MOP but it hasnt changed much since then so should suffice. Hopefully I'm a good fit for you guys, I bring a competitive attitude, high raid awareness, pots, food, flask, to every raid I step in. Oh and feathers, lots of feathers. ^_^
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